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Thursday, March 31, 2016



If there's a brand that I have been dying to try, that would have to be freezeframe products. 

Ideally you can find the freezeframe products at your local Priceline, Myer, Chemist Warehouse - just to name a few. Otherwise you can check out where your nearest stockist is at http://www.freeze-frame.com.au/stockist

I've always been curious of this brand because of how sophisticated and scientific looking their product packagings are. So finally, I looked to check out their Revitaleyes (which looks to reduce wrinkles, eye bags and dark circles) and then we have their Tint and Grow (which also looks to darken longer looking lashes). The reason why I decided to try out both of these products is because firstly, I am always in need of a good eye product that helps to reduce eyebags and wrinkles. And secondly, I have never tried a tinting eye product as before so I was definitely eager to give it a go. As a beauty and skincare blogger, I love to try out new brands and products because that way I can discover for myself whether it works or not. As they always say, you never know until you try! 

So...come with me on a freezeframe journey to check out my thoughts on these products as mentioned above! xo 


Here we have featured the first gradual lash tint that looks to build up colour on your lashes every time you apply this product on. Honestly, ever since I started to apply this product alone onto my lashes, I have seen my lashes grow longer within a two week mark. It's definitely impressive and most importantly, it works. It's more of a gradual eye lash tint that enables your lashes to grow longer (and without having to get eyelash extensions which may be costly or could even damage your natural lashes). 

This product is a semi-permanent colour that you simply look to brush on with. It's fast, simple and easy - all of which makes my life easier and for you too. And to just give you guys a little insight of the product itself...is that the Tint & Grow product contains a safe and natural dye (which has been extracted from walnuts to really produce the darkest brown shade on the lashes). So all you have to do is apply the product onto your lashes during the day (morning or afternoon) and then within weeks, you'll start to really notice a big difference to the length of your lashes. You'll be pleased to know that this is actually the world's first gradual eyelash tint that helps lashes to grow longer. 

The secret ingredient to the Tint & Grow is that is contains their award winning peptide technology which has been proven to give up to 46.26% longer looking lashes within the two week period. And if you choose to build up your lashes within the 4 week mark, it's been proven that it can achieve 66.39% of longer looking lashes. Personally, it's a really great product for if you're wanting to achieve longer looking lashes because it's gentle, safe and so easy to use. There are no chemicals involved and most importantly it's affordable in the long run. I am definitely impressed with this product and would definitely highlight this product as a must for those wishing to have longer lashes. 



I am definitely a fan of eye serums and creams and when it comes to freezeframe, their Revitaleyes is an ideal product that looks to solve 3 major eye agers instant and long term. This product includes tri-peptides and vitamin c and comes in the form of a gel-like balm that works to instantly erase any signs of ageing or stress to provide a smoother surface skin around the eyes. It also looks to nourish and moisturise the area at the same time so this was definitely a plus for me. If you suffer from dryness around the eye areas, it's even more of a bonus for you. The product looks to energise the tissues, increase micro-circulation and performs a deep anti-wrinkle circle action.

When looking further into the product, it includes an innovative tensor system which is combined with hyaluronic acid, vitamin C and three clinically proven peptides to really look to combat the signs of ageing, wrinkles, eye bags and even dark circles. I have been using this product for about a few weeks now and already I am noticing less eyebags and dark circles. The fine lines around my eye area have slowly diminished which is quite impressive and I am definitely satisfied with the overall results. If you're looking for a strong product that will give you effective results, I would highly recommend for you to check the Revitaleyes out should you be wanting to target eye bags, dark circles and wrinkles around the eye areas. 

Have you checked out any freezeframe products as yet? 

Let me know on your thoughts! 

Livia xo 

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Tuesday, March 29, 2016



Guess who has released a new beauty product? Rimmel London has made their next introduction with the NEW Rimmel Magnif'Eyes Double Ended Shadow and Liner. 

If you are wanting to make a double colour impact to your eye-look, then look no further because with this amazing new release by Rimmel London, we are introduced with a double ended shadow and liner. I find this so useful because there are many times when I am literally searching for my eye liner which has been thrown into my handbag. And so when I do struggle to look for it, it ends up being at the bottom of my bag. So with Rimmel London's new release, it definitely creates that convenience for everyone out there. The NEW Magnif'Eyes Double Ended Shadow and liner is a two step process which is mess-free and so easy to use on a daily basis. For myself personally, it's so easy to use on the go and make a great product for if you're rushed for time and are in need of a quick fix. 

The Doubled Ended shadow and liner is made to highlight, sculpt and accentuate your eyes as it provides a deep and rich pigmentation to the colour. At one side of the dual ended pen features a stay true shadow and then we have the 24HR kohl kajal liner on the other end. (Which is perfect because it literally stays on our eyes all day long making it super long lasting). I tend to use the 24HR kohl kajal liner on my lash and water line because it stays longer and is best used for if you're wanting a little drama to your overall eye look. The products are creaseproof, transferproof and even waterproof which makes it so worth trying out for yourself too. You will not be disappointed by this product and to have an eye shadow and liner on the one pen, truly makes life easier for me. The colours last all day long and remain fresh looking which is ideal for me. 

From their new range, there are four strong shade combinations available in matte, shimmer and pearl finishes. The shades that I tried out are in 002 Kissed By A Rose Gold and 001 Back to Blacks. Both of these shades are different to each other and look simply gorgeous when applied onto the eye areas. The other shades include: 003 Queens of the Bronzed Age and 004 Dark Side of Blue. I love how pigmented the doubled ended shadow and liners are which means that you don't need that much to achieve a full, dramatic look. Only a little will go a long way which means that you can use this product for a good 1-2 months or so. The formula is also quick drying which means that make-up application will be quick and easy. 

  • 002 Kissed By A Rose - The liner is a brown of a light pearl, while the shadow is of a Rose Gold shade in medium pearl. 
  • 001 Back to Blacks - The liner is a Matte Black, while the shadow is a Gun Metal Grey which features a high pearl with glitter to it.  

  • RRP $16.95
  • Available at Priceline, Priceline Pharmacy, Chemist Warehouse, Target, Kmart, Big W, selected pharmacies, and selected Coles and Woolworths. 
  • For more information, head over to http://au.rimmellondon.com/
Featuring Rimmel London Magnif'Eyes 

High pigmentation and long lasting! 


Top: Swatched 001 Back to Blacks 
Bottom: Swatched 002 Kissed by a Rose Gold

As you can see there's high pigmentation to the colour within just ONE swatch. The shades have pearl shimmer and or matte tones to them which make it a combination for if you're wanting a dramatic effect to your overall look that is very long lasting. 

Have you guys tried out the NEW Magni'eyes Double Ended Shadow and Liner by Rimmel London as yet? 

Let me know on your thoughts! 

Happy reading, 

Livia xo 
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Monday, March 28, 2016



I was recently introduced into the world of Gilded Cage Beauty. Gilded Cage was born in Australia, designed in Paris and Made in Italy. 

Looking at the Gilded Cage brand itself, it definitely has a luxury and chic appeal to its product and its overall packaging. I looked to check out their launch collection which features their Charisma lip gloss. (You just can't get enough of lip glosses!) The fact that they are made in Italy, it already speaks quality to its products. Their suppliers have certified formulations in compliance with the strict EU cosmetic regulations which also means that this particular brand does not conform to testing on animals which is of a high importance to myself when it comes to beauty products. It is also free from any parabens and wax which makes it safe to use on the lips in the long run. 

So I checked out their lip gloss in the Charisma range which is filled with bits of shimmer and glow to it. Within one swatch of the lip gloss, you can instantly see the pink gloss with a shimmer and sheer glow to it. It glides on so effortlessly on the lips and definitely gives a natural look to it overall. The lip gloss also contains Kendi Oil for the moisturising and luscious comfort for your lips. It does not make your lips feel dry or flaky which is what I love about this lip gloss, nor is it that sticky. A lip gloss should be comfortable to wear and this lip gloss by Gilded Cage sure lives up to my expectations. Be sure to store this lip gloss away of direct sunlight to prolong the use of it! 



This shade features a light shimmery pink gloss which looks absolutely very natural looking and simply gorgeous. 

Gilded Cage - Charisma Lip Gloss 

Have you tried these lip glosses out as yet? 

What are your thoughts? 

Happy reading! 

Livia xo 

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Sunday, March 27, 2016



Whenever it comes to colouring my own hair, I always look for the brand John Frieda's Precision Foam Colour range only because I always get a full coverage to my hair and it's so easy to achieve salon quality colour. 

So I wanted to change up my hair colour because I felt like a need to jazz it up for the new Autumn season. That's why I tried something a little more different to as what I would usually colour my hair with, which is in shade 8BP Sheer Blonde - Medium Warm Pearl Blonde. However, seeing that I did not bleach my hair in this process, I wasn't going for the full blonde look and instead just wanted to lighten my dark brown hair by just a bit. They usually say when selecting for a hair dye, always go two shades higher or darker than your current hair colour. In case you missed my tutorial of how to dye your hair using John Frieda's Precision Foam, catch up on it here

I love using John Frieda's Precision Foam colour because it gives a salon quality colour to your hair and there's no drips involved, hence it doesn't get all messy when colouring your hair right at home. It comes in a foam, mousse like form which is seriously so much easier to colour your hair with. In the box, comes with a pump style applicator, along with their salon professional gloves which is all you really need to achieve salon-like hair. After dying my hair using this product, my hair still felt shiny and soft. There was no dry feeling to it whatsoever which is definitely ideal for me when I am trying to achieve a new colour, along with still having that soft and natural feel to the hair. The scent of the dye is not too over-powering, I would recommend to have at least a fan or the window open while working the dye all throughout the hair just to keep the air-flow moving in the space you are in. 

In terms of how many boxes are needed, I'd say it would really have to depend on your hair length. For myself, my hair is just below my shoulders which is considered mid-lengths which is not too long. One box of the hair application was definitely plenty to cover the full head with, and if anything there was still some product left after covering the entire head with the dye. The box also comes with a 50ml of long lasting tonal conditioner by John Frieda which should help you to maintain silky lengths after having your hair dyed. 

Overall, I have been using John Frieda's Precision Foam colour for a while now and I have been really satisfied with the results. The foam effectively covers the whole of the head and any patches really well because of how easy the foam works itself through each strand of the hair. It's mess-free and best of all, after waiting for about 25-30 minutes, you can easily do the chores around the house without having to worry about the dye dripping which is my favourite aspect of John Frieda's Precision Foam. The convenience is there and most importantly, the colour is always impressive and shows up really well. For me personally, I wanted to lighten up my hair a little, without having to bleach my hair and so I was able to achieve that. My hair colour definitely turned more warm and yellow toned which was ideally the look I was aiming for. 


John Frieda, Precision Foam Colour in 8BP Sheer Blonde, Medium Warm Pearl Blonde 

Shade Guide 


My hair lightened up a lot as compared to my previous hair colour which was a dark brown shade. I am very impressed with the overall results of this particular hair colour and John Frieda's Precision Foam colour was definitely the way to go! (No drips or mess and it was so easy to use as well which is definitely a bonus). 


Have you tried out John Frieda's Precision Foam Colour range? 

Let me know on your experiences by commenting below or feel free to drop me an email. 

Happy reading! 

Livia xo 
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Saturday, March 26, 2016



Why not relax on a Saturday night with your favourite snacks and of course look to say goodbye to some acne spot by ensuring that you simply pop on a Dream Dot overnight patch for blemish prone skin. 

Barnana and Dream Dots were totally on my Saturday night agenda and what better way to spend the weekends by looking to treat yourself to your favourite things. 

I discovered a new brand of snack called Barnana (very cute and memorable) which is the super potassium snack, made gluten free and has no GMO present. Another new item that I've looked to try out is called Dream Dots, which are these overnight treatment patches for acne and spots. 

To hear more, simply scroll below to see what I thought of these new discoveries! 


These snacks comes in four types of flavours being, organic peanut butter, organic coconut, organic original and organic chocolate. (Sounds all yummy and healthy right?) 

So what better way to release a delicious snack that are full of potassium and taste so good at the same time. It also looks to support normal function of the muscles and nerves. These are crafted from chewy organic bananas that have been dehydrated so that you get the "chewiness" from it all. As it is dehydrated, that means that the naturally occurring sugars caramelize and condense. These snacks also come in bite sizes which means they are fun and so much easier to consume. They are organic, gluten and dairy free and free from any GMO. There are no refined sugars or preservatives which really makes it a nutritious type of snack to consume during work or on the go. 

Overall, they do provide some form of energy as it contains more fibre and at the same time is a super organic snack. And what can I say, it's such a simple and healthy nice snack to have in your pantry. You guys definitely have to give this a go. 

  • Barnana is available at Wholefoods House, independent health food stores and organic grocers,
  • RRP $8.99 per 100g for Original and Coconut, 
  • RRP $9.99 per 100g for Peanut Butter
  • For more information, check out www.barnana.com 


The Dream Dots Overnight patches for spots and acne come so handy if you have an obvious spot problem and you're wanting to really treat those areas so that it would "improve" the next day. There are definitely plenty of spot patches in the market but the spots by Dream Dots is very effective in looking to treat blemish areas on the skin. This product will actually be launching in Australia this year and is considered to be an innovative medical device which acts as an absorbent overnight patch treatment which looks to calm and treat any breakouts. The patch is 100% waterproof, breathable, bio-compatible and is definitely suited to all skin types. 

So how the spot patch works is that once it comes into contact with the blemish or acne, the patch will absorb the spot fluid. A moist environment then looks to form beneath the patch where it maintains a healthy pH balance to the skin. What you will notice is that the patch turns white overnight which results in reduce redness, swelling and inflammation of the blemish areas. The product is also free from any parabens which make it so safe for everyone to use. Not only is this spot patch used alone at night, but ideally you can wear this underneath make-up. (Ideally, I tend to wear the spot patches alone every night that way it looks to work while I sleep). 

I've been trying out the Dream Dots every second day so far on my acne prone areas and after using the patches, I can definitely see an improvement to the blemish areas. I have observed less redness and swelling on my skin which just indicates to me that the product is indeed working! If there's one ideal spot patch you should look to try, it would have to be the Dream Dots. 

  • RRP $19.99 per box of 24 patches, 
  • Available at Terry White and national pharmacy retail outlets. 
  • For stockist, call 02 9959 1014
  • For more information, check out www.dreamdotsforspots.com

Have you all tried the above products yet? 

Do the Barnana snacks sound yummy? 

Happy weekends all! 

Livia xo 
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Friday, March 25, 2016



Aside from all of the major luxury labels and drugstore brands, I thought I'd observe something a little different. Featuring MG Naturals, they're an organic and natural beauty care range where they are completely free from any harsh chemicals and nasty fillers. 

MG Naturals have produced products that are free from any chemicals and nasties. They don't contain any Titanium Dioxide, Boron Nitride or Magnesium Stearate in their make up range which translates to their products being as organic and natural as possible, which in effect are quite safe to use in the short and long term. MG Naturals are a home based and organic business where they look to enter the market in looking to promote more of an organic makeup range where it is safe to use on the skin. 

Founder Kailah of MG Naturals lives in Queensland, Australia and she's quite passionate about making products that do not contain any toxins and where they simply safe to use on our skin. MG Naturals are proud to be one of the few Titanium Dioxide FREE brands in the world. Their products have been formulated with organic and unrefined natural ingredients. For more information on these products, simply head over to http://www.mgnaturals.com/

I looked to test out what MG Naturals beauty products could do for my skin and overall I'd have to say they feel very light on the skin and doesn't feel "caked" on nor heavy which is probably what the organic ingredients look to deliver on. To hear more on what I thought of their product range, check out the below. 


Featured above are their blush and bronze range which is also free from titanium dioxide and other nasties such as parabens, fragrances, synthetic dyes and preservatives. They are both made with the purest ingredients that are found in the market. I also noticed that both the blush and bronze go onto the skin with a nice shimmer and feels silky as well. This product is suitable for vegans as well. 

The blush and bronze come in 6g sized pots with sifters for an easy and convenient application. Pictured above are the two shades from their range in Blushing Rose and Blushing Bronze

For the Blushing Rose, it is a nice, subtle and "flushed" look for your cheeks. There's also bits of shimmer to it for that extra luminous glow. The shade isn't too dark or light which looks very natural when applied onto the cheekbones.

Then we have the Blushing Bronze, which is a nice bronzed colour with shimmery particles in it as well. This makes a nice and natural bronzed blush to use for those summery days when you're wanting to achieve a natural sun-kissed glow. 

Ingredients: Zinc Oxide, Pearl Mica, Silk Mica, Iron Oxide and Rose Essential Oil. 



Top: Blushing Bronze, Bottom: Blushing Rose - MG Naturals 

  • CONTOUR WAND - RRP $16.95 - This is a contour wand for achieving shades that looks to sculpt and define your face. Similar to what a contour palette would do, this wand does exactly the same but it's in the form of a liquid and of a wand which makes it so much easier for that blending process. The contour wand looks to create more depth and dimension to your face so that you could look to bring out the best features. Whether you are wanting to slim the nose or hide any extra skin around the cheeks. jaw lines or chin, then this contour wand is the way to go. The wand is made with Aloe Vera and Rosehip Oil with added carrot seed and Vitamin E oil for that extra smooth complexion and radiant overall look. The liquid contour cream glides on effortlessly and blends so easily - at the same time it goes on smoothly and repairs your skin. 

  • ILLUMINATOR WAND - RRP $16.95 - An illuminator wand comes in handy as it reflects the light and magically enhances and draws more attention to your best features. For example, this is also ideal for a highlighting product for your cheeks as it reflects lights through its shiny, pearl particles. It's made with Aloe Vera, Rosehip oil, Carrot seed, macadamia and vitamin E oils which all look to minimise fine lines and helps to plump the skin. The illuminator also has a gold, peachy and pearly tone to it which essentially adds bit of a glow to the areas you wish to concentrate it on. For myself, I love to highlight my cheekbones and corner of my lips with this wand as it simply accentuates my cheekbones adds some depth.

  • ORGANIC, VEGAN LIQUID CONCEALER WAND - RRP $16.95 - For a liquid concealer that is organic and vegan, it's very lightweight and glides on so easily onto the skin. In terms of coverage, it looks cover the skin lightly leaves it feeling moisturised as well. There are natural minerals present in the concealer along with the light reflecting properties helps to hide those dark circles and tired looking eye bags which comes super handy. There's also a SPF protection to the concealer which is good for the protection of sun if you're heading outdoors, but be sure to always use extra sun-protection over it as well. The concealer contains organic products such as Rosehip oil, carrot seed oil, aloe vera and vitamin E oil. Once again, I found that this concealer does not dry out the skin or leaves it looking flaky. Instead, it looks to heal and soothe your skin by making it feel hydrating - along with concealing any imperfections that you may have. What makes this concealer ideal for those with sensitive skin is that it doesn't irritate the skin as it contains only the pure organic ingredients. 

              SWATCHED - TRIED + TESTED 

What are your thoughts on organic and natural beauty products? 

Let me know on your thoughts, 

Happy reading! 

Cheers xo. 
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Hope all of you have consumed LOTS of chocolate eggs, and hot cross buns this Easter. I mean that's what the Easter long break is meant for right? 

So this break really gives me the time to relax, pamper and simply look to rejuvenate my skin once again.

I checked out philosophy's skincare products because I was curious to see what it could do for my skin. And with trying out their skincare products such as their cleanser range has really changed up my skincare routine. I am quite impressed by their 3-in-1 cleanser for the face and eyes along with their mineral oil-free cleansing oil. 

Additionally, the philosophy skincare product packaging is simple, luxe-looking and looks amazing when decorated on your bathroom cabinet or on the side. 

philosophy was actually founded in the USA in 1996 by Cristina Carlino who is a cosmetic industry visionary with over 30 years experience in clinical skincare and beauty. 

So to hear more of what I thought of philosophy's skincare cleanser range, make sure you keep on reading the below x 

Featuring philosophy's cleanser range. 


This cleanser has been named as the best-selling cleansing emulsion that looks to gently and effectively dissolve makeup, dirt and oil on the the skin. (And yes it looks to "melt" away all of your makeup on the face and even cleansing the areas around your eyes) whilst leaving your skin feeling super hydrated. 

It also deeply cleanses into your pores to eliminate any build ups. I could tell that it effectively cleansed right into my pores because after I noticed my skin looking much clearer than usual. The natural oil extracts that are contained within the cleanser also helps to condition the skin. The product doesn't have any harsh fragrances at all - it's a fragrance-free product that really makes it gentle and safe for all skin types to use. 

I only started breaking out with a few acne spots here and there just a few months ago which was related to my diet. However, since I always ensure that I clean my skin every single day, I've noticed my skin to become clearer and with less acne in sight. And with using philosophy's 3-in-1 cleanser right after having makeup on at the end of the day, it looks to really cleanse my face and eyes really effectively and well. I am impressed by how much this cleanser can look to remove - makeup, dirt, oil and other impurities. 

You don't have break your bank to purchase good quality skincare products because with the philosophy skincare range, it is made affordable and the results are there should you be wanting to try out this cleanser which I would highly recommend. 



If you're looking for a deep, cleansing oil-free product, make sure you try out this particular product. It consists of natural oils which looks to "melt" away all of the traces of make-up, dirt, oil and impurities. The formula does not feel too oily but instead it's luxurious and easily cleanses the skin whilst leaving it feeling clean, soft and hydrated. 

I must say that I am also impressed with this cleansing oil because it's so easy to use right after a night out with makeup on. This product does not clog the pores so that's definitely a relief and additionally it feels gentle when looking to remove all of the makeup, dirt and oil off the skin. It doesn't sting the eyes or the skin which is great if you are after a gentle option of removing your makeup. This cleansing oil also has a light scent of olive oil which does not leave your skin breaking out the next day. If anything, your skin will look cleaner and feel so soft after the cleansing process. I love how this product does not dry out my skin and also, I've tried many products out there and I've got to say this is by far an effective option for those with oily and acne prone skin. A little goes a long way with this bottle so you don't need that much on your cotton pad. 

Have you guys tried out the above philosophy products yet? 

Let me know on your thoughts! 

Happy reading! 

Livia xo 

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Wednesday, March 23, 2016



If you have been following me on my Instagram (@Livvvybaby), you'll know that I recently attended Manicare's latest product launch just yesterday, featuring their next generation brush range. I had the pleasure of attending the lovely Manicare launch (which was held at Ceru Restaurant), along with meeting celebrity makeup artist, Liz Kelsh. 

How many of you have actually tried out the Manicare brush range before? Yes? Perhaps not yet? You will be pleased to know that Manicare have been in the market for over 35 years and they're still growing strong in Australia, New Zealand and to some parts of Asia as well. They are known for being the "affordable" range and their quality is not bad for the price point - so it's worth checking out if you're on a budget for luxurious makeup brushes.

 From my previous experience of trying out their brushes, I have found that they are make amazing and convenient essentials for my travel and daily makeup bag. And I am highly sure that you'll be impressed with their new brush release which will be available at Priceline, Big W and Target stores by the 1st of April, 2016. So I hope you guys all get the time to check out the brushes because from testing out the brushes from the other night, they felt soft and are so lightweight which makes applying on makeup so much easier. 

With the new next generation brush range by Manicare, you will have noticed that they have collaborated with celebrity makeup artist Liz Kelsh who took us through a few tips and hints on how to achieve the "Bronzed 90's Supermodel" look by using the new Manicare brushes. The brushes have improved bristles, tapered ferrules, light-weight handles and a sleek new modern design to them. They look professional and they could pass for being luxurious makeup brushes that are so affordable. I've started using these brushes as my daily makeup tools because they feel so light which just makes things easier and quicker. Blending effortlessly and achieving that flawless application has just got easier with the new Manicare brushes. 

Here's a quick insight by celebrity makeup artist Liz Kelsh: 
"These brushes have been carefully chosen to achieve professional finish to your makeup effortlessly. With just a few key brushes you can blend, smudge and shade shadow seamlessly and achieve skin perfection with the foundation and fiber-optic brushes. The comfortable shorter handle means you can get up close to the mirror for detail perfection."
And Liz sure is on point with the fact that the brush handles have been made shorter, that way you can really get up close to the mirror. Personally, I find that brushes with long handles tend to get in the way when I am up close to the mirror, so I found that this was quite helpful and a real problem solver to my brush issues. So thank you Manicare and Liz! 

So from the amazing launch last night, we will be seeing 10 makeup brushes by Manicare from their next generation brush range including: 
  • Foundation Brush 
  • Bronzing Brush 
  • Contouring Blush Brush 
  • Powder Brush 
  • Stippling Brush 
  • Blending Eye Brush 
  • Contouring Eyeshadow Brush 
  • Smudge Brush 
  • Brow/Eye Defining Brush 
  • Lash/Brow Brush 

For a more detailed background of these brushes, be sure to scroll down to check out the Manicare Launch photos along with brushes themselves. Enjoy xoxo 

Manicare's gorgeous table set-up featuring the new generation brushes - this image has been provided by their photographer on the night. 

Presenting to you with Manicare's next generation brush range 

  • 1. BRONZING BRUSH #F13 - RRP $19.95 - Featuring the bronzing brush which is perfect for sun-kissed bronzed glow for your high cheekbones. This is a professional quality bronzing brush which looks to grasp all of the powders from the bronzers and even blushes too. The brush looks to distribute product evenly onto the skin and even feels soft with its natural fibres which look to deliver a nice blended colour to your bronzed or blush overall look. Another good aspect of this brush is that it looks to stand on its own which is convenient when you're wanting to multi-task at the same time. This is Liz's essential for an even sun-kissed glow.

  • 2. POWDER BRUSH #F12 - RRP $15.95 - I am sure we all use a powder brush every time we apply on our makeup. This is the perfect brush for your powders as it's a full, round shape which allows for an even distribution of product. It looks to blend flawlessly and easily diffuses the powder across certain areas. It's also useful for if you're wanting to blend and buff out any particular powders. 

  • 3. CONTOURING BLUSH BRUSH F#14 - RRP $14.95 - For all of the contouring lovers out there, this brush is specifically designed for that purpose. It looks to apply on powders so flawlessly that it's perfect for highlighting and contouring. The brush easily hugs the contours of your face and cheeks too. You can easily use this brush for powders or a cream based contour and even for your blush too. As Liz would say, it makes contouring a breeze. 

  • 4. FOUNDATION BRUSH F#10 - RRP $16.95 - Now if you're wanting that perfect and flawless foundation application, this brush feels and looks very tapered, comes in a form of a dome shape for the bristles which makes it useful if you're wanting to cover or conceal around the areas of your nose and underneath the eyes, where you need more of a precise application. This brush is perfect for that specific purpose and it even gives a streak free application so that's also an important fact to consider about the foundation brush. This brush is ideal for liquid, cream based foundations and even primers. It's also made from high performance bristles which allow you to achieve a smoother and flawless finish. 

  • 5. STIPPLING BRUSH F#11 - RRP $16.95 - This is Liz's all-purpose polisher for an air-brushed look. I love stippling brushes because they feel soft and helps you to achieve an air-brushed look for your primers and foundations. With this particular stippling brush, it looks to blend foundation effortlessly. I can tell that this brush is made with duo-fibres which look to pick up product and distribute it evenly onto the skin. So with the white fibres, it looks to pick and deposit the product for an even coverage whilst the black fibres helps to blend the product for a more flawless finish. Also, did I mention how lightweight and sleek it feels? I have a feeling I'll be using this brush quite often! 

  • 6. SMUDGE BRUSH E#13 - RRP $10.95 - If you're wanting maximum definition and smokey eyes, be sure to check out this particular brush. It feels light and sleek once again so I am sure you'll have no issues with the blend and the handling of the brush. It's made with super soft fibres and is specifically designed (high definition) to soften those intense lines when you are looking to create the smokey-eyed look. I feel that this will come so much in handy for my night look so I'll be using this brush for sure.  

  • 7. BLENDING BRUSH E#10 - RRP $10.95 - This is said to be Liz's #1 secret weapon in blending out eyeshadow. I've always wanted to try a blending eye brush and I am quite happy with this brush because it helps to blend and define my eye makeup really well. It's made with soft fibres that is essential if you're wanting to achieve a flawless blend for your eye make-up. 

  • 8. CONTOURING SHADOW BRUSH E#11 - RRP $11.95 - This brush is ideal for if you're wanting to achieve a soft definition for a natural look. (Minus the dramatic look of course). As you can see that this brush has that slanted look to its brush head (which is uniquely shaped) so that you can look to apply eyeshadow to the crease of your eyes. This makes it easier if you're wanting to create a softer definition. 

  • 9. BROW/EYE DEFINING BRUSH #E12 - RRP $10.95 - When it comes to eyebrow brushes, I simply love using them because it helps to achieve that filled-in brow look. However, with this particular brush, it's a duo-purpose defining brush made for achieving perfect brows and even applying it on as eyeliner. (Preferably a gel-based eyeliner for the best precision). This brush is angled and is made with stiff bristles (that are from synthetic fibres) which makes it easier for you to achieve that ultimate precision look. 

  • LASH/BROW BRUSH E#14 - RRP 10.95 - Last but not least, you cannot forget a lash/brow brush because who knows when your brows will go out of whacked. A lash groomer is always handy, especially if you keep this in your handbag for those last minute grooming purposes. This tool looks to groom and smooth eyebrows with ease. I don't really use this as lash separator but it comes handy if you do require that after the application of mascara. 

  • All of the new Manicare next generation brush range will be available from the 1st of April at, Priceline, Target, Big W. 
  • For more information, be sure to check out www.manicare.com.au 

New Manicare X Liz Kelsh 

A view from the top. 

Guests arriving for the New Manicare brush launch at Ceru Restaurant. 

An image provided by their photographer on the night, featuring myself and the others snapping away. 

An informative evening about beauty. 

Loving the white florals which perfectly complement the Manicare brushes. 

Liz Kelsh, demonstrating the brush application on Model. 

The perfect Bronzed 90's Supermodel look. 

Featuring the Bronzing Brush by Manicare - the perfect essential for a sun-kissed glow. 

Are you guys super excited to see these brushes launch into stores soon? 

I am sure you'll love them! 

Happy shopping, 

Livia xo 
Thank you MANICARE for supporting me for this review. My reviews are based on my personal and true experiences. I only recommend products that I truly support.