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Wednesday, March 23, 2016



If you have been following me on my Instagram (@Livvvybaby), you'll know that I recently attended Manicare's latest product launch just yesterday, featuring their next generation brush range. I had the pleasure of attending the lovely Manicare launch (which was held at Ceru Restaurant), along with meeting celebrity makeup artist, Liz Kelsh. 

How many of you have actually tried out the Manicare brush range before? Yes? Perhaps not yet? You will be pleased to know that Manicare have been in the market for over 35 years and they're still growing strong in Australia, New Zealand and to some parts of Asia as well. They are known for being the "affordable" range and their quality is not bad for the price point - so it's worth checking out if you're on a budget for luxurious makeup brushes.

 From my previous experience of trying out their brushes, I have found that they are make amazing and convenient essentials for my travel and daily makeup bag. And I am highly sure that you'll be impressed with their new brush release which will be available at Priceline, Big W and Target stores by the 1st of April, 2016. So I hope you guys all get the time to check out the brushes because from testing out the brushes from the other night, they felt soft and are so lightweight which makes applying on makeup so much easier. 

With the new next generation brush range by Manicare, you will have noticed that they have collaborated with celebrity makeup artist Liz Kelsh who took us through a few tips and hints on how to achieve the "Bronzed 90's Supermodel" look by using the new Manicare brushes. The brushes have improved bristles, tapered ferrules, light-weight handles and a sleek new modern design to them. They look professional and they could pass for being luxurious makeup brushes that are so affordable. I've started using these brushes as my daily makeup tools because they feel so light which just makes things easier and quicker. Blending effortlessly and achieving that flawless application has just got easier with the new Manicare brushes. 

Here's a quick insight by celebrity makeup artist Liz Kelsh: 
"These brushes have been carefully chosen to achieve professional finish to your makeup effortlessly. With just a few key brushes you can blend, smudge and shade shadow seamlessly and achieve skin perfection with the foundation and fiber-optic brushes. The comfortable shorter handle means you can get up close to the mirror for detail perfection."
And Liz sure is on point with the fact that the brush handles have been made shorter, that way you can really get up close to the mirror. Personally, I find that brushes with long handles tend to get in the way when I am up close to the mirror, so I found that this was quite helpful and a real problem solver to my brush issues. So thank you Manicare and Liz! 

So from the amazing launch last night, we will be seeing 10 makeup brushes by Manicare from their next generation brush range including: 
  • Foundation Brush 
  • Bronzing Brush 
  • Contouring Blush Brush 
  • Powder Brush 
  • Stippling Brush 
  • Blending Eye Brush 
  • Contouring Eyeshadow Brush 
  • Smudge Brush 
  • Brow/Eye Defining Brush 
  • Lash/Brow Brush 

For a more detailed background of these brushes, be sure to scroll down to check out the Manicare Launch photos along with brushes themselves. Enjoy xoxo 

Manicare's gorgeous table set-up featuring the new generation brushes - this image has been provided by their photographer on the night. 

Presenting to you with Manicare's next generation brush range 

  • 1. BRONZING BRUSH #F13 - RRP $19.95 - Featuring the bronzing brush which is perfect for sun-kissed bronzed glow for your high cheekbones. This is a professional quality bronzing brush which looks to grasp all of the powders from the bronzers and even blushes too. The brush looks to distribute product evenly onto the skin and even feels soft with its natural fibres which look to deliver a nice blended colour to your bronzed or blush overall look. Another good aspect of this brush is that it looks to stand on its own which is convenient when you're wanting to multi-task at the same time. This is Liz's essential for an even sun-kissed glow.

  • 2. POWDER BRUSH #F12 - RRP $15.95 - I am sure we all use a powder brush every time we apply on our makeup. This is the perfect brush for your powders as it's a full, round shape which allows for an even distribution of product. It looks to blend flawlessly and easily diffuses the powder across certain areas. It's also useful for if you're wanting to blend and buff out any particular powders. 

  • 3. CONTOURING BLUSH BRUSH F#14 - RRP $14.95 - For all of the contouring lovers out there, this brush is specifically designed for that purpose. It looks to apply on powders so flawlessly that it's perfect for highlighting and contouring. The brush easily hugs the contours of your face and cheeks too. You can easily use this brush for powders or a cream based contour and even for your blush too. As Liz would say, it makes contouring a breeze. 

  • 4. FOUNDATION BRUSH F#10 - RRP $16.95 - Now if you're wanting that perfect and flawless foundation application, this brush feels and looks very tapered, comes in a form of a dome shape for the bristles which makes it useful if you're wanting to cover or conceal around the areas of your nose and underneath the eyes, where you need more of a precise application. This brush is perfect for that specific purpose and it even gives a streak free application so that's also an important fact to consider about the foundation brush. This brush is ideal for liquid, cream based foundations and even primers. It's also made from high performance bristles which allow you to achieve a smoother and flawless finish. 

  • 5. STIPPLING BRUSH F#11 - RRP $16.95 - This is Liz's all-purpose polisher for an air-brushed look. I love stippling brushes because they feel soft and helps you to achieve an air-brushed look for your primers and foundations. With this particular stippling brush, it looks to blend foundation effortlessly. I can tell that this brush is made with duo-fibres which look to pick up product and distribute it evenly onto the skin. So with the white fibres, it looks to pick and deposit the product for an even coverage whilst the black fibres helps to blend the product for a more flawless finish. Also, did I mention how lightweight and sleek it feels? I have a feeling I'll be using this brush quite often! 

  • 6. SMUDGE BRUSH E#13 - RRP $10.95 - If you're wanting maximum definition and smokey eyes, be sure to check out this particular brush. It feels light and sleek once again so I am sure you'll have no issues with the blend and the handling of the brush. It's made with super soft fibres and is specifically designed (high definition) to soften those intense lines when you are looking to create the smokey-eyed look. I feel that this will come so much in handy for my night look so I'll be using this brush for sure.  

  • 7. BLENDING BRUSH E#10 - RRP $10.95 - This is said to be Liz's #1 secret weapon in blending out eyeshadow. I've always wanted to try a blending eye brush and I am quite happy with this brush because it helps to blend and define my eye makeup really well. It's made with soft fibres that is essential if you're wanting to achieve a flawless blend for your eye make-up. 

  • 8. CONTOURING SHADOW BRUSH E#11 - RRP $11.95 - This brush is ideal for if you're wanting to achieve a soft definition for a natural look. (Minus the dramatic look of course). As you can see that this brush has that slanted look to its brush head (which is uniquely shaped) so that you can look to apply eyeshadow to the crease of your eyes. This makes it easier if you're wanting to create a softer definition. 

  • 9. BROW/EYE DEFINING BRUSH #E12 - RRP $10.95 - When it comes to eyebrow brushes, I simply love using them because it helps to achieve that filled-in brow look. However, with this particular brush, it's a duo-purpose defining brush made for achieving perfect brows and even applying it on as eyeliner. (Preferably a gel-based eyeliner for the best precision). This brush is angled and is made with stiff bristles (that are from synthetic fibres) which makes it easier for you to achieve that ultimate precision look. 

  • LASH/BROW BRUSH E#14 - RRP 10.95 - Last but not least, you cannot forget a lash/brow brush because who knows when your brows will go out of whacked. A lash groomer is always handy, especially if you keep this in your handbag for those last minute grooming purposes. This tool looks to groom and smooth eyebrows with ease. I don't really use this as lash separator but it comes handy if you do require that after the application of mascara. 

  • All of the new Manicare next generation brush range will be available from the 1st of April at, Priceline, Target, Big W. 
  • For more information, be sure to check out www.manicare.com.au 

New Manicare X Liz Kelsh 

A view from the top. 

Guests arriving for the New Manicare brush launch at Ceru Restaurant. 

An image provided by their photographer on the night, featuring myself and the others snapping away. 

An informative evening about beauty. 

Loving the white florals which perfectly complement the Manicare brushes. 

Liz Kelsh, demonstrating the brush application on Model. 

The perfect Bronzed 90's Supermodel look. 

Featuring the Bronzing Brush by Manicare - the perfect essential for a sun-kissed glow. 

Are you guys super excited to see these brushes launch into stores soon? 

I am sure you'll love them! 

Happy shopping, 

Livia xo 
Thank you MANICARE for supporting me for this review. My reviews are based on my personal and true experiences. I only recommend products that I truly support.

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