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Thursday, January 7, 2016




Get the sun-kissed goddess look this summer by packing your Summer Essential Kit. Thanks to Thin Lizzy, you can easily sort that out with their Special Edition, Summer Essential Kit, XOXO. 

Okay guys, how awesome is this Summer Essential Kit by Thin Lizzy! (Seriously) It's packed with the must needed necessities for summer. Summer is all about natural beauty right? So this essential kit has all of the products that can assist in helping you create that natural summer goddess look without it looking like you've caked your face with a 100 products. All of the products needed can be taken with you on the go as their kit comes with a gorgeous silver make-up pouch which stores all of the products you get! And what's more...not only do you get this magnificent make-up pouch, but it comes with all of the products I'll be mentioning as below! (Such a bonus and they all come super useful too) 

The total value of the Summer Essential Kit by Thin Lizzy is approx. $107 but it only retails for only $49.89 at selected pharmacies online and via their online website. You get more bang for your buck here and what better way to save as compared to spending so much on higher end products. I so highly recommend this kit for those who love to travel on the go and also love to find a bargain because this could not get any better. 

The Thin Lizzy products are all made in New Zealand so you're really using products from a trustworthy brand. And what better way to minimize space because with all of these beauty needs included in the kit, you really don't need to travel heavy. The make-up bag fits more products so therefore you could literally pack all of your essentials into this cute, snug-fitting pouch. Alternatively, you could use it as a fashion accessory on the go...(just saying) 

So...let's get back to the basics..the essential kit will help create your overall look with a flawless finish and additionally will make it look super natural looking. This is my first impressions and take on the brand and so far I am overly impressed with their product range. The products all come in travel-size which makes it so perfect for travelling meaning that you don't have to worry about minimising your make-up selection.
Creating a simple natural goddess look comes easily with using this Summer Essentials Kit by Thin Lizzy and I would highly recommend this kit as a lovely gift to your friends or family or simply for yourself being a travel bug! Alternatively, it's a great kit for touching purposes in the bathroom. 

So ready for the reveal of the products from the Thin Lizzy range? See my thoughts below to see what thought about them! xoxo 

Introducing the perfect Summer Essential Kit, Special Edition by Thin Lizzy 

Create your natural goddess look today! 


Get your lashes looking natural and volumised with the Thin Lizzy's NEW All-day Flexi Mascara. One good aspect about this mascara is that it's super long wearing. (I wore this for the whole day 10am-6pm) and the mascara stayed on literally all day! This stuff works amazingly well and it does not smudge at all which is a positive for me). The formula is not thick therefore it's easily removable with warm water and is also water resistant which means that it's ideal for those warm, humid and sticky days. Alternatively, it makes a great day to day mascara. 

The mascara contains an advanced formula which has been designed with flexible micro-tubing polymers that wrap around each individual lashes, hence creating lashes with more volume and stays on longer (and without the smudging). For some reason, when worn on the lashes, it did not feel heavy at all which makes it a very comfortable mascara to wear all day. I am so impressed with this mascara by the Thin Lizzy range and the fact that it's very natural looking is even a bonus for me. There's no clumps or flaking from this mascara which makes it perfect for me because I am constantly on the go and always in meetings and so I have no time to fix my mascara. 

Make-up removers are not even required when looking to remove the mascara so this is perfect for those with sensitive skin or cannot use harsh make-up removers. Simply wet a cotton pad with warm water and wipe over the lashes to remove. 

Also another tip to remember before applying the mascara is to ensure that there's no excess moisturiser or serum around your eyes or lashes. Make sure that your lashes are completely clean and super dry before application. 

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed using the All-Day Flexi Mascara by Thin Lizzy and I would highly recommend this mascara for all because it makes the lashes look very natural, it doesn't smudge/clump/flake which makes our lives so much easier! It definitely is worthwhile checking out this product. 


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When I first saw this pencil, I was really happy to find that it came with a sharpener! That's right guys...you can even look to sharpen your eye pencil on the go without going around trying to locate a sharpener. (Let's all face it sharpeners all so easily lost!) However since we now have a sharpener that comes as a lid for the eye pencil really makes it an innovative product! (Well.. for me it was amazing and such a solid idea!) 

So the Duo Eye pencil comes in 7g and comes with not only a sharpener but along with two shades black and brown. So this means that you get the day and night wear benefits of using this amazing eye pencil. Thanks to the Summer Essentials Kit, you get one of these beauties in it so it pretty much is useful. I practically use eye-liners to create bold looks or whenever I want to accentuate my eyes even further. And the pigmentation for the shades and black and brown is very pigmented, creamy and glides on smoothly. So for me this product is already a winner for me. 



As for the lips, the Summer Essentials Kit by Thin Lizzy comes with a Moisturising Lip balm which the packaging feels luxury and solid to handle. Keep your lips feeling nourishing, plump and kissable this summer because this lip balm really looks to boost moisture to your lips. When applied onto the lips, it feels very nourishing! It's definitely a nice lip balm to use during summer when it can get hot and humid because it's all about protecting the lips and keeping smooth and supple all day long. 




To complete your natural glow, be sure to try out these flawless fibre application brushes. It feels super plush and soft on the cheeks! In the Summer Essentials Kit by Thin Lizzy, you get two of these brushes, one white and black which can be used for each mineral powder. They are the perfect travel sized brushes where they are not too long or short. I have not found any shedding or fall outs from the brushes which is a plus factor for me already. These have to be the softest brushes I have used so far and it really makes applying the powders onto the face much easier! I am so in love with these brushes and use these on a daily basis! 



So far from using their 6in1 Loose mineral powder, it has given my complexion more of a tanned glow to it which is still very natural looking. It's not too dark or light, just simply natural looking. The comfort level of wearing this Loose mineral powder is that it feels super lightweight and very comfortable. It does not feel too heavy or even caked on which is at the end of the day ideal for if I am wanting a natural tanned glow that does not weigh my skin down. If you're the type looking for a light to natural coverage for a loose mineral powder, then definitely look to check out this product. 

Another great aspect to using this 6in1 Loose Mineral powder is that it's super lightweight and doesn't seem to clog my pores. It does not cause any breakouts for me the next day which is a great thing to consider when using this as an ideal loose mineral powder for the face. The coverage feels light and fresh which is so different for a loose powder. It does not even leave my face feeling oily which is another positive aspect to consider. I am so happy with using this product and I actually do use this as my day to day powder. 


Also, you get the Thin Lizzy Loose Airbrush veil in 2g which is a lightweight translucent powder that gives your overall face looking air-brushed. How it works is that they tiny particles sit light on top of make-up, reducing shine and locks in your overall look so that your make-up looks beautiful. To illuminate particular spots on your face, I would apply it directly to my eyebrows and cheekbones. 

There are no harsh ingredients present in the product such as parabens, heavy oils or waxes which make it a gentle and safe product to use in the long-term.

Overall, this product gives a flawless coverage without leaving your skin feeling too heavy. It's so comfortable to wear all day long. There's also Zinc Oxide present in the powder that acts as a mild anti-inflammatory which is ideal if you suffer from acne prone skin. There's also a natural SPF protection to the powder that helps to keep your skin protected from further UV damage. It's a quick and easy product to use after your powders and when used with the Flawless Fibre brushes, it's easier to apply on and gives a wonderful even coverage. 



Finally, you get a Thin Lizzy Hydrating spray in 10ml which feels very cool and refreshing when sprayed onto the face. It also looks to soothe the skin and helps with setting your make-up giving it multi-functional uses which is a plus. This comes useful in summer when it's hot and humid. The size of the product is so cute and very handy to take around with you when travelling. 


Have you checked out the Summer Essentials Kit by Thin Lizzy yet? 

Get shopping guys! 

Happy reading! 

Livia xo
Thank you Thin Lizzy for supporting me for this review. My reviews are based on my personal and true experiences. I only recommend products that I truly support


  1. Oh wow this is a great travel kit too!! Thin lizzys 6in1 is my fav product from their range!

    1. Hey Lily! Omg how amazing is it? Ever since using it - it has became my favourite powder! x