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Tuesday, December 1, 2015




Introducing R+CO which is a "supergroup" that has come together to make a super line of such gorgeous hair products.

R+CO is a quite a different haircare brand where the Stylists are the real heroes of the brand. All of the products featured in the R+CO haircare range are treatment oriented, with the health of the hair and scalp always being top-of-mind. The ingredients used in the products are all unique complexes which allows the product to deliver its key benefits to the desired results that you're looking for. 

Also, it is great to know that all of the hair care products are formulated without any parabens, sulfates, mineral oils or even petroleum. It's good to also note that it's all vegetarian, cruelty-free, gluten free and most importantly colour safe (for those who rock dyed hair occasionally). 

My first impressions of R+CO is that they're quite interesting and I just love the magical/gemstone product packaging that they have going on. It makes it look much fun as compared to a simple bottle. R+CO have really embedded their "experience" factor with all of their products and it's great to know that you get the good experience along with the benefits of using the hair care products. For example, with the Gemstone Color Shampoo and Conditioner range, the image features colourful gemstones - therefore it's made for coloured hair! (Simple as that) 

As for the fragrance itself, it's quite pleasant and very sophisticated scented. It's very light and not too girly - which means that the haircare products can be used for both men and women. The products are made in USA and did you know that the packaging can be recycled! (Time to save the environment because it's never too late). 

So being featured are of the following R+CO haircare products: 

R+CO Gemstone Color - Shampoo and Conditioner


R+CO Death Valley - Dry Shampoo 

So if you're curious to learn a little bit more about these, check out the below x 

Featuring a dry shampoo from the R+Co range. Now Ladies and Gents, if you're really looking to get more volume and body with your hair, then definitely look to try out this bottle of beauty. It's definitely one of my favourite dry shampoos to use - especially now that summer has arrived, you would definitely need to keep your hair in place and always feeling freshened up. The dry shampoo smells absolutely delicious (kind of like fruity and sweet but pleasant at the same time) and it seriously looks to soak up ALL of the build up unwanted oils on your scalp and hair. What I love about the product is that it not only leaves your hair feeling fresh, but it also looks to add more volume to your hair. You get TWO benefits in just the one can of spray and it's really convenient to use. For example, if you're due to attend a meeting - you can always have the spray on your office desk - that way you can freshen up and add volume to your hair at any time of the day. 

You would think the dry shampoo is powdery right? Not for this particular one because it just absorbs amazingly well onto your hair. If you happen to suffer from oily scalps, then this product is a must because it actually looks to soak all of the oil on your scalp - making your hair feel and smell much fresher! After using the dry shampoo, I can definitely feel that my hair has just been washed and much refreshed. I love the fact that it's a multi-purpose product! 

What is also great about the dry shampoo is that it's cruelty free, a vegan product and does not contain any nasties such as talc and instead is more of a silica based type of dry shampoo. 

With the product packaging, it features the actual 'Death Valley' which is a landmark somewhere in the United States and is actually the driest place on Earth. The fact that the dry shampoo has been named after a dry and arid piece of landmark, really makes this product funky looking and every effective. When we think of dry shampoo - we think of hot summery days and where our hair is feeling oily and is in need of a quick fix.

  • Invisible dry shampoo. 
  • Silica based dry shampoo. 
  • Functional packaging. 
  • Absorbs the oil from the scalp. 
  • Instantly boost the hair volume. 
  • Styling the hair is so much easier. 
  • Look to brush the dry shampoo out and then let it absorb the oil on your hair for about 1 minute. 
  • Next, brush your roots to remove any excess powder. 
  • Also, if you feel like you over-did on the dry shampoo, look to dislodge some of the powder using the cold air from your blow-hairdryer and brush your roots really well. 


Featuring a "Gemstone" that will look to preserve and prolong the life of coloured hair. Simply look to apply this product to the middle of your hair and then work through from the roots to the ends. As a fade-fighting duo shampoo and conditioner from the R+CO range, these hair care products do not disappoint. I actually have coloured hair and after using both of the products, I have really noticed less fade from the dyed colour to my hair. 

The product contains hibiscus extract which really looks to protect the hair and also pea extract which is what preserves your hair colour. It also includes rice extract which smooths the hair and retains any moisture to it; plus golden root extract which is what essentially provides antioxidant protection and combats thermal stress. 

I would describe the scent as fruity and fresh! The products are fragranced with Relative Paradise - which is one of R+CO's five signature scents comprising an earthy mix of Sicilian lemon, eucalyptus, green tea and amber. Overall, it's quite a playful and fun type of conditioner and shampoo to use. It's very effective in helping to protect your hair colour from fading - especially when you have just got your hair done. The product smells addictive and super nice - it's definitely worthwhile checking these out. 

Have you checked out the R+CO hair care range? 

Let me know on your thoughts as below! 

Happy reading! 

Livia xo

Thank you R+CO for supporting me for this review. My reviews are based on my personal and true experiences. I only recommend products that I truly support

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