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Tuesday, December 29, 2015



To keep up with my NYE special posts, I'll touch base on some of the products that have worked for me and would be so ideal in helping you prep for the upcoming new year. I hope everyone is having a wonderful break so far!

So looking after our skin and hair is our number one priority. With my thoughts and recommendation, I hope this helps you to get an idea of the products being mentioned today - a little more into depth about my experiences. The special products that would be so ideal for a little DIY pamper sessions must have to be of the following products: 
  • Herbal Essences, Moroccan My Shine Collection 
  • Natura Siberica, Oblepikha Foot cream
  • Natura Siberica, Bath Salts
  • Oblepikha and Honey Body Scrub 
These are four essentials needed to help rid any dead skin cells or perhaps protect your hair from further damage. So far from using these products on a daily basis, I have experienced no issues which is a positive thing to note. 

I do hope you enjoy reading x


The new Herbal Essences Moroccan My Shine Collection features Argan Oil essences which gives out a pleasant fruity and floral fragrances to it. From my previous experience with the other Herbal Essence range, it never fails to disappoint with the scent of the product. I'd highly recommend this product if you enjoy your shampoo and conditioner smelling fruity and very floral. The Moroccan Shine Collection by Herbal Essences look to revitalise dull looking hair and protects it from further damage. It left my hair with an amazing glow and my gosh it felt super sleek, soft and silky after using both the shampoo and conditioner on a daily basis. 

One thing that my hair needs would have to be more shine and better texture. And as for using both the shampoo and conditioner from the Herbal Essence range, it really did the job for what I wanted and I am definitely satisfied about my experiences with this new haircare range.

The Moroccan My Shine Nourishing Shampoo - looks to cleanse your hair and also increasing the shine in it because it's infused with Moroccan Argan oil which comes with a luscious and sweet scent that's super addictive to smell. 

Following the shampoo process, I'd next use the Moroccan My Shine Nourishing Conditioner - which is a creamy and rich formula that has also been infused with Moroccan oil, which in this case looks to help protect your hair from further damage, leaving it super silky and looking amazingly glossy. I could definitely tell a much obvious difference to my hair, it gave more of a silky shine look to it which I was pretty happy about. 

What's so good about the Argan oil you may ask? Well it's said that many centuries ago, Moroccan women would use Argan Oil to preserve and enhance their skin, hair and nails. It was the miraculous Argan tree which consists of this precious oil; really hit it off around the world with the 1867 Paris debut. 

Knowing that my hair can get brittle and dry, after using both the shampoo and conditioner, I can tell that the Argan oil in the products have really helped my hair show more shine and make it feel softer and silkier. It also makes it so much easier to style my hair because it's not dry and brittle. Nowadays my hair is looking healthier and it's all thanks to this amazing Moroccan My Shine collection range. I don't think I've tried a shampoo and conditioner that's been infused with Argan oil before so it was absolutely great to know that this range could assist my hair into looking healthier, shinier and in good condition. I don't get that greasy feeling to my hair as often ever since using these products and I am definitely highly satisfied with this product and will consider repurchasing this at my local supermarket or pharmacy nationally. 

  • RRP $6.49 each for the Herbal Essences Moroccan My Shine Shampoo and Conditioner at 300ml. 
  • Available at lending supermarkets and pharmacies nationwide. 
  • Otherwise you can also check out their official website for more info at: www.herbalessences.com.au


These days there are literally so many foot creams in the beauty market and the question really is...which one is good to use? The Natura Siberica Oblepikha Siberica Foot Cream works to keep your feet feeling soft and healthy. 

The foot cream is actually formulated with a unique blend of wild Siberian herbs and pure Siberian oils. Another cool ingredient has to be the Altai sea buckthorn oil and Yakut sorrel which helps to deeply nourish the skin whilst also maintaining its softness. (If you have rough feet like myself, then I am pretty sure this foot cream will be your ultimate saviour!) Also included in the ingredients is sage oil for its regenerative properties and antiseptic effect. 

The fact that this foot cream can nourish and moisturise your foot and keep it healthy looking, it's quite useful if you happen to have rough feet and are in need of a gentle product that will keep your feet smooth all day long. 

Another positive aspect has to be the fact that the foot cream is free from parabens and glycol, hence making it safe and gentle to use for your feet. This has to be one of the BEST foot creams I have tried out so far and it's worth investing into if you happen to have super dry feet. The foot cream is packed with Vitamins C and E which is what keeps your feet looking and feeling super healthy all day long. (Who here loves having soft, silky smooth feet?) 

The foot cream is packaged in a 75ml plastic tube, equipped with a fancy gold looking twist to open and close lid. It's a squeezable bottle which means that it's so easy to handle and without any mess. 

Did I mention how lovely a foot cream can smell? This foot cream smells so good - almost similar to fresh berries (Not edible guys...but keep dreaming..) It has such a pleasant sweet scent that I am already addicted to smelling this foot cream. The colour of the cream comes in a light, pale brown colour which is thick but has a smooth texture to it. Once applied onto the feet, you can instantly tell that it absorbs so quickly. The next morning, I realised how much softer my feet have become and I am totally loving this product so far. (It's also handy when you have a bottle of this tube right near your bed-side table). The foot cream is so easy to use, after showering and whenever you're ready for bed, be sure to massage in a small amount to your feet. Wash your hands afterwards of course too! 

Overall, I cannot flaw this amazing foot cream because it has simply renewed my feet into looking and feeling healthier and softer. I would highly recommend this  product if you're in the market for a GOOD foot cream. 



Scrub away 2015, and celebrate into the new year with this amazing body scrub by the Natura Siberica range. This body scrub looks to clean and refresh your skin. Simply relax in the bath or shower and scrub away all of the dead skin cells on your body. 

The body scrub is formulated with a blend of wild Siberian herbs and pure Siberian oils where it contains Altai sea buckthorn oil which is what essentially nourishes your skin and keeps it super hydrated. It does not dry out your skin so thank gosh for that. It also has buckwheat honey which looks to boost the elasticity and firmness of the skin; along with organic sage extract which is the ultimate key ingredient for ridding toxins - leaving the skin feeling soft and smooth. 

What is great about the body scrub again is that it comes with no parabens or nasties so you can feel reassured that this product is safe and gentle to use on your skin. The scent of the body scrub is very fruity and sweet (which comes from the honey) - I love it! After using this body scrub, my skin felt super refreshed, clean and silky smooth. If you're in the market for an organic based body scrub where it won't look to make your skin red or irritated, then definitely opt for this one. 

  • Currently on sale at Chemist Warehouse for $16.99 http://www.chemistwarehouse.com.au/buy/77255/Natura-Siberica-Oblepikha-and-Honey-Body-Scrub-300ml
  • Available at Chemist Warehouse and at selected retailers across Australia 
  • Otherwise, please check out their official website for more information at: http://www.naturasiberica.net.au/

Featuring a revitalising bath salt enriched with the essences and oils of Wild Harvested Siberian herbs which helps to treat against ageing skin, reduce wrinkles and enhance the firmness on your skin. (So what are you waiting for...run a bath and sprinkle some of these bath salts into the tub). 

In case you were wondering whether the bath salts were safe..they are free from SLS, SLES, GMO plants, mineral oils, parabens and glycol. 

My skin definitely felt super revitalised after bathing in this particular bath salt range. It felt very relaxing and rejuvenating at the same time and having baths are always my favourite because it's simply a time to relax. And with these bath salts as an extra, you get a sense of some aroma to the bath which makes bathing so much fun! 

  • RRP $14.99 
  • Available at Chemist Warehouse and at selected retailers across Australia 
  • Otherwise, please check out their official website for more information at: http://www.naturasiberica.net.au/
Have you tried out any of these products before? 

What's your DIY pamper session like? 

Happy reading! 

Livia xo 

Thank you P&G and Natura Siberica for supporting me for this review. My reviews are based on my personal and true experiences. I only recommend products that I truly support


  1. Those Natura Siberica bath and body products sound lovely! I have recently reviewed some of their products on my blog and just won their shampoo and conditioner. I can't wait to try out more of their range ♥

    1. Hi there! Thanks for dropping by :) That's awesome! And their products are really "eco-friendly" :)

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