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Thursday, March 31, 2016



If there's a brand that I have been dying to try, that would have to be freezeframe products. 

Ideally you can find the freezeframe products at your local Priceline, Myer, Chemist Warehouse - just to name a few. Otherwise you can check out where your nearest stockist is at http://www.freeze-frame.com.au/stockist

I've always been curious of this brand because of how sophisticated and scientific looking their product packagings are. So finally, I looked to check out their Revitaleyes (which looks to reduce wrinkles, eye bags and dark circles) and then we have their Tint and Grow (which also looks to darken longer looking lashes). The reason why I decided to try out both of these products is because firstly, I am always in need of a good eye product that helps to reduce eyebags and wrinkles. And secondly, I have never tried a tinting eye product as before so I was definitely eager to give it a go. As a beauty and skincare blogger, I love to try out new brands and products because that way I can discover for myself whether it works or not. As they always say, you never know until you try! 

So...come with me on a freezeframe journey to check out my thoughts on these products as mentioned above! xo 


Here we have featured the first gradual lash tint that looks to build up colour on your lashes every time you apply this product on. Honestly, ever since I started to apply this product alone onto my lashes, I have seen my lashes grow longer within a two week mark. It's definitely impressive and most importantly, it works. It's more of a gradual eye lash tint that enables your lashes to grow longer (and without having to get eyelash extensions which may be costly or could even damage your natural lashes). 

This product is a semi-permanent colour that you simply look to brush on with. It's fast, simple and easy - all of which makes my life easier and for you too. And to just give you guys a little insight of the product itself...is that the Tint & Grow product contains a safe and natural dye (which has been extracted from walnuts to really produce the darkest brown shade on the lashes). So all you have to do is apply the product onto your lashes during the day (morning or afternoon) and then within weeks, you'll start to really notice a big difference to the length of your lashes. You'll be pleased to know that this is actually the world's first gradual eyelash tint that helps lashes to grow longer. 

The secret ingredient to the Tint & Grow is that is contains their award winning peptide technology which has been proven to give up to 46.26% longer looking lashes within the two week period. And if you choose to build up your lashes within the 4 week mark, it's been proven that it can achieve 66.39% of longer looking lashes. Personally, it's a really great product for if you're wanting to achieve longer looking lashes because it's gentle, safe and so easy to use. There are no chemicals involved and most importantly it's affordable in the long run. I am definitely impressed with this product and would definitely highlight this product as a must for those wishing to have longer lashes. 



I am definitely a fan of eye serums and creams and when it comes to freezeframe, their Revitaleyes is an ideal product that looks to solve 3 major eye agers instant and long term. This product includes tri-peptides and vitamin c and comes in the form of a gel-like balm that works to instantly erase any signs of ageing or stress to provide a smoother surface skin around the eyes. It also looks to nourish and moisturise the area at the same time so this was definitely a plus for me. If you suffer from dryness around the eye areas, it's even more of a bonus for you. The product looks to energise the tissues, increase micro-circulation and performs a deep anti-wrinkle circle action.

When looking further into the product, it includes an innovative tensor system which is combined with hyaluronic acid, vitamin C and three clinically proven peptides to really look to combat the signs of ageing, wrinkles, eye bags and even dark circles. I have been using this product for about a few weeks now and already I am noticing less eyebags and dark circles. The fine lines around my eye area have slowly diminished which is quite impressive and I am definitely satisfied with the overall results. If you're looking for a strong product that will give you effective results, I would highly recommend for you to check the Revitaleyes out should you be wanting to target eye bags, dark circles and wrinkles around the eye areas. 

Have you checked out any freezeframe products as yet? 

Let me know on your thoughts! 

Livia xo 

Thank you FREEZEFRAME for supporting me for this review. My reviews are based on my personal and true experiences. I only recommend products that I truly support.

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