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Saturday, January 30, 2016



Renew, refresh and revive your skin guys. The True Glow, Sonic Skincare by Conair facial brush looks to give you professional results right at home. 

I have to say that sonic skincare brushes really makes cleansing my skin more effective  because if you think about it, the sonic technology powers the facial brush at approximately 300 oscillations per second. Therefore you get a better cleanse from out of your pores, lifting up all of the dirt, grime and make-up. It doesn't irritate the skin because the brush is made so that you can literally use it for the face or body. It has also been scientifically proven that by using a sonic brush, it is definitely more effective than washing with hands or wash cloth. 

And for all of the new readers out there who have not tried facial cleansing brushes, they are definitely worth the investment because in return, your skin will look smoother, clearer and less clogged. This sonic facial brush is super gentle to use on the skin that I have incorporated this within my daily cleansing ritual. With regular use of the facial brush with a mild type of cleanser, you can ensure that your skin will look and feel much healthier. I would have to say ever since using a facial cleansing brush, it has definitely proven to be more effective than just using my hands or a wash cloth alone. 

The True Glow Sonic Skincare solutions - facial cleansing brush comes with TWO brush heads being one for the face and the other for your body. There are THREE speeds (low, medium and high) you can select from, a 60-second timer and also a charging stand which is so useful. Another thing to also note is that the facial brush is completely waterproof which means it is totally safe to use in the shower. (For best results, try using it in the shower because this is where the steam gets to your pores and opens them up). 

As for the body brush, I love this brush because it's made to smooth out the skin on your legs, arms and all around the body. It makes an amazing exfoliation brush which rids all of the dead skin cells which means that you get clearer and smoother skin once again. 

For the facial cleansing brush, it works to reduce any areas of dry skin, oily patches and also reduce blemishes, because you can imagine this brush working deep down and removing all of the dirt and oil in your pores. I have large pores and so far this facial brush has helped tremendously in making my complexion feel clearer and healthier. 

Also, the fact that it has an Automatic Even Cleanse Time gives you that reliability that you get a balanced cleansing treatment. So for example, you can ensure that you spend at least 10 seconds on each section which is really convenient. Additionally, this facial cleansing brush is fully rechargeable which means you can use this in a cord-free way. (Bonus!) 

Overall, I am quite impressed with this facial brush so far. It has given me the clearer skin results that I've been wanting and it's so easy to use as well. It can taken with you when travelling or so. I've also found that my pores have looked less clogged hence my skin has been looking and feeling less oily as opposed to before using the facial cleansing brush. This truly is an amazing brush to use within your skincare regime and works effectively well. Skin just feels super smooth! 

  • RRP $119.95 
  • Available at Myer, David Jones, Priceline, Harvey Norman and Shavershop.
  • For more information check out: http://conairaustralia.com.au/

 My skincare facial routine consists of the True Glow Sonic facial brush 
 Up close and personal! 
 The body brush head. 

The facial brush head. 

So handy to use wherever! 

Have you tried the True Glow Sonic facial brush yet? 

Let me know on your thoughts! 

Livia xo

Thank you Conair for supporting me for this review. My reviews are based on my personal and true experiences. I only recommend products that I truly support. 

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