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Monday, February 29, 2016




Welcome back guys to my blog and expect more updates, reviews, how to's and many more exciting stuff happening this year. Last week, I was in Beijing China for work purposes so you can really imagine how SLOW the internet was, even with using a VPN network to login to Facebook, Google, etc. (Did you know China has blocked Facebook? Crazy right?) Nevertheless, one week away from blogging has really allowed for me to take a break from things and see life in a different picture. I tried out different kinds of tasty chinese dishes, walked, slipped and fell on the Great Wall of China whilst trekking my way up to the top, met new friends from Japan, USA, Cebu, China and Europe - and came back with a bigger passion to dedicate more time to LIVIA.COM.AU 

So in case you missed out..here's a little shot of myself with Great Wall of China in the background. 


Brushing our teeth is important because without brushing, this could lead to tooth decay and other types of diseases. (We don't want that happening because it can prove to be costly meaning more trips to the Dentist) 

Did you know tooth decay is Australia's most common health problem and second most costly diet-related disease? - Source: TePe 

Cavities can be prevented and all it takes is to ensure that we floss and brush our teeth twice and or regularly every day. Tooth decay is formed by the build up of bacteria, fungi, plaque between the teeth. So what causes bad breath? It's that section between the teeth which is moist where germs can easily breed if not cleaned effectively. It can lead to bad breath, tooth decay and other diseases which can also affect the entire body and not just the teeth. 

If you're like me, I floss every single day and I cannot go a day without it, simply because my teeth feels cleaner and better. Flossing may not be everyone's favourite, but what if there was product that made it much easier? No strings involved. (Promise) 

So what happens when you a top dental team at Sweden's Malmo University look to research on why people don't floss? They look to create a simply solution to tooth edge decay and gum disease prevention called TePe Interdental brushes. 

The brushes are very easy to use and have tiny rounded brushes and feel extra soft on the teeth. Some are also made angled that way you can easily reach corners and the hard to reach areas. Cleaning is so easy that you simply use an in and out brushing movement - instead of the ineffective poking. When used as directed, the entry angle ensures that there's no damage to the gum and that regular use will reduce and eliminate any bleeding. For those who have braces, this is also a useful tool for you to use especially when it comes to cleaning your braces and teeth. 

The TePe Interdental brushes come in nine sizes so that means you can select from a wide range of sizes. The three ranges include original, extra soft and angled. Every size has its own colour which somewhat reminds me of a rainbow! All of the brushes come with a plastic coated wire which is super safe to use. The product is very user friendly and easy to use and I've experienced no issues whilst trying these out. It's definitely efficient when it comes to cleaning your teeth to prevent tooth decay. And the best thing about using the TePe Interdental brushes is that they are not for one time use, but instead can be used for multi-uses - and all you need to do is give it a quick wash. So just like a toothbrush, you'll look to replace this every month or two. 

I feel these Interdental brushes by TePe cleans between the teeth very effectively because it acts the same as a toothbrush but only this time, it works to clean between each teeth which a normal toothbrush can't reach. It's a great concept and what better way to attain a healthier smile! 

  • TePe Interdental brushes are available from selected pharmacies and dentists. 
  • www.oralcare4u.com.au 
  • TePe Interdental Brush (Angle) 6pcs RRP $8.95 
  • TePe Interdental Brush (Original) 6pcs RRP $8.95 
  • TePe Interdental Brush X-Soft 8pcs RRP $9.96 
  • Make sure you brush your teeth twice a day and with a toothbrush using fluoride toothpaste, 
  • Clean between the teeth using the Interdental brush, floss or dental stick. 
  • Use a tongue cleaner to remove bacteria on the tongue. 

 TePe Angle - The Angled Interdental Brush 

 TePe Angle - The Angled Interdental Brush 

TePe Interdental Brushes 

Interdental Brushes - original 

TePe Interdental Brush - The Gentle Option 

Have you tried the TePe Interdental brushes yet? 

Let me know on your thoughts! 

Livia xo 

Thank you TEPE  for supporting me for this review. My reviews are based on my personal and true experiences. I only recommend products that I truly support. 

Thursday, February 18, 2016



Let's talk about nail art...what if there was a brand out there they could provide a simple way of achieving quick and easy nail art designs? 

You don't have to be a nail artist to get the near-same results as the salon...Thanks to Jamberry Nails, we see the new generation of nail art which launches in Australia and New Zealand. So when we think of nail art designs, we're looking at geometric, print, sparky and overly bold designs that are hard to pull off without the needed design experience. Well...not today because Jamberry's nails are definitely the new thing to rock this season. Recreating the beautiful designs that we see on Instagram or Facebook is as easy as Jamberry Nails. It's safe for all ages (even the toddlers too) as Jamberry also offers a Junior range for the little munchkins. 

And to just give you a quick run-down of the USA fast growing brand, they have finally launched in Australia in October 2015 - with a WIDE range of 300 nail wrap styles which cover simple to bold type of designs. I checked out the website when I first discovered the brand and their designs are amazing! There's definitely a style there for everyone's taste and preferences. 

Jamberry Nails are definitely rocking the nail market with their fabulous designs and it's trending as quicker than ever. They are so easy to achieve right at home - without leaving the house did I also mention? There are no mess involved and they are so non-toxic for the nails making it super safe to wear. The nail wraps provide a long-lasting manicure for up to two weeks on the fingers and four weeks on the toes. And with the per sheet of the Jamberry wraps, you're essentially looking at 2 or 3 professional manicure looks. So if you're ever in a rush and are in need of fabulous looking nails, look no further and simply resort to Jamberry Nails because they are so easy to put on. (I love the convenience and the designs that they offer) There are so many cases where I can never get my manicures right or - I just don't have the time to sit in the nail salon for about 1-2 hours, when I can simply do it myself right at home. 

It takes only 5 simple steps to apply on the Jamberry nail wraps which involve: 
  • Step 1 - Remove excess oil and moisture from the nails with nail polish remover, 
  • Step 2 - Heat the nail wrap with your hair-dryer until i is soft and flexible, 
  • Step 3 - Press the nail wrap onto the nail with pressure as it cools, 
  • Step 4 - Add additional heat onto it to help seal the nail wrap, 
  • Step 5 - Trim excess material and file in a downward motion to finish. 
Overall, these Jamberry nail wraps are so fun to play with because you can be creative or perhaps wanting that simple look. I love how convenient they are as a product because let's be honest, we're not all artists here and thanks to Jamberry Nails, we can look to imitate the amazing nail designs. Get salon manicure looking nails within minutes today! 



Featuring Gold Sparkle in Jamberry Nail Wraps, 

They're so easy to wear and they're as near as the real nail designs that you get at the salons. 

I am wearing Jamberry Nail wraps in Gold Sparkle 

Have you tried Jamberry Nail wraps? 

What are your thoughts? 

Livia xo
Thank you JAMBERRY NAILS  for supporting me for this review. My reviews are based on my personal and true experiences. I only recommend products that I truly support. 

Wednesday, February 17, 2016



When it comes to blemishes or dry skin, you can ideally look to try a different skincare routine which is what I did recently. Introducing you guys to Dr. Hauschka's Clarifying Face Care Kit - a product that's made in Germany. It's like getting a facial but at home. 

So when it comes to seasonal changes or even stress, this can really look to influence the effect it has on our skin - which can lead to blemishes, irritations and inflammation. But with this Skin Clarifying Kit by Dr. Hauschka, it contains products that helps to clarify and calm our skin. It is made ideal for combination and blemished oily skin. I've tried out this kit over the few weeks and so far my complexion has cleared up really well which I am quite happy about. 

The best trio when it comes to cleansing our skin is to, cleanse, tone and moisturise. I always look to ensure that I follow the basic three routines when it comes to my skincare routine which include the below: 
  • 1 - Cleansing - Removes all of the dirt and dead skin cells without drying the skin out. 
  • 2 - Toning - Looks to encourage regeneration and helps to create a clearer complexion. 
  • 3 - Moisturising - Harmonises, regulates and protects your skin. 
The skincare products by Dr. Hauschka all look to bring more balance to your skin complexion - whether it's looking inflamed, irritated or perhaps breaking out. The Clarifying Skincare kit is the ultimate travelling kit when travelling overseas - plus it comes with a handy tin so that you can store all of your miniature products. 

When looking to deep cleanse the skin, the kit also includes their Clarifying Steam bath and Clarifying Clay mask which essentially prepares the skin for intensive regeneration with the Revitalising Mask. When cleansing the skin on a weekly basis, you'll find that the skin looks clearer, revitalised and rejuvenated. 

Also, when it comes to using the Dr. Hauschka skincare products, they are completely natural and organic and have been certified to NATRUE and BDIH standards. There are NO synthetic fragrances, dyes or preservatives in the products. They're also free from further nasties such as mineral oils, parabens, silicone and PEG. The products have also been dermatogically tested for those with sensitive skin.  

In the Clarifying Face Care Kit by Dr. Haushcha, you get 7 miniature items which are ideal if you're wanting to try out their products first to see whether they will work for you. These products include of the following: 
  • 1 - Cleansing Cream - Looks to refine, revitalise and cleanse your skin thoroughly. The formula contains calendula, chamomile, anthyllis and sweet almond meal. I love how this cleansing cream leaves my skin feeling clean and fully exfoliated. Pores are also minimised after using this cleanser which is absolutely a MUST try! 
  • 2 - Clarifying Toner - Looks to tone, balance and calm the skin. By using this toner, you're essentially removing all of the oiliness, soothing out any redness and irritation on the skin. The appearance of pores are minimised - so ideal if your pores are quite enlarged. Anthyllis looks to balance out the skin by making it appear more calm and less red. 
  • 3 - Clarifying Day Oil - I was interested to see how this day oil would work but it actually balances out any oily, blemished looking skin. It's super fast absorbing and is ideal for those with oily skin. It's similar to a daily moisturiser but instead it looks to balance out excessive oiliness and refines any pores which is ideal if you're wanting a clearer complexion during the day. 
  • 4 - Melissa Day Cream - Moving on to a moisturiser to use for the day, this looks to balance out combination looking skin. So if you have patches where it's dry - this will soothe and hydrate the area instantly. Also, hands up if you occasionally get the oily face? For some reason it looks to control any shininess on the face which leaves a radiant and clear complexion. Redness is also reduced when applying on the Melissa cream.
  • 5 - Clarifying Steam Bath - Preps the skin for a deep cleansing. It was my first time trying out the steam bath and so it looks to open up all of your pores, reduces the redness and softens the blackheads and impurities on your skin. It's a great way to really cleanse into the pores - plus the Clarifying Clay Mask works amazingly well by minimising the appearances of any enlarged pores and giving your skin the ultimate deep cleanse. 
  • 6 -  Clarifying Clay Mask - This mask does exactly as I thought, it looks to deeply cleanse the skin and clarifies all skin conditions. If you have blemishes, then this mask will look to minimise that. 
  • 7 - Revitalising Mask - The last step for your DIY home facial. This revitalising mask looks to rejuvenate, soothe and refine all skin-conditions. Skin is instantly refined and you're left with a healthy radiance to it. 

Overall, it's a nice Clarifying Face Care Kit to start with if you are new facials and wanting more of a deeper cleanse for your skin. The products are all made in Germany and you really get the quality for the price. 


Have you tried out the Dr. Hauschka products yet? 

Let me know on your thoughts! 

Livia xo
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Tuesday, February 16, 2016



Taking care of our nails and skin is important in order to keep them well maintained and healthy. That's why when it comes to nail and beauty care, I always look for brands that I fully trust such as the affordable brand, Manicare. 

Manicare products are available at your nearest Priceline, Chemist Warehouse, Myer, Kmart or Big W. For more information, please head over to their official website, here

Manicare have been in the market for over 35 years (where it was introduced into the market in 1974) which is amazingly long - making them the pioneer in the nail and beauty care industry. They offer various nail and beauty accessories which all in effect prove to be useful for every day life. I would say their products are made to a quality standard and so far have been very durable in my own experience. Did you know Manicare has also expanded internationally to New Zealand and to some parts of Asia too? Amazing progress and it just shows how much they are growing as a brand. And for all of your nail care and beauty needs - simply check out the range from Manicare because their prices are quite reasonable and for the quality itself, you'll be impressed. 

So if you guys don't know, I will actually be travelling overseas very soon and this means that I will need to ensure that I pack my travel bag with the much needed nail and beauty products. Sort now rather than stress later guys! (Trying to be wise here) Because when you're in a different country, I like to explore more than worry about the beauty necessities such as your nail clippers, nail filers and so on. Time is precious and so packing beforehand will simply save you the trouble. 

The products by Manicare I have listed below are all of the products that I will bring with me in my next trip, so be sure to check them out x 

  • 1 - Manicare Facial Cleansing Brush - RRP $12.99 
Featuring a Facial Cleansing Brush which acts as a gentle exfoliation for achieving a smooth and glowing complexion to your skin. The brushes are made from soft, nylon bristles which gentle help to scrub away all of the dead skin cells on your face. It acts as a deep cleansing brush that invigorates the skin and leaves it feeling soft and clean. So if you were wondering how would you use this...simply look to dampen the brush and then look to apply a mild cleanser to your face first and then using the brush (in circular motions) rotate this all over the face for about two minutes. After the time is up, rinse your face with lukewarm water. Remember to rinse and dry the brush. 
  • 2 - Manicare, Cosmetic Brush Set - RRP $13.99 
Features your perfect travel sized 5 pieced set of essential make-up application tools. It contains 1 eyeshadow brush, 2 cosmetic applicators, 1 blusher brush and 1 lip brush. This is ideal for every travelling purpose because it's not too heavy and you don't have to lug around heavy brushes. 
  • 3 - Manicare, Crystal Nail File - RRP $18.99 
So this Crystal Nail File by Manicare is essential as it is useful for natural or artificial nails. It's made with the finest quality hand cut crystal glass. The nail file looks to smooth and shape the nails with a nice finish to them. 
  • 4 - Manicare, E#14 Lash/Brow Brush - NEW 
This NEW product by the Manicare range is a lash and brow groomer in the one brush and it looks to separate the lashes making it a wonderful duo-purpose brush to use when travelling. It's a great alternative in looking to neaten and maintain your lashes and brows. 
  • 5 - Manicare, Nail Scissors - Straight - RRP $12.99 
A pair of nail scissors is the most useful item to pack because you never know when you're going to use it. It's quite durable and long-lasting for a pair of nail scissors - and for the price itself, you cannot go wrong with it. It's made with deluxe satin quality stainless steel. This is ideal for any nail cutting purposes - or perhaps cutting loose thread from your clothes? (Comes in handy!) 
  • 6 - Manicare, Brush Cleaner - RRP $14.95
This is another important product to pack with when it comes to hygiene of the brushes.  A brush cleaner such as this particular one quickly and effectively removes oil-based make-up from brushes. It's safe for natural and synthetic brushes as well. I tend to clean my brushes every second day which has become a habit. In the long run - it's healthier because my brushes will be free from germs for longer before the next use. 
  • 7 - Manicare, 20 Round Make-up Sponges - RRP $10.99 
These Make-Up sponges come in handy for if you're wanting a flawless application with your liquid, cream or stick foundations. The sponge allows for an easier blend all throughout the skin and also if you're wanting a sheer and light coverage. To prevent further creasing, always look to apply on moisturiser before the foundation stage. Also, always look to clean the sponges with a warm, soapy antibacterial liquid. Sponges are very useful - especially when you're travelling because they're easier to clean - plus with a huge pack, you can ensure that your foundation goes on smoothly and flawlessly. 
  • 8 - Manicare, Cosmetic Sea Sponge - RRP $8.69 
And after a whole day of wearing make-up, a good sponge is all you need to effectively cleanse your skin really well. With this particular sponge, it's sourced from Mediterranean sea. Not only is this sponge useful for cleansing, but it's perfect for applying on liquid and cream foundation. 
  • 9 - Manicare, Facial Cleansing Buff -  RRP $6.99 
 I always love a good exfoliation buff because it helps with cleansing and exfoliation of excess dead skin cells. This cleansing buff is super helpful in looking to unclog pores, remove any dead skin cells and helps with reducing your blackheads. It's also helpful to use before applying on make-up and prepping the surface so that it's smooth before make-up application. 

 Have you used any of these mentioned Manicare products before? 

Let me know on your thoughts! 

Happy reading! 

Livia xo 

Thank you Manicare for supporting me for this review. My reviews are based on my personal and true experiences. I only recommend products that I truly support. 

Saturday, February 13, 2016



It's never too late to get ready for Valentine's Day tomorrow. Here is a quick guide in getting your pamper session ON before V-Day. 

Whether you're needing a new tan, don't worry because with Fake Bake's New ready to wear tan, their Five Minute Mousse can easily help you get a sun-kissed glow look to your legs, arms and body within minutes. Or perhaps your skin has been feeling a bit full and flaky lately? With Burt's Bees Intense Hydration Nourishing Facial Water, it acts as an infused-drink for your skin than absorbs quick and looks to hydrate your skin. This is perfect in getting that nice glow for tomorrow so that your make-up goes on super well, effortlessly. 

Also, look to safeguard your cuticles with Revitanail's nail care range. If your cuticles are needing some TLC, then be sure to check out Revitanai's Cuticle Remover gel and their nourishing oil treatment which will bring your nails back to life. 

There's nothing wrong with a quick pamper session at home, and with the right beauty tools needed, it's simple to get ready for that special day. It's just about knowing which products to use! I hope this quick guys will be helpful for you and that you enjoy this post. 

To find out more about each product, simply scroll below xoxo 


So if you're after an intense hydration nourishing facial water, you're looking at right now. The Burt's Bees Facial water comes with Clary Sage which is basically a nutrient infused drink just for your face. It absorbs amazingly well when applied onto the skin, where it helps with restoring any lost hydration. Additionally, it helps to prep your skin for moisturisation. Th formula is made 99.0% natural which means that there are no harsh chemicals such as NO parabens, phthalates, petrolatum or SLS. Having a type of facial that's free from any nasties is truly the way to go when it comes to facial waters because you really want to ensure that the product is safe for your health and skin in the long term. 

The formula is really hydrating which also looks to improve your skin's texture and balance the skin's pH level - meaning that your skin gets a boost to it, enhancing glow and vitality. The product has also been dermatologist tested. If you're wanting to put the moisture back to your skin, then definitely look to try and check out the Facial Water by Burt's Bees as I've been using this product for a few days now and so far I am highly impressed with the moisture it has given my skin. (For those with dry skin will surely fall in love with this product!) 



So going to all of those nail salons along with our day to day life, can really look to damage our nails or perhaps wreak havoc on our cuticles. With Revitanail's Cuticle Remover Gel, you can look to treat any overgrown cuticles the right way. It's such an effective product to use on any overgrown cuticles because it comes in the form of a gel based which makes it so easy to use. So how the Cuticle Remover Gel works is that it looks to gently soften any excess and overgrown cuticles so that your nail bed looks perfectly groomed and well maintained. 

The Cuticle Gel by Revitanail remover contains aloe vera for that hydration feel and also green tea which looks to soothe and condition your lovely nails. It's definitely a quick fix and ideal for if you're heading out to that special occasion and wanting cleaner and neater nails. All you need to do is apply a small amount of gel and dab this onto any excess cuticles on your nails. Then, leave it for about 4-5 minutes, followed by gently pushing your cuticles in a circular motion with a cuticle stick. Lastly, don't forget to wipe any residual off your nail. 

This is a great fix in looking to get neater and well groomed nails. Thank gosh Revitanail released this Cuticle Remover Gel in the market! Getting well groomed and neat nails is so important for me because let's face it...overgrown cuticles is so unattractive. 

  • RRP $15.95 
  • Available at Priceline, Coles, Woolworths and selected pharmacies. 
  • For stockist details, 1800 651 146. 


If you suffer from dry cuticles and nails, then be sure to check this nourishing treatment by Revitanail out. How it works is that you apply on this nourishing treatment onto your nails and instantly you can feel a soothing feeling to it. It contains essential vitamins, oils and herbal extracts which moisturises your cuticles and helps to repair your nails. Simply massage in the nourishing oil onto your nail bed and cuticles to ensure that you cover all areas of the nails. Alternatively, what you could also do is add 5-10 drops in a bowl filled with warm water. Then, look to soak your fingers in the bowl for about 5-10 minutes, doing this so will actually give you softer nails and they will feel super hydrated. This is ideal if you're wanting that quick in-home luxurious spa experience! 

Ensuring that our nails are well maintained is essential if you're wanting a boost of moisture to them. We are constantly washing our hands or perhaps handling some cleaning household products which can cause our nails to become try. That's why when it comes to Revitanail, they always offer the best nail care treatments. I definitely recommend for you guys to check these out. 

  • RRP $15.95 
  • Available at Priceline, Coles, Woolworths and selected pharmacies. 
  • For stockist details, 1800 651 146. 


I actually tried this Mousse Self-tan by Fake Bake recently and I am quite impressed with the formula and benefits it has looked to deliver for my skin. It's known as the party tan because let's face it...we don't have time these days to get a professional tan done by a salon. You need to go to appointments, etc. Skip to the easy part because Fake Bake can now make your life easier. They just recently launched this product and I am glad they formulated this self tan in a mousse form. It's so much easier to handle and is very mess-free. (I promise) 

If you're in need of a speedy-dry formula, then you'll be impressed with this particular range from Fake Bake. The formula comes in a mousse form which somewhat reminds me of whipped cream. It delivers an instant "ready to wear" natural glow for your skin. I tried it out on my legs and let me just say how HAPPY I am with the overall results. It took less than 5 minutes to apply on this tan and within minutes, I could see the formula develop into a nice golden, baked glow. This is a long-lasting tan which means that you get to have that nice glow for a few days. The tanning mousse also showcases their "colour lock-down formula" which means that it's not transfer and does not stick to your clothes. (No stains or anything like that which is a relief). 

Overall, this is my favourite self-tan in a mousse so far. I love how it's so easy to apply on and the golden glow it has given me. It's not too dark which is good and I am overly impressed with the results. Definitely highly recommend for you guys to look out for this product the next time you're shopping.

  • Shake the product gentle before use. 
  • Wear on the waterproof gloves.
  • Apply the mousse in circular motions. 
  • Dries quickly so make sure you apply to one area at a time. 

  • RRP $37.00 for 207ml. 
  • Available at Priceline, selected salons nationally or alternatively online at www.fakebake.com.au
  • Includes applicator glove and step by step instructions.
The top image shows BEFORE, whilst the bottom image shows AFTER using Fake Bake 5 Minute Mousse Self Tan. 

In the AFTER picture, you can see how golden my skin has turned which I am quite happy with. It looks quite natural so this is an absolutely plus for me! 


I hope you enjoyed this quick guide and I hope Valentine's Day goes all well for you all! 

Enjoy the day of LOVE! 

Happy reading, 

Livia xoxo

Thank you Burts Bees, FakeBake and Revitanail for supporting me for this review. My reviews are based on my personal and true experiences. I only recommend products that I truly support. 



So what's the secret into getting clearer and a healthier skin complexion? 

Sharing something different with you guys because I've only just started to get into Superfoods. I also looked to try out the Nature Boost range by Blackmores by blending it into my fruit shakes and smoothies. 

So if you have not noticed but Blackmores launched their Superfood Nature Boost range late last year. Blackmores is Australia's most trusted vitamins and supplements company with more than 80 years of experience. In order to get a clearer and healthier complexion, make sure you are eating the right foods and ensuring that you consume the needed nutrients and vitamins for your body. And for myself, I love to blend a selected range of fruits and vegetables together, along with Goji berries, cranberries, blueberries, raspberries - plus with a scoop of Blackmores Superfood drink powder. 

So with their Nature Boost superfoods range, it consists of mostly concentrated vitamins and nutrients which have been extracted from nature. There are no added artificial flavours, colours and sweeteners. They're also GMO free, dairy free and vegan. It's made into 90g re-sealable sachets which makes a nice drinking powder for everyday and also to mix into your smoothies. Each flavour contains Vitamin C, antioxidants and magnesium. These retail from $12.99 at any leading grocery stores and are now available. 

So some of their flavours that Blackmores have available are of the below: 
  • Wild Blueberry Blend
Contains a natural source of Vitamin C from organic Indian gooseberries which help to support the immune function and collagen formulation in skin. (Which means you get a better skin glow) Additionally, there's a whole lot of antioxidants present in the drink powder which helps you to maintain a balanced diet. 
  • RRP $19.99 for 90g
  • Available at leading grocery stores. 

  • Vitality Super Greens 
Contains a whole lot of antioxidants with zinc to support acid-alkali balance along with Vitmain C which helps to support your energy product and well being. This drink is good for if you're wanting the ultimate cleanse for a better and clearer skin complexion. 
  • RRP $22.99 for 90g
  • Available at leading grocery stores. 

  • Coconut Water 
As a coconut water fan, what better way to have this a drink powder form as well! This particular range contains Magnesium and Calcium to provide support for your daily hydration levels, muscle function, energy and vitality. Alternatively, if you're after a quick thirst quenching drink, then be sure to check this one out. 
  • RRP $19.99 for 90g
  • Available at leading grocery stores. 

  • Single Origin Cacao
Then we have the Cacao which contains probiotics and antioxidants which is good for the well-being. This makes a delicious treat with yoghurt or your cereal in the morning. The cacao powder is made from cold pressed organic cacao beans which have been milled at low temperatures. It's a delicious to drink to have when starting your day. 
  • RRP $12.99 for 100g
  • Available at leading grocery stores.

 For a cleansed and healthy diet, be sure to try out Blackmores Nature Boost Superfood range. 

My Blueberry Twist Adventures 

In my smoothie-shake, I've added one teaspoon of the Blackmores Wild Berry Blend into the drink and also including: 

1 handful of Goji Berries 
1 handful of cranberries 
2 oranges 
2 mandarins 
crushed ice 

 It's a nice refreshing drink - especially for a hot, sunny afternoon! 

So far I am definitely enjoying the Superfood Drink Powder by Blackmores because you can whip up various drink recipes and have fun at the same time. Plus, you're doing something good for your health and skin. And when it comes to skin, it's all about boosting the vitamin and nutrient intake. 

Hope you enjoyed reading! 

Livia xo 
Thank you BLACKMORES for supporting me for this review. My reviews are based on my personal and true experiences. I only recommend products that I truly support. 

Friday, February 12, 2016



This Valentine's Day...remember to spoil yourself too. If you're looking for a sensual hand cream and triple-milled type of soap, say hello to MOR'S Rosa Noir Collection. 

There's always a great appreciation to use body care products that help us to feel rejuvenated and refreshed. For a quick DIY, you can opt for MOR'S Rosa Noir Collection. With today's topic, I look to test out the Rosa Noir Triple Milled Soap which smells incredible and divine - along with their Rosa Noir Hand and Nail cream which also smells seriously, exotic.  

The Rosa Noir Collection revolves around the idea of hypnotic rays of Rose, Carnation and Lily of the Valley which all combined creates a seductive floral fragrance. I love the Rosa Noir Triple Milled Soap because of its alluring scent. It adds a positive touch to your at home spa experience by making it feel comfortable and relaxing. The main ingredients of the Rosa Noir collection includes: Extracts of Wild Rose, Licorice, Fig and Hibiscus

And for those still shopping for their last minute Valentine's Day Gift idea, it's never too late to start today and you can never go wrong with MOR'S Rosa Noir Collection. 

Additionally, majority of the MOR products are all Made in Australia so you can really look to rely on a home grown brand that offers quality to their products. 

To hear more on the benefits of the above mentioned MOR products, simply scroll down and enjoy the read xoxo 


Featuring the Triple Milled Soap bar from the Rosa Noir Collection by MOR, this bar of soap truly captures a hypnotic ray of floral elegance. Not only that, it's blended with the rich Shea Butter and Vitamin E in a vegetable base. The soap gives a velvet lather and works to really moisturise your skin whilst giving you that indulging experience. (Perfect for Valentine's Day as well...just saying) 

Additionally, the soap bar is presented in a gorgeous keepsake box and embossed with fancy gold foil of the signature Rosa Noir which can be re-used as a jewellery box. (Super useful) 

And some of you may ask well what is Triple Milled soap? It just means that it has been refined three times or more through a heavy duty roller mill. The soap crystals have been crushed into a fine paste which means the lather is smoother, creamier and definitely ore luxuriant as compared to other normal soaps. The intricate detailing of the soap bar is definitely fascinating and very pretty to look at. 

  • Very rich in Shea Butter which means you get the boosted moisture for your skin. 
  • Contains Vitamin E which improves your skin's texture. 
  • Contains Glycerin which helps to improve and hydrate your skin. 
  • Embossed very intricately which makes it so appealing to look at. 
  • Not tested on animals (YAY) 
  • RRP $22.95 
  • Available from Myer, David Jones and selected Boutiques. 
  • For more information, head over to their official MOR page: http://www.morboutique.com/


Featuring a rich formula that is designed to really soften and rejuvenate your hands and nails. Again, you can't go wrong with the Rosa Noir collection as this particular hand and nail cream contains Sweet almond, Sesame and Macadamia oils which have been blended with the extracts of Wild Rose, Hibiscus and Licorice - which all in a way leave your hands smelling amazing. 


This hand and nail cream contains Cocoa and Shea butter which means your hands get the added moisture and nourishment to it. It also contains Vitamin A and E which helps to nourish and invigorate the skin further. And the fact that it's enriched with the Wild Rose Extract which is really a natural source of Vitamin C that enhances the elasticity of the skin. It also contains Licorice extract which looks to soothe and nourish the skin. It's a lovely hand and nail cream to use because the benefits of having smoother skin can be achieved with regular use of this product. It smells amazing at the same time so why not have a hand cream that smells great and looks to hydrate and rejuvenate the skin at the same time! 

Alternatively, if you have dry feet or elbows, you can pop a little amount on the prone areas. This product has not been tested on animals and is free of any parabens or sulphates which really makes it sage and gentle to use in the long term. 

  • RRP $32.95 
  • Available from Myer, David Jones and selected Boutiques. 
  • For more information, head over to their official MOR page: http://www.morboutique.com/

So have you got your Valentine's Day gift sorted ?

Check out the Rosa Noir range today! 

Livia xo 

Thank you MOR for supporting me for this review. My reviews are based on my personal and true experiences. I only recommend products that I truly support.