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Friday, March 18, 2016



Essence Cosmetics have launched their new trend edition "All that greys" collection this season. Also know as "The roaring twenties" - where they were famous for Hollywood glam parties. These will only be available between March and April, 2016. 

I hope everyone is having a fab Friday so far...I am in excited to share with you of my tried and tested experiences with the new All That Greys eyeshadow palette in 7 Shades of Rose and Grey, along with their All That Greys - Smokey Eye Pencil by the Essence range which are all available at Priceline or Target in March and April only.

The Essence range says NO to animal testing and says YES to having some form of quality to their products. I am quite impressed with their cosmetic range so far and I wish I had discovered their brand earlier. Their products are easy to wear for everyday purposes and for their price range, it's so affordable. They stock so many products with the hottest colours and formulas so that you get options in selecting your colour preferences. The Essence cosmetic range originates from Italy and is also made from Italy. It's known as Europe's number 1 cosmetic brand. 

This collection features party-proof products that are essential for you to get ready for that 'Smokey eyed' look or perhaps you're wanting to rock a Hollywood glamour theme. For 2016, we will be seeing more grey and elegant grey shades with rosy-red shades that complete the perfect Hollywood glam look. If you are not familiar with my last post on Essence, I've introduced them in this link here. So if you are curious to learn more about the range, feel free to drop by over there to get all up to date. 

So be sure to check out my reviews on these two essentials by Essence that I have stumbled upon. 

I hope you enjoy reading guys - xoxo! 

  • ALL THAT GREYS - HAIR BANDEAU - RRP $4.10 - Essence do have a hair bandeau available in case you were looking for a glamour and silvery metallic piece. It features silver sequins that reminds you of the legendary Charleston look and looks gorgeous on hair. It's a cute hair band and you can never go wrong with elegant hair pieces. 
  • ALL THAT GREYS - EYESHADOW PALETTE - RRP $10.25 - Now you can't go wrong with the price and pigmentation of this All that greys - eyeshadow palette. Featuring shades from rose, red and grey - this is the ultimate eyeshadow palette if you're wanting some trendy shades for the season. It features seven different shades ranging from soft to powdery textures that give a high coverage and a decent pigmentation colour payoff. The eyeshadow palette also comes with a duo-applicator which makes is ideal if you're wanting to take it with you whilst travelling as it also comes with a compact mirror. (Even better if you are wanting to apply on the go) Right below you can view the swatches I have made with each colour and as you can see, they're quite decent pigmented which is amazing seeing that it's only priced at $10.25 - so definitely worth trying out if you're not wanting to invest in high-end eyeshadow palettes. So these products are easily found at your nearest Target or Priceline from March to April, only for a limited time. 


Featuring All That Greys Eyeshadow palette by Essence. 
Swatched and tested out the colours that range from highlights to rose to grey shades.  
This is an ideal eyeshadow palette that's super affordable and handy for travelling as well. 

  • ALL THAT GREYS - SMOKEY EYED PENCIL - RRP $6.15 - When it comes to creating that ideal smokey eyed effect, we opt for a black or grey eyeshadow correct? Now that Essence have released their All That Greys range - they have released a powder pencil guys! I thought this idea was quite handy and useful for us because what better way to create that smokey eyed effect! It's faster and easier. These pencils come in black or silver metallic which is spring-loaded with a sponge applicator which means you get the most comfortable application ever. How the sponge works is that it looks to absorb the powder from the lid so that when you do apply it onto your eye areas, it's easier to use and blend all throughout by just using the applicator. No brushes involved as well. (YAY - making your life much easier). So the Smokey Eyed pencils are available in shades 01 Back to Black and 02 Grey Times at either Priceline and Target from March to April. 

So I swatched this smokey eyed pencil by Essence in the All That Greys range to test out the "smudge" effect and it was so easy to use! It's VERY pigmented which means that you don't need to use a lot to achieve the look you're after. It's so easy to create a smokey eyed effect - especially with these new pencils that come with a sponge applicator. 

Have you guys checked out the NEW Essence range "All That Greys" ? 

Let me know on what you guys think of it? 

Happy shopping! 

Livia xo 

Thank you ESSENCE for supporting me for this review. My reviews are based on my personal and true experiences. I only recommend products that I truly support.

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