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Tuesday, December 15, 2015



Stocking stuffers are totally in this season which is why I looked to check out this amazing French brand called Valeur Absolue in Emotions which consists of their Sensualite, Harmonie and Joie-Eclat perfume. 

Valeur looks to offer three distinctive perfumes, each consisting of 14ml. Also, each bottle has its touch of uniqueness to it where you can actually see the visible elements to each bottle. This is just Valeur's way to approach the perfume in a way where the scent really lies in the heart of the bottle. Valeur Absolue is available at selected Myer stores all around Australia in case you were wondering. 

The Emotions set is a lovely idea for when it comes to selecting a Christmas gift for your friends and family as they get an opportunity to try all three out. The bottles are very adorable looking and what better way to get them in miniature size.  You can also find the full sized bottles available at selected Myer stores so be sure to check out this unique range out. I simply love visualising the small elements present in the bottles which make these products really stand out for me. 

Each fragrance contains Areaumat Perpetua which is basically a natural extract of the Immortelle flower which stimulates the release of beta-endorphins AKA feel good hormones. I love the feel of each product because there's a different scent for each little bottle which all come in 14ml each. 

The Valeur Absolue Harmonie is more of soothing type of perfume with floral, musky and amber notes. I would say that this perfume is definitely calming. The perfume consists of nerolie brigarade and Earl Grey tea which blends wonderfully well together along with woody and vanilla notes. The Haromonie fragrance is a soft fragrance that makes you feel super relaxed and smells very feminine.

Featuring Valeur Absolue Sensualite, it's quite a floral and woody type of scent with notes of musk in it. It's based around Rose De Mai and the exotic white flowers which consist of soft tones of cedarwood which is combined with amber and musk. This scent is certainly more sensual and has a touch of elegance to it. 

The Joie-Eclat is more of a sparkling and uplifting composition that looks to combine the freshmess of tangerine and green cardamon. Fine vetiver and tuberose are actually the main scents which means that this perfume lingers all day long. 

If you're in need of mood booster, this range will be the solution to your everyday needs. 

Overall, this is certainly a lovely brand to wear if you're looking for a scent that lasts all day long! 

Let me know on your thoughts on whether you have tried this out. 

Livia xo
Thank you VALEUR ABSOLUE for supporting me for this review. My reviews are based on my personal and true experiences. I only recommend products that I truly support.

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