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Wednesday, February 3, 2016



For those wanting more of a high end skincare product, the best brand that I have discovered that has really worked for my skin is definitely Elizabeth Arden's Prevage collection. It's suited to those who want anti-ageing benefits but also products that you can use on an every day basis. 

Say hello to the Prevage skincare collection where it has really helped my skin to feel and look more youthful as ever and very healthy looking. I love the packaging of the Prevage products because they're luxury, modern and very clean looking. Most importantly, they are very easy to use on a regular basis. They are easily identifiable from a distance and so far I have been loving the results it has given my skin. I highly recommend for you all to check out this range because if you're after certain anti-ageing effects, then I am sure you will find these products very useful in that case. 

The products I have incorporated into my daily and nightly skincare routine includes: 

  • Prevage, Anti-ageing eye cream SPF 15+ 
  • Prevage, Anti-ageing moisture cream with sunscreens 
  • Prevage, Anti-ageing daily serum
  • Prevage, Anti-ageing + Intensive repair eye serum 
So for a detailed review on how each of the above products went, simply keep on reading. 

Enjoy the read x

My luxe skincare routine featuring Prevage by Elizabeth Arden 


Featuring an anti-ageing skincare product that assists your skin in the protection from environmental threats which essentially is the leading cause of visible ageing signs. Your skin is improved and is more youthful looking within a few weeks of applying on this particular moisturiser on a daily basis. 

It's a multi-defense type of cream that is suited for dry to very dry skin and looks to boost moisture levels and alleviate any signs of dryness to your skin. It also looks to reduce the appearance of ageing signs and existing sun damage such as wrinkles and fine lines. What makes this product unique is that it has advanced Idebenone technology which means that you get the highest protection from environmental factors. After using this moisture cream during the day, I could really feel my skin being super smooth and soft. If you're after that healthy glow (especially when you can have dry patches from time to time) then be sure to look out for this particular moisture cream. The fact that it also has a UVA/UB protection to it is quite helpful if you tend to go outdoors because your skin will stay protected for quite some time. The product feels super lightweight and works well to protect and leave your skin feeling very nourished and hydrated. Skin will look brighter with regular use. 

Also, included in its ingredients is Hibiscus Seed Extract which looks to maintain your skin's natural collagen. This means that your skin will feel much firmer and more tightened. Additionally, it contains advanced moisture complexes of Shea butter, Cocoa butter and Glyecerin. 

This product has definitely looked to soothe out any lines on my face and I am quite happy with the outcome. If you're after a day time moisturiser with sun protection to it, then this is the product for you. 


This product was a Beauty Winner for the Judge's choice for the Best Eye cream in 2011, Australia Beauty Awards. 

Featuring a multi-defense anti-ageing type of eye cream that includes SPF15+ to it. What you will essentially find from using this particular eye cream is that it really helps with smoothing out any appearances of fine lines and helps to protect against further ageing in the future. With constant use of this eye cream, you will get more of a youthful appearance and where eye will instantly appear smoother and brighter. 

Once again, Idebenone acts as the most powerful antioxidant with a EPF rating of 95 and what you'll notice is that it looks to correct, protect and transform the appearance around your eyes. I feel that wearing an eye cream during the day is so essential because the skin around your eyes is so delicate. Therefore using a good quality to protect the area is always my number one priority in maintaining a more youthful glow. Additionally, you instantly get an all day intense hydration effect to the area around your eyes. There is something special about this daily eye cream and I would use this right in the morning before I head out. I am so impressed with the results I have noticed a slight improvement to the area around my eyes and has less fine lines to it. 



Featuring a high performance serum which is your number one solution for the causes of ageing. When used during the evening, what you'll find is that this serum looks to protect and correct the look of skin. It effectively protects the skin from any environmental factors and if you have sun-damaged skin, this is literally your saviour here. Being formulated with advanced Idebenone technology which is a very powerful antioxidant, this serum transformed the look of my skin, making it feel much healthier and smoother. 

The main benefits to this serum include: 
  • It helps with minimizing the appearances of fine lines,
  • Reduces wrinkles,
  • Evens out the skin tone, 
  • Helps with repairing sun-damaged skin. 
So when used on a nightly basis and continuously, my skin has looked so much healthier, renewed and evenly toned. If you're after a miracle serum that looks to make your skin appear more radiant, then definitely check out this #1 serum.



Furthermore, after using a serum for your face you're going to want to target the areas around your eyes which is why the Prevage range also offers their Anti-aging intensive repair serum. It feels very much like a luxurious eye serum and it contains the powerful antioxidant of Idebenone (highly effective) and works to reduce the appearance of visible ageing signs around the eye area. I know for a fact that before using this eye serum that I have develop tiny fine lines around my eye areas which was caused by rubbing my eyes too much. And after using this onto my eye areas, I could see the area become smoother and any fine lines visibly reduced. The area looks so much brighter and I am beginning to love this eye serum even more. It also helps in boosting the skin's natural collagen, that way your skin's elasticity becomes stronger - especially around the delicate eye areas. Additionally, if you suffer from dark circles like myself, this would help to reduce the appearance of it gradually. 

So what makes this eye serum so special? 
  • It contains Idebenone, Arazine and Thiotaine which all neutralize and protect the skin from environmental factors. 
  • It includes Moisture Trap Technology which contains hyaluronic acid, barley and sea plant extracts which all help to leave the skin feeling moisturised, plumped and smoothed out. 


I hope you enjoyed reading my daily skincare routine with using the Prevage range. 

Let me know if you have tried out any of the products as mentioned above, and what your thoughts are! 


Thank you ELIZABETH ARDEN for supporting me for this review. My reviews are based on my personal and true experiences. I only recommend products that I truly support. 

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