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Wednesday, February 10, 2016



So how are we all looking for Valentine's Day since we last checked in? Present sorted? If not...have no fear because this complete gift guide is your saviour! It's not too late and be sure to check out which top beauty products might be useful for that special someone in your life. 

When it comes to gift giving for Valentine's Day, the ideas are endless. However, you can't go wrong with gifting a useful beauty product because you will know that they will utilise the product to the fullest - and that's really the best idea for a special someone. 

If you're curious to see what I've listed out in this amazing Valentine's Day Gift Guide for 2016, be sure to enjoy this fun-filled post I've put together. The products are made for HIM and HER so that way the men do not miss out on a thoughtful gift. (In case you forgot Ladies!)

I am actually excited to show you guys on what's hot this season on the beauty market because to be honest, when you have no clue on what to get your boyfriend/girlfriend or significant other - it can prove to be very time consuming and probably will cause you a headache by walking around the shops and having no clue at all! So Ladies and Gents, please take note, period. 

So sit back, relax and enjoy this Valentine's Special Gift Guide because you don't want to miss out...on getting that last minute gift. -xoxo

A Valentine's Gift Guide for HIM and HER


These lipsticks are incredibly moisturising and are long wearing on the lips. They also smell fruity and fresh which is good because they don't have that "chemical" smell. The lipsticks are infused with fruit extract so that you get the lip volumising effect. 

The lipstick goes on very smoothly and leaves a creamy and satin-glossy finish to your final look. I tried out two shades in Lotus and Hibiscus (which I have provided swatches below so you can see the actual colours) and let me just say how gorgeous both of these shades are. The colours are highly pigmented and you can achieve a full coverage with just one application. No wonder they have been called "Smoothed Over" for a reason because they glide on so well onto the lips. So if your significant other wants to have hydrated lips but with more added colour, then definitely look to try out Arbonne's Smoothed Over Lipsticks. Alternatively, if you're looking for a Valentine's Day look and are wanting to rock lips that last long and provide your lips with the ultimate colour coverage, then be sure to check out Arbonne's Smoothed Over Lipstick range. 



Swatched Lotus and Hibiscus from the Arbonne Smoothed Over Lipsticks. 

They are incredibly moisturising and super pigmented with gorgeous colour. 

Lotus - features more of a warm/brown-red undertone which looks gorgeous on the lips if you're after that "neutral" look. This colour would suit any occasion - even Valentine's Day if you fancy an all neutral look. 

Hibiscus - features more of a maroon and pink shade which makes a lovely combination for if you're wearing light colours on Valentine's Day. It's a sweet and girly shade to rock. 


Fall in love with this amazing Arbonne Cosmetic Brush set of 6 essential brushes for your make-up routine. It comes with a travelling pouch too which makes it so handy to take with you whether you're holidaying or on a business trip. You partner will seriously love this brush set because of how SOFT these brushes feel. The bristles are plush soft and I instantly fell in love with just touching them. 

This 6 piece essential cosmetic brush set makes a lovely gift idea because the pouch us also made from eco-friendly material. The handles are made from natural wood and are specially designed to give you the best handle in applying your make-up for the perfect look. The brushes feature 100% non-toxic handles which have also been stamped with eco-friendly ink. (Arbonne is definitely showing their love towards the environment).

So what brushes do you get in the pack? (From left to right in the above image) 
  • Powder Brush - which is a special brush for applying any loose or pressed powders onto your cheekbones and face. The powder brush is so plush and soft (sorry guys I really can't get over how soft they fell) and makes a lovely powder brush to use for any types of powders for your face. The large, soft bristles actually help with creating a sheer and even application. 
  • Cheek Brush - perfect for all of your blush and highlighting needs. This tapered brush is slightly slanted which means it makes it easier to apply and sweep over those cheekbones and also look to blend effortlessly. For a cheek brush, it really looks to cover a wider area which is amazing and definitely something I always look for in a cheek/blush brush. Once again, the bristles are seriously soft and they do not leave any streaks. 
  • Liquid Foundation - ideal for blending in your liquid foundation or any types of cream based products. I love how it's not white which means it looks "cleaner" when caked with your liquid foundation. 
  • Shading Brush - best brush to use for applying on your eyeshadow because it helps with creating depth and highlighting your brow bone area. 
  • All Over Eye Brush - ideal for applying eye shadow all over the eyelids and achieving that satisfying "blend" to it. 
Overall, it's so affordable for this entire 6 piece brush set. The brushes are super soft and definitely worth getting for yourself or even your significant other. The grip on these brushes are comfortable to hold. 


Surprise your man with this stylish essentials kit by Uppercut Deluxe - an Australia brand. There's no need for teddy bears because this will for sure win him over. (Just, saying) This combination pack is definitely useful for him because you know he'll utilise everything in this bag. Make sure that your man looks super slick with this Essentials Kit which includes a Canvas Wash bag (Motorbike inspired - and hint if your lover is a fan of motorbikes), their Iconic Deluxe Pomade and an assortment of brushes to help him "tidy" his hair when needed. 

With three different types of brushes (Includes the Quiff Roller, Tortoise Shell Comb and the Pocket Comb) you're going to really ensure that his hair stays tidy at all times - and of course stylish too with the Deluxe Pomade which has claimed to have a strong hold with hair. And the Canvas wash bag is the most stylish Man bag I've ever seen - and it's so perfect for any over night stay where he can keep all of his essentials in there and not have it mixed in your beauty bag. Look to impress him just in time for Valentine's Day with this clever combination pack. 

So in case you wanted to learn more about Uppercut Deluxe, they are definitely a trendy men's brand that has been inspired by the timeless style of the 1950s barbershop and spiritual founder, Willy Uppercut Oshea. As an Australian born brand, their ingredients includes the finest. And what makes Uppercut Deluxe so different is that they still look to deliver high quality grooming products for men without the "fanciness" of salon brands. 



So why ghd? It was established in 2001 and so far they have been committed to developing the most effective and innovative products for the hair.

So if you purchase any of the ghd electrical hair tools, then you also get a free gift from ghd which is this ultimate Styling Set valued at $58 which contains a ghd paddle brush and a ghd Heat protect spray in a sleek and elegant packaging which comes in a hand-draw box. (So ideally you can stash away your hair tools in this draw-style box)

 If you're also looking to treat yourself with any of ghd's Hair electrical tools, then you'll be impressed with this Styling Set as it's just another excuse to buy another new hair styler perhaps? Or maybe your significant other has been pestering you on how much they've been wanting a ghd. (Take hint guys because anyone will appreciate this amazing gift idea - especially when it comes to Valentine's Day). 

To redeem the exclusive git, simply look to purchase ANY of ghd electrical products including their NEW ghd platinum® styler, RRP $315, from February-March 2016. 

The new and innovative ghd platinum® styler uses safer-for-hair heat that delivers amazing styling results in just the one stroke by using its patented tri-zone® technology. It has also been proven that hair is healthier, stronger and shinier when using the new ghd platinum® styler.

  • The ghd Limted Edition Styling Set is a complimentary gift available with the purchase of any ghd electrical tool from February-March 2016 in approved ghd salons, Mecca Maxima and also www.ghdhair.com/au
  • For stockist information, call 1300 443 424. 
So I hope this gift guide has got you thinking on gift giving for Valentine's Day! 

I hope you enjoyed this post and let me know if you have any questions! 

Livia xo 

Thank you GHD. ARBONNE AND UPPERCUT DELUXUE for supporting me for this review. My reviews are based on my personal and true experiences. I only recommend products that I truly support. 

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