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Friday, December 11, 2015



Here's a cool fact that you didn't know about acne, but it's one of the leading causes for visits to a dermatologist. 

In order to assist in keeping skin clear of acne, Arbonne have developed a skincare range dedicated for acne sufferers, called Clear Future. 

I suffered from really bad acne at a young age and at that stage, I needed to visit a dermatologist to get stronger treatment for it. Dermatologists can be quite expensive, especially with the follow-up visits. But now that I am older, the acne is not that bad but it comes seasonally and very unpredictably. I have to watch the foods that I eat and make sure that I cleanse, exfoliate and tone my skin every single day. My face, chest and back are prone to acne and to be honest, it can be quite frustrating to deal with. What I have is called mild acne and it appears anytime. 

I have been trying out this skincare brand which I truly trust called Arbonne in Clear Future Story. The Clear Future skincare products have been developed as a complete system in order to help skin become much clearer as well reduce and prevent acne from growing on the skin. The formulas of their products are quite stronger than regular acne cleansers and actually powdered with salicylic acid, along with a blend of botanicals which essentially looks to sooth and calm the skin. When used on a daily basis and regularly, I've seen my face clear up with a few spots as compared to what it used to be which was regular acne spotting on various sections on my face and body. 

My skin feels so much toned and clearer these days and I am so happy with the results this product has done to my skin. After a month of testing the Clear Future range out, I have come to a conclusion that Clear Future works for those suffering from mild-moderate acne. It looks to clear up the skin and prevent further acne from growing back. And the best thing is that the results are quick and it doesn't take 6 months for the acne to clear up. In the long run, this particular range will certainly save you heaps as compared to heading to a Dermatologist for regular follow up sessions. 

All of the Clear Future skincare products from the Arbonne range include of the following ingredients: 
  • Salicylic acid: Potent exfoliant 
  •  Alpha-glucan oligosaccharide: Derived from bio-fermentation and natural sugars, helps mattify and moisturise skin 
  •  Exopolysaccharide: Derived from marine algae, helps mattify skin and control sebum by absorbing it at the skin’s surface
  •  Naturally derived polysaccharide, rhamnose, glucose, glucuronic acid: Derived from bio-fermentation and natural sugars, protect the skin’s moisture barrier
The Clear Future range that I have tested out include of the following: 
  • Deep Pore Blemish Cleanser
  • Exfoliating Blemish Pads
  • Mattifying Blemish Lotion
  • Intensive Blemish Calming Lotion

So check out my thoughts below to see how this collection has helped to clear up most of my acne x

Get your acne sorted this summer! 



Featuring a deep pore cleanser where it's strong enough to lift out the dirt, oil and debris from deep into the skin's pores. This deep cleanser helps to clear and minimise the appearance of pores too but also helps to eliminate the blemish-causing bacteria. What's good about this cleanser is that it looks to absorb any excess oil and remove it entirely from the skin, without it being too harsh on the skin. Moisture of the skin is still retained which is a good factor to consider when using this deep pore cleansing. I love how it does not look to strip the skin's natural moisture and instead works to cleanse the skin really thoroughly. 

I thought this cleanser was very gentle to use and was not abrasive on the skin which is great. It left my skin feeling super clean, fresh and soft to touch. If anything, you could really tell that this cleanser removes all of the dead skin cells and impurities with its exfoliation ingredients. There's no signs of dry or flaky skin which is essentially the main idea to use a a really good skin cleanser. My pores have reduced slight over these few weeks of using the cleanser which is ideal because you don't get a whole lot of cleansers actually helping you to support the appearance of smaller pore sizes. The cleanser is also dermatologist and allergy tested and is non-comedogenic which means that it does not look to block your pores. 

For those wondering of what age you could start to use the Clear Future, it would be suitable for ages 12+ of all skin types. The product is also vegan and formulated without any gluten which is gentle and safe in the long run. 

How the cleanser looks to really clear up the blemishes is that the salicylic acid acts as an exfoliant (so they're actually not little beads), whilst the Alpha-glucan oligosaccharide helps to mattify and moisturise your face which means you don't get that shiny, oily face. The sage leaf extract, calendula flower extract and witch hazel all assist in helping to condition and soothe the skin. 

How I would use this cleanser would have to be in the mornings and evenings. Firstly, I would look to apply the cleanser onto damp skin, then using circular motions and making sure that I cover the areas of congestion and oiliness. Make sure to always avoid the eye areas, Next, rinse the excess thoroughly using lukewarm water, then pat dry. It is recommend that you start with only one application because of the excessive drying of the skin. 

The product comes in a 110ml daily cleanser which should you last you a few months. The consistency of the product is in the form of a gel which makes it easily for it to foam up during the cleansing process. This also helps to easily remove all of impurities trapped underneath your skin's surface. This product definitely reduced the redness to my skin and I love how effective it is for my skin. 




So after cleansing your skin in Step 1, these exfoliating pads are a great way to help clear out the pores while helping to remove any excess oil on your skin and also preventing further blemishes from forming on the skin. How I would use this is by applying a pre-soaked pad to the blemish areas of the skin. These are not make-up removers, please remember that! 

I love how this exfoliating pad looks to refine further pores on the skin. For me, the most obvious pores are usually around my nose and sides of my cheeks. After using these pads, I could feel my skin feeling super cleansed and very toned. The product works by exfoliating and refining the pores and looks to penetrate deep into the pores and target the acne blemishes. After using these pads, it leaves my skin feeling super soft and not dry at all which is good. 

The product comes in 60 pads where it could last you quite some time considering that there is enough for a few months. They are also super convenient to take with you on the go, or whenever you are travelling in hot, humid countries. This product proves to become very useful in that case. 



Featuring a very lightweight lotion that does not make your skin look or feel oily. If anything, this blemish lotion looks to mattify your overall skin look. It's a non-oily based type of lotion that really looks to bring more hydration to the skin which then also helps to reduce the shine in your appearance. I've used a similar product to this and what makes this different is that it effectively absorbs more oil than the other product I tried so this is definitely a winner for me. I experienced no dryness to using this mattifying blemish lotion and it actually dried and cleared up my acne blemishes much quicker. 

The product contains Alpha-glucan oligosaccharide which assists the skin in looking more mattify.The product comes in a 50ml tube which is a non-oily moisturiser that hydrates and mattifies the skin. I would only apply a pea-sized amount to my face after washing and you could instantly tell how non-shiny it is! It's a pleasant feeling to see the Blemish Lotion actually help to reduce any redness and oiliness on my skin. (Definitely satisifed with the results). Overall, this product does a terrific job in reducing the appearance of redness and blemishes on the skin. 



Featuring a fast acting formula that helps to target further blemishes on the skin. The skin exfoliators look to remove any dead skin cells on the skin looks to clear up the pores. So this Blemish Calmin lotion is also ideal if you're wanting that essential back up to make your skin appear baby-smooth once again. 

The product comes in a 15ml squeeze bottle where it's in the form of a fast acting gel. Similar to a fast spot correcting gel for acne, this product works amazingly well. It quickly reduced any signs of redness on my skin that's cause by sore acne. 

After cleansing and moisturising the skin, I would spot treat the particular areas that show a blemish zone. Overnight, the formula did something amazing to those areas and I woke up with reduced signs of blemishes and also redness of the skin. It's such a high quality product that works if you use this on a daily basis. 

Do you suffer from acne too?


Have you tried out the Clear Future range by Arbonne? 

Happy reading! 

Livia xo 

Thank you ARBONNE for supporting me for this review. My reviews are based on my personal and true experiences. I only recommend products that I truly support.

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