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Friday, March 25, 2016



Aside from all of the major luxury labels and drugstore brands, I thought I'd observe something a little different. Featuring MG Naturals, they're an organic and natural beauty care range where they are completely free from any harsh chemicals and nasty fillers. 

MG Naturals have produced products that are free from any chemicals and nasties. They don't contain any Titanium Dioxide, Boron Nitride or Magnesium Stearate in their make up range which translates to their products being as organic and natural as possible, which in effect are quite safe to use in the short and long term. MG Naturals are a home based and organic business where they look to enter the market in looking to promote more of an organic makeup range where it is safe to use on the skin. 

Founder Kailah of MG Naturals lives in Queensland, Australia and she's quite passionate about making products that do not contain any toxins and where they simply safe to use on our skin. MG Naturals are proud to be one of the few Titanium Dioxide FREE brands in the world. Their products have been formulated with organic and unrefined natural ingredients. For more information on these products, simply head over to http://www.mgnaturals.com/

I looked to test out what MG Naturals beauty products could do for my skin and overall I'd have to say they feel very light on the skin and doesn't feel "caked" on nor heavy which is probably what the organic ingredients look to deliver on. To hear more on what I thought of their product range, check out the below. 


Featured above are their blush and bronze range which is also free from titanium dioxide and other nasties such as parabens, fragrances, synthetic dyes and preservatives. They are both made with the purest ingredients that are found in the market. I also noticed that both the blush and bronze go onto the skin with a nice shimmer and feels silky as well. This product is suitable for vegans as well. 

The blush and bronze come in 6g sized pots with sifters for an easy and convenient application. Pictured above are the two shades from their range in Blushing Rose and Blushing Bronze

For the Blushing Rose, it is a nice, subtle and "flushed" look for your cheeks. There's also bits of shimmer to it for that extra luminous glow. The shade isn't too dark or light which looks very natural when applied onto the cheekbones.

Then we have the Blushing Bronze, which is a nice bronzed colour with shimmery particles in it as well. This makes a nice and natural bronzed blush to use for those summery days when you're wanting to achieve a natural sun-kissed glow. 

Ingredients: Zinc Oxide, Pearl Mica, Silk Mica, Iron Oxide and Rose Essential Oil. 



Top: Blushing Bronze, Bottom: Blushing Rose - MG Naturals 

  • CONTOUR WAND - RRP $16.95 - This is a contour wand for achieving shades that looks to sculpt and define your face. Similar to what a contour palette would do, this wand does exactly the same but it's in the form of a liquid and of a wand which makes it so much easier for that blending process. The contour wand looks to create more depth and dimension to your face so that you could look to bring out the best features. Whether you are wanting to slim the nose or hide any extra skin around the cheeks. jaw lines or chin, then this contour wand is the way to go. The wand is made with Aloe Vera and Rosehip Oil with added carrot seed and Vitamin E oil for that extra smooth complexion and radiant overall look. The liquid contour cream glides on effortlessly and blends so easily - at the same time it goes on smoothly and repairs your skin. 

  • ILLUMINATOR WAND - RRP $16.95 - An illuminator wand comes in handy as it reflects the light and magically enhances and draws more attention to your best features. For example, this is also ideal for a highlighting product for your cheeks as it reflects lights through its shiny, pearl particles. It's made with Aloe Vera, Rosehip oil, Carrot seed, macadamia and vitamin E oils which all look to minimise fine lines and helps to plump the skin. The illuminator also has a gold, peachy and pearly tone to it which essentially adds bit of a glow to the areas you wish to concentrate it on. For myself, I love to highlight my cheekbones and corner of my lips with this wand as it simply accentuates my cheekbones adds some depth.

  • ORGANIC, VEGAN LIQUID CONCEALER WAND - RRP $16.95 - For a liquid concealer that is organic and vegan, it's very lightweight and glides on so easily onto the skin. In terms of coverage, it looks cover the skin lightly leaves it feeling moisturised as well. There are natural minerals present in the concealer along with the light reflecting properties helps to hide those dark circles and tired looking eye bags which comes super handy. There's also a SPF protection to the concealer which is good for the protection of sun if you're heading outdoors, but be sure to always use extra sun-protection over it as well. The concealer contains organic products such as Rosehip oil, carrot seed oil, aloe vera and vitamin E oil. Once again, I found that this concealer does not dry out the skin or leaves it looking flaky. Instead, it looks to heal and soothe your skin by making it feel hydrating - along with concealing any imperfections that you may have. What makes this concealer ideal for those with sensitive skin is that it doesn't irritate the skin as it contains only the pure organic ingredients. 

              SWATCHED - TRIED + TESTED 

What are your thoughts on organic and natural beauty products? 

Let me know on your thoughts, 

Happy reading! 

Cheers xo. 
Thank you MG NATURALS for supporting me for this review. My reviews are based on my personal and true experiences. I only recommend products that I truly support.

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