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Wednesday, April 6, 2016



I always love to get up to date with the latest beauty & skincare products and so when I first heard of Elizabeth Arden's new product releases, I was definitely excited to share this with you all. So please keep on reading to find out more on the latest scoop! 

Elizabeth Arden have set to release THREE new product releases which I am been recently loving which range from beauty to skincare. These include the NEW Elizabeth Arden Grand Entrance Mascara, their Flawless Start Instant Perfecting Primer and the Prevage Anti-aging Wrinkle Smoother which are all new releases which are now or will be available at your nearest Myer and David Jones store if you are located in Australia.

I have finally got around to trying all of these amazing products out and I can't wait to get into depth about what I thought about each of these products. So, I hope you enjoy this read and find it very informative - happy reading guys - xoxo. 


This lovely mascara actually speaks for itself, always make an entrance - no matter what style or look you will rock. I was definitely excited for Elizabeth Arden to launch a mascara line which is essentially the next innovation of dramatic lash transformation stages. It's a triple effect mascara with a precision brush which has been designed to really look to deliver an 80% increase in the lash length and volume; as well with a 162% increase in curl to your lashes. This mascara is definitely an effective product in helping you to achieve fuller and more voluminous looking lashes which will help you make an entrance wherever, whenever. 

The mascara offers multi-benefits that looks to help you achieve a false lash effect along with enhancing volume, length and lift to your lashes. It's also long-wearing and is water-resistant making it my ideal product to use on a daily basis. (You're always going to need a waterproof mascara, no matter what time of the day, just do it!). I felt that by having the mascara on my lashes all day (from 8am till 6pm) I have noticed that the curls in my lashes have stayed put and there was no flaking, smudging or dry outs which is essentially ideal to consider when I am shopping for a new mascara that lasts all day long. The mascara also contains an emollient rich and vitamin fortified formula that really looks to condition, treat and protect your lashes. Also, included within its ingredients is the advanced peptide-based Lash Building Complex which instantly creates the boost in volume and lift for your lashes.

The brush head features a 3-in-1 triangular brush technology which is what helps to create dramatic looking lashes. Also, you'll realise the brush head is curved that way it looks to transfer the perfect amount of product onto your lashes without the clumping which is good to know. If you're wanting the high definition to your lashes, then I would highly recommend you to check out this mascara when it becomes available at your nearest Elizabeth Arden counter on 17th April 2016. The mascara is also available in two shades being, Stunning Black and Stunning Brown. 

  • Lash building Complex - which is a vitamin peptide complex that locks into the lashes to boost volume and lift. 
  • Olive Esters - this looks to coat and separate individual lashes which helps to condition, treat and protect lashes for a clump and flake-free definition, 
  • Rice Bran Esters - Vitamin B complex that helps to condition lashes. 
  • Carnauba Esters - A moisturising extract that helps to support the appearance of longer looking lashes. 
  • RRP $42.00 
  • Available from the 17th April 2016 at your nearest Elizabeth Arden cosmetics counter or at Myer, David Jones and leading pharmacies.


I have tried so many primers and this is by far the most effective primer of the high-end and luxury products I have used to date. If you're wanting to look say five years more younger, then be sure to keep on reading to find out how. Elizabeth Arden have launched their Flawless Start Instant Perfecting Primer in March at the Elizabeth Arden cosmetic counters. 

The primer is so beautiful as it feels very silky, lightweight and instantly "blurs" and smooths out your skin. (One of the best primers I have used so far and it's probably the one I have been reaching most for when applying my make-up with). 

It's so important that you are using a good primer as it will help your foundation and concealer go on more smoother onto the skin. The primer also looks to smooth out any uneven skin texture you may have as well as diminish the size of your pores, fine lines and wrinkles. Skin looks more radiant, moisturised and even glowing after you have applied on the primer. Furthermore, it's oil-free and non-comedogenic which is great because it does not block the pores. I found that the primer blended easily onto skin and I had no issues with the overall product. It kept my skin feeling hydrated and moisturised which is great as a prep for my BB, CC, Foundation or concealer make up application. 

The primer features a triple blurring complex with light diffusing technology which means that it instantly blurs any fine lines, wrinkles and pores. (Seriously it looks to cover everything so that it looks like baby smooth skin once again). The formula includes a balance of emollients and special oils which is what essentially improves the long-lasting wear of your ideal coverage whether it's a foundation or BB cream. Your make-up application will just look fresh and all day long. 

Furthermore, apart from the blurring effects that this primer can look to deliver, it also looks to provide skincare benefits. It includes a time-release skin balancing technology and this helps to reduce and control shine and maintain moisture on your skin. As I have oily to combination skin, I do get the usual shine and oiliness from time to time, but with using this particular primer, I've found that it really sinks into the skin and leaves your complexion looking fresh, shine-free, blurred and really moisturised. 

  • RRP $48.00 (30ml)
  • Now available at your nearest Elizabeth Arden cosmetics counter or at Myer, David Jones and leading pharmacies.


Featuring a targeted treatment for the immediate smoothing of fine lines and wrinkles. This product really looks to blur lines, smooth out your skin and really looks to radiate your youthful glow.  Preventing and treating wrinkles is a high priority for many women out there and in fact there has been research done by Mintel in November 2013, where they found that 54% of women say minimizing wrinkles is the top reason for using anti-aging skincare. 

With Elizabeth Arden releasing their new Anti-aging Wrinkle Smoother from their Prevage skincare line in July 2016 - you can now instantly get smoother results for your skin. (Yes, instantly) So how the Anti-aging Wrinkle Smoother works is that it instantly fills and smooths out the facial lines and wrinkles around your face (could be near your eyes or forehead as an example). The end result is that you get more of youthful glow which is so important today because our skin can potentially get damaged by the sun and other environmental factors, hence looking to treat these areas on our skin is essential in maintaining a youthful glow. 

The product features the single most powerful antioxidant, Idebenone Ester which has been blended with Thiotaine which helps to repair your skin's appearance and looks to protect it from free radical damage. It's suitable for use on fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes including crow's feed, forehead lines, nasolabial lines and pores. This Anti-aging wrinkle smoother glides on so easily onto skin providing the smoothest canvas for your next make-up application. The product comes in a 15ml silver tube with a twist lock and flat spatula tip so that you get the most precise application. 

  • Instantly fills and blurs appearances of lines and wrinkles, 
  • Firms the appearance of skin and looks to diminish the appearance of lines and wrinkles.
  • RRP $99.00
  • Will be available at your nearest Elizabeth Arden cosmetics counter on 19th July 2016 or at Myer, David Jones and leading pharmacies.
Have you checked out any of the above products from the Elizabeth Arden range? 

What are you curious on trying out? 

Let me know on your thoughts below. 

Happy reading! 

Livia xo 

Thank you ELIZABETH ARDEN for supporting me for this review. My reviews are based on my personal and true experiences. I only recommend products that I truly support.

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