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Tuesday, January 19, 2016



If you're looking for an organic based brand for your hair and skin needs, then look to check out the Green People, Organic Lifestyle skincare and haircare products. 

And to just give you a little background of the Green People Organic Lifestyle brand, it was established in 1997 which makes them a pioneering brand. Green People are the leaders in certified organic body care products. It's a well known brand back in the UK and they are quite known for their shampoos, face creams, sun lotions, body washes and so forth. 

Originally, the Green People Organic Lifestyle was started by a mother who wanted to help her young daughter. Most of the skincare and haircare products are made natural, are of alcohol free, paraben free and are quite gentle to use on the skin. Additionally, the Green People products do not test their products on animals and are completely free from nasties! 

I checked out their hair care and body care range to really see whether it would work for me. If there's a particular range I would opt for when shopping for shampoo, conditioner and body washes, that would have to an organic range mainly because they're full of good ingredients that do not cause harmful effects on the body and health system. Ensuring that we use the correct products are essential into living a healthier lifestyle.

To hear more about each related product to the Green People range, check out the below x


This is a really moisturising body wash that's suitable for all skin types. It includes organic neroli, yucca and marshmallow which simply makes the shower gel smell very refreshing and luxurious when showering. It's quite gentle and suitable to use in the bath or shower. For those who are worried because they are prone to eczema and psoriasis, have no fear because this is very gentle on skin and does not look to irritate the skin at all. 

After using this wash, my skin felt very rejuvenated, soft and simply moisturised. It felt really comfortable using the shower gel because it gave an uplifting experience of oranges to it which adds a nice touch to it. Essentially when used on daily basis, the shower gel looks to protect the skin from any irritations - plus a little goes a long way which means you don't require that much. The shower gel is also suitable for vegans and vegetarians. 

Also, this shower gel relaxes the body which makes a great sensual and relaxing wash to use if you're wanting to wind down and relax. 



Featuring a protective haircare range that includes organic avocado, pineapple, artichoke and jojoba. Both the shampoo and conditioner feel completely natural and very gentle to use on the hair. For example, the shampoo looks to protect the hair from an active lifestyle, so if you're more of the outdoors type and are constantly exposed to the sun, then both the shampoo and conditioner from the Sun and Sports range will assist your hair from the extra little protection. 

The shampoo is very natural and acts as a UV defence from the sun. It gently washes away any salt, chlorine and pollutants in the hair. It cleanses really well and for a natural type of shampoo, I am quite impressed with the effectiveness that it can do for my hair. It also boosts my natural shine and reduces damage to the proteins in the hair shafts. 

The conditioner also helps to act as a natural UV defence and so this is essential when you are always constantly out in the sun. The product also contains 91% of certified organic ingredients which make it super safe and gentle to use on the hair. 

I am constantly swimming in the pools and so it's important to use a haircare product that will not further dry out or damage my hair. It's also essential that the shampoo that I am using does an amazing job in removing the chlorine entirely from my hair - and so this product really looks to deliver in that sense. 

The fact that it's made without any alcohol, parabens, phthalates and any artificial fragrances really makes it an ideal conditioner and shampoo to use in the long term. 

Have you checked out the Green People range before? 

What are your experiences so far? 

Let me know by commenting below x

Happy reading! 

Livia xo 

Thank you GREEN PEOPLE for supporting me for this review. My reviews are based on my personal and true experiences. I only recommend products that I truly support

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