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Saturday, January 16, 2016



Featuring the stunning brand, Transformulas, we take a look at their Marine Miracle skincare collection where it's aimed as a preservation for mid-life skin and helps your skin to look younger and look less tired. 

Transformulas (established in 2004) is an affordable skincare brand that first originated from Britain, by cosmeceutical beauty expert Rosalind Chapman with having over more than 30 years of experience in the industry. It is an award-winning brand which features a wide range of anti-ageing and treatments for our face and body. In the today world...there is a certain percentage of women and men undergoing surgery which means that the needles come out in this case. What if there was a brand out there that did not even require needles? Thanks to the creator of Transformulas, there is a safer and more gentle option to alleviate any particular ageing issues. I do believe these are effective products to use to achieve ageless beauty because there's no pain or needles involved. 

They are made available around many stockists such as Priceline stores or via online shopping. I am so thankful to have discovered this range because this means that I can rely on an effective brand that really works for me and also it's quite decent priced which means that you can look to budget when it comes to purchasing ageless beauty skincare products. 

I looked to check out two skin treatments by Transformulas to assist with the signs of stress and tiredness on my skin. 

They include: 
  • Transformulas - Marine Miracle EyeZone 
  • Transformulas - Marine Miracle Creme 

Both have worked really effectively for myself and I will definitely continue to use these as my ageing skincare products because it does the job for me and I am super happy about the results. To find out more into detail about each product as mentioned above, simply scroll below to check out my thoughts x

I hope you enjoy reading! 


At first impression, the packaging of this gorgeous metallic ball-like products looks simply luxury, interesting and cool. It somewhat reminds me of a lip balm, but the benefits of using this product is even better..i.e. It works as an age repair containing Aldavine in a FIVE times ultra-concentrated form. What makes the key ingredient of Aldavine so important is that in previous tests conducted, they have found that Aldavine has actually reduced dark circles in 100% of subjects. (Which means that this product really works and I swear it's so effective in reducing my dark circles). 

The Marine Miracle EyeZone works to regenerate and repair the skin around the eye areas and as well enhance the firmness around. You simply cannot go wrong with this amazing product because it works to reduce your dark circles, eye puffiness, wrinkles and fine lines. The product is in a very light, creamy texture that smells very pleasant, earthy and relaxing all at the same time. Not only does it contain the anti-ageing ingredient Aldavine but it includes a combination of two marine algae polysaccharides which means the results are super effective and it truly is a miracle eye cream. (This has to be my new discovery and so far so good). 

Why you'll love this product? The products contained in this particular eye cream comes from the health-giving oceans as a natural alternative to face-lifting chemicals. After using this eye cream for about 20 days, I could really start to see some positive results to the area around my eyes. The skin around it felt firmer, I had a reduction in dark circles and also eye puffiness. My skin felt smoother and it really felt as if the elasticity of it was boosted and tightened. As we age our skin starts to lose its elasticity so that means we have to ensure that we prevent this from occurring or look to identify the issue and provide a relief to the prone areas such as using a good eye cream every night before bed. 

If you're wanting an eye cream that will make your skin look younger then I highly recommend for you to check out the Marine Miracle EyeZone by Transformulas. I would only use a small amount under and above the eye dabbing gentle from the inner corner in an outward motion every night. A little goes a long way guys! 



Whilst unboxing the Marine Miracle Creme, I was amazed to see the product's packaging for this particular range because it looked innovative and different. It reminds me of a scientific product and it comes with an innovative twist to open airless pump mechanism. (You learn something new everyday and figuring out how to work this product was super easy). 

As described by The Daily Mail as "A Facelift in a Jar" - it really is what they quoted because it uses a combination of rich marine ingredients and Lysedine to assist the skin in reducing any fine lines, wrinkles but at the same time working to boost your skin's firmness and elasticity. The formula is filled with good nutrients that all help to strengthen cell structure and also helps to promote a more youthful looking glow and healthier looking skin. It's loaded with algae, seaweed and sea salt extracts which all look to benefit your skin and will look to strengthen your skin for the better. 

So after using this product, my skin felt more firm and tighter. It also looks to clarify and detoxify the skin by revitalising your appearance. The lines around your face will look more smoothed out and the skin will look and feel very plump, smooth and very hydrated. This is definitely the ultimate treatment if you're wanting your face to look younger and also reduce the fine lines and wrinkles on your face. 

  • RRP $69.00 AUD 
  • Available at Priceline and leading pharmacies. 
  • Otherwise be sure to check out more information at: https://www.transformulas.com/products/face-care-products/marine-miracle-creme-15ml.html

Have you checked out the Transformulas brand yet? 

Let me know on your thoughts by commenting below x

Livia xo
Thank you Transformulas for supporting me for this review. My reviews are based on my personal and true experiences. I only recommend products that I truly support

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