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Tuesday, March 15, 2016



Thanks for stopping by this post and today I will be looking to discuss NEW hair care products that have worked for me - featuring some of Paul Mitchell's haircare products and what it did for my hair. 

So what's NEW in the hair care market by Paul Mitchell? Let's start by saying QUINOA! And...yes that's right for their Ultimate Color Repair range, their products contain Quinoa. I'll explain a little more about the secret to quinoa and why it's an effective ingredient.

I've tested out some products from the Paul Mitchell range which include: 
  • Paul Mitchell, Ultimate Wave 
  • Paul Mitchell, Dry Wash 
  • Paul Mitchell, Ultimate Color Repair Conditioner, Triple Rescue Thermal protection & Luminous Shine  
And if you're curious to hear more about the each of the above mentioned product, be sure to keep your eyes peeled below. 

  • ULTIMATE COLOR REPAIR - TRIPLE RESCUE, THERMAL PROTECTION - RRP $27.95 (150ml) - For this particular range featuring the Ultimate Color Repair from Paul Mitchell, it really is the ultimate defense against colour fade and further damage to hair. The thermal protection spray is ideally a dual-phase spray that protects against the excessive heat that can cause damage to colour treated hair which in effect can lead to dull and faded strands which are not attractive and looks unhealthy for hair. Once sprayed on, the thermal protection looks to protect the hair, leaves it feeling well conditioned along with the added shine to it. The Quinoa Color Repair complex looks to replenish lost reflection so hair can look healthier. Overall, after using this Triple Rescue spray, I can definitely see my hair staying super protected, it has a nice shine to it and feels well conditioned. If you're wanting to prevent your hair from getting dry and dull, then definitely spritz this product lightly onto damp hair. 

  • ULTIMATE WAVE, PAUL MITCHELL - RRP $26.95 (150ml) - Featuring a beachy texture cream gel for if you're wanting to achieve those sexy, beach like waves. This product is ideal for the humid weather as it's humidity-resistant. This gel forms, separates and adds heaps of texture to your hair if you're looking to create that beach wave effect. This gel is definitely a great product to use as it's easy and is truly the secret weapon in looking to create brilliant beach waves. 
  • ULTIMATE COLOR REPAIR CONDITIONER - RRP $27.95 (250ml) - So this is the ultimate hydrator and detangler for those with coloured hair and treated hair. The Quinoa color repair complex looks to lock in your hair colour and repairs any dull, dry and brittle ends. The powerful antioxidants contained in the conditioner looks to provide UV protect for your hair that in a way helps to prevent colour and further damage from the sun. I've used this conditioner for a few weeks now and I've seen that my hair always looks well conditioned and feels soft to touch. The conditioner contains shea butter, jojoba and soybean oil which all look to make the hair feel and look shinier and healthier. This is an ideal conditioner for those with coloured hair and are really wanting to find a conditioner that can lock in the colour. 

  • DRY WASH BY PAUL MITCHELL - RRP $14.50 (50ml) or $24.95 (252ml) - And if you were after a dry shampoo, be sure to check out the Dry Wash by Paul Mitchell. It's an express dry waterless shampoo which is useful for if you're in a rush for meetings or an event. Simply spritz on the Dry Wash as it will look to absorb any excess oils and prolongs the hair colour as it requires less shampooing. It's a great alternative if you have coloured hair and are wanting a way to still keep your hair clean and looking refreshed. The Dry Shampoo also looks to create more volume and modern texture which is great if you're still wanting to style your hair after using this product. 
  • The dry shampoo uses a dry and colourless formula so there's no wetness to it. It instantly leaves your hair looking and smelling clean. No residue is left behind which is good and is also ideal for all hair types and colours. I keep this on my desk as it's a great alternative to reach for when I am wanting to refresh my hair right after lunch where the humidity and heat can leave my roots looking a tad oily, so therefore a dry shampoo such as the Dry Wash by Paul Mitchell comes useful in that case. 

Have you tried these products out as yet? 

Let me know on what you think! 

Livia xo 

Thank you Paul Mitchell for supporting me for this review. My reviews are based on my personal and true experiences. I only recommend products that I truly support. 

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