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Saturday, March 5, 2016



So perhaps you are wondering what are some new haircare products you could look to try? Well, have you heard of the Schwarzkopf Professional hair care range? It's definitely a name that I am sure all of you have heard of before? (correct me if you have not!) 

I've discovered the NEW Osis+ Soft Glam hair care range by Schwarzkopf and let me tell you that the packaging is so adorable, plus you cannot go wrong with pink packaging. (*I am sucker of anything that's pink...and Hello Kitty!) So basically, "Undone is really the New Glamour" which means that you don't really need super perfect hair to rock a nice hair style. I agree with this because there are so many ways to style your hair, whether it's putting it up in a messy bun or a loose braid perhaps? It's all about being different and creative - plus you don't need to be hair stylist to achieve some basic looks which you can find on Youtube and over my favourite place called Google.com.au. Do a search and collect all of the different hair looks that appeal to you and slowly learn how to do it for yourself! 

So what is the new natural? It's effortless and understated, authentic and very natural looking. (Don't try too hard when it comes to hair styling because you never know, less and natural is always better). 

The new Osis+ Soft Glam range is the first female styling range by Schwarzkopf where it has been infused with liquid minerals for the best styling performance. It leaves the hair looking very natural and does not look over the top. The feather light formulas combined with the liquid minerals spread to form an even film that laminates the hair and creates a smooth and reflective surface. 

Three particular products have been my current hair care go to's including of the below: 
  • OSIS+ Soft Glam Prime-prep spray 
  • OSIS+ Soft Glam Plumping shine mousse, 
  • OSIS+ Soft Glam Strong glossy holdspray 
Check out what I thought of these products below and find out the benefits! xoxo 

  • 1 - OSIS+ Soft Glam, Prime Prep Spray - Featuring a multi-talented spray with minerals. It looks to detangles your hair and provides a non-static foundation with extra body and shine. It's also great for the protection of your hair from brushing, blow-dry heat and also UV light. When used along with the other hair styling hair products, it acts as a main preparation spray for it. How I would use this spray is to ensure that I spray it all over damp hair and using a comb, comb it all way through. Then, style as desired. Alternatively, you can apply this to dry hair to re-work strand by strand. 
  • 2 - OSIS+ Soft Glam, Strong Glossy Holdspray - This is a strong and non-sticky fixation type of hairspray that's used for styling purposes. It provides a nice mineral shine effect to your hair which is great. It also looks to provide a strong hold to your hair by leaving a velvet feeling to your hair. I would apply this evenly to dry hair after styling my hair with waves and curls. If you're wanting a more volumising look to your hair, apply it towards the roots.  
  • 3 - OSIS+ Soft Glam, Plumping Shine Mousse - This is a light type of mousse containing minerals needed for the volume push up effect. Style your hair as usual after applying a small amount onto damp hair from roots to the tips. This mousse provides your hair with body and more added shine to it. It does not leave that crispy feeling - thank gosh! It also works well by protecting your hair from UV light. 

I hope you enjoyed reading! 

Have you tried any of these products before? 

Happy weekends! 

Livia xo 

My current hair care styling products! 

Natural styling is the new trend this season! 

Perhaps more volume on the top? 

Thank you Schwarzkopf for supporting me for this review. My reviews are based on my personal and true experiences. I only recommend products that I truly support. 

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