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Saturday, January 30, 2016



Renew, refresh and revive your skin guys. The True Glow, Sonic Skincare by Conair facial brush looks to give you professional results right at home. 

I have to say that sonic skincare brushes really makes cleansing my skin more effective  because if you think about it, the sonic technology powers the facial brush at approximately 300 oscillations per second. Therefore you get a better cleanse from out of your pores, lifting up all of the dirt, grime and make-up. It doesn't irritate the skin because the brush is made so that you can literally use it for the face or body. It has also been scientifically proven that by using a sonic brush, it is definitely more effective than washing with hands or wash cloth. 

And for all of the new readers out there who have not tried facial cleansing brushes, they are definitely worth the investment because in return, your skin will look smoother, clearer and less clogged. This sonic facial brush is super gentle to use on the skin that I have incorporated this within my daily cleansing ritual. With regular use of the facial brush with a mild type of cleanser, you can ensure that your skin will look and feel much healthier. I would have to say ever since using a facial cleansing brush, it has definitely proven to be more effective than just using my hands or a wash cloth alone. 

The True Glow Sonic Skincare solutions - facial cleansing brush comes with TWO brush heads being one for the face and the other for your body. There are THREE speeds (low, medium and high) you can select from, a 60-second timer and also a charging stand which is so useful. Another thing to also note is that the facial brush is completely waterproof which means it is totally safe to use in the shower. (For best results, try using it in the shower because this is where the steam gets to your pores and opens them up). 

As for the body brush, I love this brush because it's made to smooth out the skin on your legs, arms and all around the body. It makes an amazing exfoliation brush which rids all of the dead skin cells which means that you get clearer and smoother skin once again. 

For the facial cleansing brush, it works to reduce any areas of dry skin, oily patches and also reduce blemishes, because you can imagine this brush working deep down and removing all of the dirt and oil in your pores. I have large pores and so far this facial brush has helped tremendously in making my complexion feel clearer and healthier. 

Also, the fact that it has an Automatic Even Cleanse Time gives you that reliability that you get a balanced cleansing treatment. So for example, you can ensure that you spend at least 10 seconds on each section which is really convenient. Additionally, this facial cleansing brush is fully rechargeable which means you can use this in a cord-free way. (Bonus!) 

Overall, I am quite impressed with this facial brush so far. It has given me the clearer skin results that I've been wanting and it's so easy to use as well. It can taken with you when travelling or so. I've also found that my pores have looked less clogged hence my skin has been looking and feeling less oily as opposed to before using the facial cleansing brush. This truly is an amazing brush to use within your skincare regime and works effectively well. Skin just feels super smooth! 

  • RRP $119.95 
  • Available at Myer, David Jones, Priceline, Harvey Norman and Shavershop.
  • For more information check out: http://conairaustralia.com.au/

 My skincare facial routine consists of the True Glow Sonic facial brush 
 Up close and personal! 
 The body brush head. 

The facial brush head. 

So handy to use wherever! 

Have you tried the True Glow Sonic facial brush yet? 

Let me know on your thoughts! 

Livia xo

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Friday, January 29, 2016



Have you guys heard of Nudestix? 

I was lucky to meet Taylor, one of the co-founders of Nudestix a week ago and get a thorough insight of the new releases at Nudestix. Introducing their Intense Matte Lip cheek pencil crayon in shades Belle and Royal (which are both lovely colours and are very pigmented). Also, I discovered The Blur pencil by Nudestix which works by smoothing out any imperfections on your skin or lips. (It truly does wonders) 

As for the Australians who are wanting to locate Nudestix, you can find them at Sephora stores in Sydney and Melbourne. Otherwise, it can be purchased online via the Sephora online website. 


I'll start off with the Intense Matte Lip + Cheek pencil crayons. They're super long-lasting when worn on the lips or cheeks. It make a handy multi-tasking pencil that delivers a very creamy coverage to your lips or cheeks, depending on your desired application. Not only that, it can be used as a liner for your cheeks and lips. 

Inside the Nudestix tin, you get instructions on how to use the pencils, along with a sharpener. (You always need a sharpener for all pencils and the fact that it's included is really an added bonus!) Additionally, the tin has a mirror to it which makes it very convenient to take along with you whilst travelling. 

The colour pay-off is highly pigmented and I tried out the shades in Royal and Belle. Both are definitely gorgeous on the lips and cheeks. They feel very soft on the lips and is so easy to use. The overall finish is matte and what better way to keep your lips and cheeks looking very natural. I always love matte formulas, especially when it comes to lip products because they don't look like you have gone overboard with the colour and it's so easy to wear with just about any fashion piece. 

The lip and cheek pencil contains lip and skin moisturising ingredients such as shea butter, vitamin E and peptides which all adds to the radiance and youthful look. The fact that these are like the touch n'go makeup sticks, it's really made for those who are always rushed for time. For example, every morning I am usually rushed for time and so by having these Lip and Cheek Pencils in hand, they are really quick and easy to apply on. 

These products are formulated without any parabens, sulfates and phthalates which makes it super gentle and safe to use in the short and long run. Additionally, the Nudestix products has been dermatologist tested which means it's also suitable for the most sensitive skin. It is hypo-allergenic, gluten-free, cruelty-free, vegan and 100% free of any preservatives and fragrances. 



Before using the Lip + Cheek Pencils, I would use the blur pencil onto my lips and onto any imperfections around my face. What the Blur pencil does is that it acts as an instant line, crease and pore blurring pencil if you are seeking that flawless complexion look. 
How the Blur pencil works is that the dehydrated hyaluronic acid spheres penetrate and swell up with water in the skin, filling up any creases, hence providing a long-lasting hydration to your skin. Inside the Blur pencil also contains Vitamin E and C for soothing out the skin and leaving it feeling moisturised and not dry or flaky.
Once again, the Blur pencil comes in a gorgeous tin with a mirror, included with a pencil sharpener and instructions on how to work the Blur Pencil itself. 

The Blur Pencils have been dermatologist tested, is free of parabens and preservatives. There has been no animal testing conducted, so for all of the animal lovers out there, be rest assured. It also makes a convenient handbag essential because since most of the Nudestix products are in pencil/crayon form, it's so much easier to keep track of it all and is super lightweight. 

  • RRP $38.50
  • Can be purchase online at http://www.sephora.com.au/products/nude-stix-blur-pencil
  • Otherwise, head to your nearest Sephora store. 
                                                     TRIED + TESTED 

Featuring Nudestix, Intense Matte Lip + Cheek pencil crayon in shades Belle and Royal. The Blur pencil has been used underneath and you can really see how smooth it has allowed the Intense Matte Lip and Cheek crayon to glide on when swatched. 

Belle - I love this shade because it's very neutral looking but at the same time still has a warm tone to its colour. It makes a lovely shade to wear on a daily basis or whether you are at work, without looking super dressy. 

Royal - This bright dark red shade is so sassy and fierce looking. I love how this shade really stands out and looks so pretty on all types of skin tones. 

At the Sephora Brand Showcase, featuring Nudestix. 

I hope you enjoyed reading! 

Let me know if you have any questions by popping a comment below. 

Livia xo
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Thursday, January 28, 2016



Medik8 Skincare Biotechnology is really dedicated to producing the highest quality skincare products by using the best ingredients. I am excited to share this new discovery to you all and let you in with my experiences with it all so far. 

Medik8 started off as a British skincare company pioneering cosmeceuticals technologies in 2009 to manufacture the most effective products that in a way help our skin to benefit from the top ingredients. And since I have swapped my skincare regime around, I have found that by using the products by Medik8, my skin's condition has certainly improved where it looks healthier, more plump and very radiant. 

When it comes to cleansing your skin, I find that it is always essential to ensure that you use the correct skincare products. And it all comes down to what IS included inside the products - because in a way, we rely on these "healthy" ingredients to deliver the many benefits to our skin. This could reflect by having a much radiant appearance that looks healthier. 

Over the previous month, I have been following a skincare regime testing out three essential skincare products by the Medik8 range. They include: 
  • Medik8, poreCleanse Gel
  • Hydr8 Day 360, Total Anti-Ageing Moisturiser
  • Glow Oil, Facial Oil with Vitamin C
I took these on the test and so far my overall feedback is that they have worked wonderfully well for my skin and I have not experienced any issues with it. I am definitely glad that Medik8 is a brand that I can fully trust that it can help to improve my overall complexion. 

Check out my thoughts below with each of the products as mentioned that I've been using as part of my skincare routine. 

poreCleanse Gel, Pore Refining Gel

Featuring a pore refining gel that contains L-Mandelic Acid which is good for the exfoliation of the skin, along with salicylic acid for your daily skin renewal. It's a great daily deep cleanser to use everyday if you're waning to cleanse deep down into your pores, along with controlling oily skin. I tend to suffer from having oily skin because let's face it, the weather can sometimes be too humid, and so the pores from my skin will tend to open up more, hence creating an oily complexion. However, thanks to this Pore Refining Gel by Medik8, it really looks to reduce the oiliness that I tend to get on my skin which really amazing. 

Whilst using this cleanser, it's very gentle and easy to use. There are no irritations or redness from using this so I am actually quite impressed with this cleanser. The fact that it is in a gel form, really makes it easy and convenient to wash my face. There's not much foaming so it's great if you don't want your skin to over-dry. 

The benefits of using this gel cleanser is that it effectively removes all of the dirt, oil and bacteria trapped in your pores. It also provides a deep-cleansing feel to your skin which in a way is essential if you're always outdoors and exposed to constant pollution, etc. This cleanser also works as a daily exfoliation which means that your skin gets renewed and all of the dead skin cells gets scrubbed away. Cleansing your skin is important because that means make-up and other skincare products go on your skin smoothly and much effectively. 

Additionally, the key ingredients of this cleanser include: 

  • L-Mandelic Acid - This is a really gentle (AHA) Alpha Hydroxyl Acid with exfoliation and anti-bacterial properties. 
  • Salicylic Acid - This is beta Hydroxyl Acid (BHA) which provides exfoliation to your skin by preventing any clogged pores, smooths out the wrinkles on your skin, stimulates new cell growth and also looks to reduce inflammation. 
  • L-Latic Acid - alpha Hydroxyl acid (AHA) which looks to hydrate and exfoliate the skin. 
  • Yoghurt extract - This is very rich in vitamins, calcium and other minerals. 
  • Mangosteen Peel extract - This is an antioxidant which means it provides antibacterial properties. 
  • Raspberry Fruit Extract - Once again another antioxidant that provides anti-inflammatory benefits. 

A positive for this cleanser would have to be that it is sulphate and soap free which means there's no dry effect on your skin and it's super safe and gentle to use in the long run. Overall, by using this cleanser offers a really comfortable experience for my skin and I would definitely consider re-purchasing after my 150ml of tube runs out. There is certainly plenty to last me for a few months and you only need a pea-sized amount of cleanser. A little sure does go a long way. 

In terms of application, I would use this cleanser every morning and night as part of my skincare regime as Step 1. I would ensure that I massage the gel all over the T-section of my face and then follow through by rinsing by face with warm water. 



This Total Anti-ageing moisturiser contains many good ingredients such as Anti-age, Vitamin C, Ectoin, Moisture magnets and also Superoxide Dismutase. Featuring this very light and powerful daily moisture for the skin, it is specifically designed to fight ageing signs. It's never too late to prevent ageing from occurring because we are constantly exposed to UV rays. What we don't know is that although we wear sunscreen, sometimes it's not enough. However, by using anti-ageing products such as the Total Anti-ageing moisturiser, we can look to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on the skin. With the Hydr8, it contains a broad spectrum UVA and UVB protection which protects the skin from further ageing. 

After using this moisturiser, it leaves a nice matte and powder dry finish to your skin. It does not make your face appear oily which is so important. That's why it's made for all skin types and nearly any skin type can use this moisturiser. This moisturiser is as a Five Star UVA and contains SPF15+ to really give your skin the best protection possible. 

The moisturising effects from using this is that it gives the BEST moisture ever to your skin. Additionally, it also helps to protect your skin from free radical damage. My overall thoughts about this moisturiser is that I use this on a daily basis because it has simply worked without any issues. I love how it leaves a matte and powder dry finish to my skin. There's no oiliness, hence I have not experienced any new breakouts with using this moisturiser. I would highly recommend this moisturiser because it's worth trying. The price tag may be in the high end, and that's because it contains powerful ingredients that truly benefit the skin. The product comes in a 50ml pump tube.  



Featuring a facial oil that contains 12 essential oils, Vitamin C and also Omega 3 and 6. The fact that it contains about 98.5% of fatty acids, it's very hydrating for the skin. For example if you suffer from dry skin, then by using this facial oil, you'll instantly notice an improved difference. Now you can really imagine how healthy it can be for your skin, hence improving your overall complexion. It's considered as a dry type of facial oil because it feels very silky when applied onto the skin and does not leave a wet feeling to your skin. It's also really fast absorbing so it works to repair your skin by making it look more youthful, glowing and wonderfully radiant. It's similar to a serum and the idea is that when applied onto the skin on a regular basis, you'll get a healthier glow to your skin. 

The facial oil is made for ALL skin types (normal, dry or sensitive) so just about any skin type can use this amazing facial oil. The skin's texture is also instantly improved and therefore you're left with a smoother feel to your skin. As for the scent itself, it's quite floral but very subtle in a way where it's very light and not too overpowering. 

So the benefits of using this facial oil are simply: 
  • Looks to hydrate dry looking skin. 
  • Improves elasticity and density of the skin. 
  • Improves overall complexion, radiance and adds more glow to it. 
  • The blend of natural oils look to hydrate and nourish the skin. 
  • Skin complexion is also brightened. 
  • The Omega 3 and 6 oils helps to protect skin from free radical damage. 
  • It also looks to reduce the ageing signs of wrinkles and fine lines. 

Also, how I would apply the facial on my skin is of the below steps: 
  • After cleansing skin, look to apply a small amount of the facial oil onto the skin. 
  • Blend evenly over the face and neck. 
  • Can be used alone, under serums and underneath moisturisers as well. 
Overall, I am very impressed with using this facial oil every night and including this as part of my night time skincare routine, because it always leaves my skin with an amazing glow to it. My fine lines around the eyes are visibly reduced and I can really see how much it has improved my complexion from the first day I started to try it out. I love how quickly it looks to absorb into my skin and leaves a dry finish with no sticky or wet feeling to it. It's very easy and convenient to use and I would highly recommend this facial oil any day! 


I hope you enjoyed reading all about my Medik8 experiences. 

Let me know if you have tried it out before and also what you thought! 

Happy reading! 

Livia xo

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Tuesday, January 26, 2016



I hope everyone is enjoying this glorious day today. So if you have not yet discovered Witchery's beauty line, be sure to check out their premium range because they offer a wide range of beauty products. 

I took the Witchery beauty products on a road test to really see what it could do for me, and I am super excited in sharing my thoughts with you all. Their beauty range consists of nail polishes, lip glosses/sticks, bronzers, mascaras and many more.

So sit back, relax and enjoy the read! 


Featuring a gorgeous neutral coloured eye palette consisting of five different shadow shades. Each shade is either matte, satin or shimmer which means that you can easily work with the colours for an everyday wear or simply when you are feeling a bit dressy for an evening night out. I love how this eye palette comes with a handy travel-sized eyeshadow brush and a mirror. (I always love it when an eyeshadow palette comes with a mirror because it's convenient to take around with you especially when you are on holidays). 

The shades are all lovely to wear on the eyelids and looks absolutely stunning when blended properly. The pigmentation is good and you don't require a lot of eyeshadow to create your overall "Ombre" look as an example. 

Witchery's eye palettes are not tested on animals in case you were wondering. Overall, I am quite pleased with the neutral shades of this eye palette as they offer a either a matte, satin or shimmer range which really makes it convenient for me to use on a daily basis. 




Known as a fibrelash mascara, this is an amazing mascara I have used to date that contains fibrelash formula. If you're wanting lengthened lashes and more added volume, then you'll definitely love using Witchery's Fibrelash Mascara. In terms of removing the mascara, it's so easy to do so and without any hassles which I quite liked. 

The formula does not have a strong smell to it which is important to consider when shopping for an ideal mascara. Overall, I am so impressed with this type of fibrelash mascara as it has looked to lengthen my lashes very effectively. 


Using the Fibrelash mascara by Witchery has effectively lengthened my lashes really well. 


The shade is in Blush and looks quite nice on the lips. It features a satin light red/pink shade that's very rich and creamy when applied on the lips. Additionally, it's super long lasting and looks very elegant. The formula is very nourishing and my lips just feel moisturised every time I apply it on. It's great for everyday wear because it looks very subtle on the lips and makes a perfect combination when paired with just about any outfit. 



I am loving this natural shade in Blush by Witchery Beauty. Looks very soft and so easy to wear on an everyday basis. 


The shade above is also in BLUSH. It's very easy to wear as your ideal lip gloss because it offers a nice glossy finish to your lips. The finish is quite sheer and the formulation makes it look very natural when rocked on the lips. Like all lip glosses, it has a very sweet and vanilla scent to it which makes you want to constantly apply on the lip gloss. It's great for an everyday essential and is definitely a handbag must for all! 


Bring on your brow game with this much needed essential by Witchery Beauty. Featuring their eyebrow pencil, it also comes with an eyebrow spoolie brush which is so convenient for grooming of your brows. The Eyebrow pencil is very powdery and gives a natural finish to the brows. It's very easy to use on an everyday basis and did I mention convenient? Say if you're in a rush to go to work, you can easily pop this pencil in your bag and continue the brow game there. Eyebrow pencils are definitely so handy to have when looking to define your eyebrows. 



Featuring a bronzer that really looks to give you a natural, sun-kissed glow to your overall complexion - definitely give this one a go because it goes on very natural when used moderately on the cheeks. There are two shades available so this is also good to know if you're worried about the colour shade above. When I applied on the bronzer, it really looked natural and flawless which is why I would highly recommend for you all to go and check this one out. Also, the bronzer compact comes with a handy mirror for travelling purposes making it another awesome useful product. (Definitely packing this in my suitcase) 


And lastly, Witchery also offers a gel nail polish range of such gorgeous colours. I tried out this nude pale colour and also a vibrant red shade. Both shades complement any outfit well. As for the vibrant red shade, it looks fierce and super nice when applied onto the nails. The formula is quite long-lasting and quick-drying. I always look for nail products that dry quick because it becomes a hassle when it takes "forever" for your nails to dry. Thank gosh for the Gel Nail Polish range by Witchery Beauty though, they are a life saver - especially when you're in a rush for a date or dinner with the girls. 

The colours look great and shiny on the nails giving it the ultimate pristine look. Their nail polish range are made in Australia and are free from nasties such as Toluene, Dibutyl Phthalate, Formaldehyde and many more. It's super safe to use in the long term as it will not be harmful to your health which is a great thing to know about the Witchery beauty range. 


I am totally loving the nude look of this shade. It's chic, elegant and very neutral especially when you're wanting to rock a subtle and softer look to your nails. Nudes will always be trending because it's a safe colour to wear. 

I actually love this vibrant red shade as it offers a nice pop of colour to the nails. Can be easily worn to events, meeting and also if you're wanting to dress up your nails a little bit. The fact that this gel nail polish is so quick drying - you can literally change your nail colour in less than ten minutes. 

Have you tried out the beauty range by Witchery? 

Let me know by commenting below. 

Happy reading!

Livia xo 

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Monday, January 25, 2016



So we all know Australia Day is tomorrow for all of the Aussies out there. And we're all going to celebrate one way or the other. For some...there may be drinks involved. And when alcohol plays a part of your celebrations, let's face it...the next morning just gets harder to recover as you get older. 

So in preparation of the post Australia Day which will be the following day, here are some of my tips on how to get the ultimate recovery. Recovering is easy when you know which products to use for your face and body. I know for a fact that I will be requiring all of these main essentials because I don't want to stay in bed all day long! 

So for this special post, I have included THREE main essentials that will assist you for the Post-Australia day celebrations, and they are of the following: 
  • HYDRODOL Capsules - Who doesn't love a hangover relief when it easily comes in the form of capsules. This is your ultimate drinking buddy and that means you can easily recover the next day without any issues.
  • BIORE Charcoal Pore Minimiser - What you essentially require the day after is to thoroughly cleanse deeply into your pores. With using this amazing charcoal pore minimiser by Biore, what you'll find is that it reduces the appearance of your pores, giving you healthier glowing skin. I'll explain more below.
  • BIORE Self-Heating One Minute Mask (With natural charcoal) - When you have self-heating mask on your face,  it very much feels so therapeutic and the mask actually works deep down to cleanse right into your pores. I love this mask so much that I use this on a weekly basis. It's great for the post-Australia day celebrations because it means your skin gets the ultimate cleanse. 

For more of my thoughts on the above mentioned products, check out the below. I hope you enjoy my top tips for the post-Australia Day celebrations. 


In need of the fast relief of hangovers? Then definitely look to check out your handbag essential featuring Hydrodol by BioRevive. If it takes you harder to recover from the post-alcohol effects, then definitely look to stock up on these Hangover Relief capsules. When taken, it looks to relieve the adverse effects of excessive alcohol consumption. 

And it's not just one regular capsule that simply relieves hangovers - it's filled with "good" and body loving ingredients such as amino acids i.e. B1 and B2 vitamins, much needed minerals, an anti-oxidant and a Chinese herb (Pueraria Lobata) which has traditionally been used to relieve hangover symptoms. Hydrodol allows you to wake up feeling fresh and does not leave you feeling like you have a migraine or headache. (Problem solved!) No-one loves a hangover because it can really leave you feeling very tired, sluggish and ultimately very dehydrated. Simply taking Hydrodol will actually boost your energy levels up and allow you to take on the next day without any "hangover" effects. This proves to be so useful if you have work or an important meeting the next day. 

So how it works for the dosage is that for the best results, make sure that you take 4 capsules while drinking. Alternatively, you can take 4 capsules morning after. 

Interestingly, Hydrodol contains 16 amino acids, 6 vitamins, 2 minerals, 1 herbal extract and an antioxidant. Hydrodol is so easy to take around with you whether it be in your purse or so. 

  • RRP $13.95 for 8 capsules. 
  • RRP $19.95 for 16 capsules. 
  • Available to purchase from all leading pharmacies throughout Australia. 
  • For more information, check out their official page at www.hydrodol.com.au


You cannot go wrong with a self-heating mask by Biore. With only one minute for it to take effect, it's incredibly an easier way to deep-clean down into your pores. So..you may have been wearing make-up the day before and what better way to rid all of the excess oils and dirt trapped deep down. The mask feels very purifying and not too hot at all. (Don't worry guys, it doesn't heat up too much so you won't feel uncomfortable) In fact it's a very comfortable warm feeling! (But you guys really have to try it for yourselves first and I promise you won't go back). The mask will then cool down leaving a fresh tingly feeling to your overall skin leaving it feeling smooth and super refreshed.

Say hello to purified pores! 



Firstly, love the product's packaging which sort of reminds me of how they used to make toothpaste because it comes with an easy to use dispenser. (So hygienic of course) 

Featuring this charcoal cleanser which is meant to minimise your pores. When activated with water, the charcoal looks to gently exfoliate your skin and also reduces the appearances of your pores. My skin felt incredibly softer and smoother after using this cleanser. Charcoal is the main ingredient which is the main key in helping to rid all of the dirt and oil trapped in your pores. If you have oily skin, you'll definitely fall in love with this product. And should you have had lots to drink the night before, it's always good to give your skin the ultimate cleanse and pamper that it needs. 


I hope you enjoyed this Post-Australia Day post! 

Have you tried any of these products before? 

Let me know by commenting below lovelies x 

Happy reading and stay safe. 

Livia xo 
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