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Saturday, February 13, 2016



So what's the secret into getting clearer and a healthier skin complexion? 

Sharing something different with you guys because I've only just started to get into Superfoods. I also looked to try out the Nature Boost range by Blackmores by blending it into my fruit shakes and smoothies. 

So if you have not noticed but Blackmores launched their Superfood Nature Boost range late last year. Blackmores is Australia's most trusted vitamins and supplements company with more than 80 years of experience. In order to get a clearer and healthier complexion, make sure you are eating the right foods and ensuring that you consume the needed nutrients and vitamins for your body. And for myself, I love to blend a selected range of fruits and vegetables together, along with Goji berries, cranberries, blueberries, raspberries - plus with a scoop of Blackmores Superfood drink powder. 

So with their Nature Boost superfoods range, it consists of mostly concentrated vitamins and nutrients which have been extracted from nature. There are no added artificial flavours, colours and sweeteners. They're also GMO free, dairy free and vegan. It's made into 90g re-sealable sachets which makes a nice drinking powder for everyday and also to mix into your smoothies. Each flavour contains Vitamin C, antioxidants and magnesium. These retail from $12.99 at any leading grocery stores and are now available. 

So some of their flavours that Blackmores have available are of the below: 
  • Wild Blueberry Blend
Contains a natural source of Vitamin C from organic Indian gooseberries which help to support the immune function and collagen formulation in skin. (Which means you get a better skin glow) Additionally, there's a whole lot of antioxidants present in the drink powder which helps you to maintain a balanced diet. 
  • RRP $19.99 for 90g
  • Available at leading grocery stores. 

  • Vitality Super Greens 
Contains a whole lot of antioxidants with zinc to support acid-alkali balance along with Vitmain C which helps to support your energy product and well being. This drink is good for if you're wanting the ultimate cleanse for a better and clearer skin complexion. 
  • RRP $22.99 for 90g
  • Available at leading grocery stores. 

  • Coconut Water 
As a coconut water fan, what better way to have this a drink powder form as well! This particular range contains Magnesium and Calcium to provide support for your daily hydration levels, muscle function, energy and vitality. Alternatively, if you're after a quick thirst quenching drink, then be sure to check this one out. 
  • RRP $19.99 for 90g
  • Available at leading grocery stores. 

  • Single Origin Cacao
Then we have the Cacao which contains probiotics and antioxidants which is good for the well-being. This makes a delicious treat with yoghurt or your cereal in the morning. The cacao powder is made from cold pressed organic cacao beans which have been milled at low temperatures. It's a delicious to drink to have when starting your day. 
  • RRP $12.99 for 100g
  • Available at leading grocery stores.

 For a cleansed and healthy diet, be sure to try out Blackmores Nature Boost Superfood range. 

My Blueberry Twist Adventures 

In my smoothie-shake, I've added one teaspoon of the Blackmores Wild Berry Blend into the drink and also including: 

1 handful of Goji Berries 
1 handful of cranberries 
2 oranges 
2 mandarins 
crushed ice 

 It's a nice refreshing drink - especially for a hot, sunny afternoon! 

So far I am definitely enjoying the Superfood Drink Powder by Blackmores because you can whip up various drink recipes and have fun at the same time. Plus, you're doing something good for your health and skin. And when it comes to skin, it's all about boosting the vitamin and nutrient intake. 

Hope you enjoyed reading! 

Livia xo 
Thank you BLACKMORES for supporting me for this review. My reviews are based on my personal and true experiences. I only recommend products that I truly support. 

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