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Wednesday, April 20, 2016



Welcome to another Mother's Day special post, but this time it's all about the top professional tools that have made the list. 

Starting with the first batch of tools that have caught my interest are the Protane Natural hairbrushes with Argan infused bristles and ViSAGE Salon Style Ladies Cordless Hair Remover that are stocked at ALDI. (Yes that's right ALDI) and the best thing of it all is that they will all be part of ALDI's April Special Buys from the 27th April 2016. (So be sure to set a reminder in your diaries guys and remember it's one week away). They will be holding sales that range from hair care to bed wear to home pampering and massages. 

Next, another professional tool that made the top list has to be the True Glow, Sonic Skincare Solution for the Face, Body and Feet by Conair. This kit comes with all of your spa experience needs and what better way to gift this to your Mother as it will give you a TOP-TO-TOE transformative makeover. 

I hope you enjoy my list of top selections for Mother's Day and hope it helps to give you an ideal of what get for Mum, Happy reading - xoxo

  •  #1 - PROTANE, NATURAL HAIRBRUSH WITH ARGAN OIL INFUSED BRISTLES, RRP $9.99 EACH - I didn't even know Argan oil infused bristles existed until I discovered they were being stocked at Aldi. So basically the bristles on these brushes have been infused with Argan oil which helps to boost shine and hydration for your hair. It is suitable for those with dry to normal hair. It also aids in helping to prevent split ends and tames any frizzy bits on your hair. These brushes feel super lightweight and does not weigh your hands down which is very useful when shopping for types of brushes. The handle of the brushes also feels very manageable and is super easy to use. So pictured above features their Vented Brush (Left) and (Right) is the Radial Brush. The ceramic coated head heats up quickly and is also designed with vents to increase air circulation for fast drying and styling of the hair. 

  • RRR $9.99 each,
  • The hair care sale starts from Wednesday 27th April 2016. 
  • ALDI Special Buys - their biweekly Special Buys add an element of surprise when shopping for their everyday range, 
  • Available while stocks last, for more information head over to https://www.aldi.com.au/

  • #2 - VISAGE LADIES CORDLESS HAIR REMOVER - RRP $39.99 - I was excited to see how this cordless hair remover would work. At such an affordable price, I really wanted to put this product to the test to see if it proved to be effective or so. This cordless hair remover comes with a charging dock (hence it's rechargeable too), complete with a narrow epilating head with 16 tweezers for underarm and bikini line and a shaver head too. This professional tool is suitable for removing hair from your legs, underarm and bikini line. The device is also shower proof which means you can wash it too which is useful if you're wanting to remove hair whilst you're in the shower. 
  • The hair remover also features 2 speeds for coarse and fine hair which is perfect if you are wanting to adjust the speeds as desired. There is also a LCD power display that shows the battery life usage which is convenient to note so that when it indicates that battery is low, simply pop it onto the charging base. Another feature is that it's made for wet and dry use which is good because you really get the best of both sides here. Also, It comes with a smart light that illuminates the finest hairs so I found that with this light feature really made my life easier when it comes to removing the finest hair. 
  • Overall, this cordless hair remover has all of the features that I would ideally want in a professional tool. All of the features are there for convenience and I felt that this device helped to effectively remove hair really well. Who knew a product from ALDI could be really effective and affordable as well. It's definitely a great buy and if you're in the market for a cordless hair remover for dry and wet features, then I would highly recommend for you to grab this special buy. 

  • RRR $39.99 each,
  • The hair care sale starts from Wednesday 27th April 2016. 
  • ALDI Special Buys - their biweekly Special Buys add an element of surprise when shopping for their everyday range, 
  • Available while stocks last, for more information head over to https://www.aldi.com.au/
  •  #3 - TRUE GLOW, SONIC SKIN CARE SOLUTION FOR FACE, BODY AND FEET - RRP $99.95 - At first glance you'll be wowed at how impressive this kit looks. Just in time for Mother's Day, Conair has looked to launch this amazing gift set that is so perfect for Mum. It's the newest addition for their True Glow range and I love their professional range because of the quality and of the features involved. So I'll start off with their interchangeable brush heads as the Sonic Skincare Solution kit comes with 7 interchangeable brush heads. 
  • These brushes include 3 skincare brushes - where two are those with normal skin and these heads help to leave your skin feeling and looking smoother. The other brush head is for sensitive type of skin which means it's more gentle for the skin giving a more effective cleanse as well. 
  • Secondly, there's 1 bodycare brush - which is ideal for cleansing and buffing away all of the dead skin cells on the body. It helps in exfoliating any dry areas of the skin and helps to reduce areas of dry skin, oil patches and visible blemishes. Simply use to scrub away on a daily basis, then you'll start to see smoother results within days. 
  • Lastly, the kit also includes 3 footcare brushes - where one is for the coarse callus softener and this is where it can help to smooth away any rough and dry areas around your heel area. It's so useful if your heels are occasionally dry and cracked. Simply pop this footcare brush on and let it work the heels by buffing away the dryness. Then we have one fine callus softener which is made to polish and soften the skin. Lastly, we have a foot cleansing brush which is made to exfoliate and buff away dry cracked feet. I would use this brush as an overall foot cleansing brush. 
  • Also, you may be curious to learn how the brush works? (given the 7 interchangeable brushes)...unlike the other normal rotating brushes, this brush comes with sonic technology which powers each brush at 300 oscillations per second so that you get the most professional cleanse. So this is useful if you're wanting to really get deep into your skin and look to remove dirt, dead skin and makeup without any irritations at all. 
  • Additionally, the brush head is fully rechargeable which means there's no batteries involved. Simply pop it onto the charging dock! There are no cords involved which simply makes your life easier and what's more is that it's suitable and safe to be used in the shower. 
  • Overall, this is a great kit as it features your skincare solution with the additional 7 brush heads. The box is well presented and clearly labelled with what brush head's purpose is made for. So I am super impressed with this new addition by Conair and I feel that it makes such a fabulous gift idea for your Mum. 

Have you got your Mother's Day gift sorted? 

Let me know on your thoughts above, 

Happy shopping! 

Livia xo 

Thank you Conair and Aldi  for supporting me for this review. My reviews are based on my personal and true experiences. I only recommend products that I truly support.


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