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Saturday, April 30, 2016



A short snippet of Touch in Sol beauty + skincare haul 


Ever wondered what Korean beauty products are like? I was definitely excited when I learned that Korean brand Touch In Sol had landed at Priceline stores all across Australia. I've heard such great reviews regarding Korean brands and when I got the chance to try them out for myself, I was absolutely amazed. 

See what I thought...

Say Hello to Touch In Sol where they are Made from Korea. It's a brand that combines skincare and cosmetics where they are made so affordable and definitely fit the budget. Now...normally we would source our International brands via eBay or an online shopping website, but thankfully for Touch In Sol, they are now stocked at Priceline stores (nationwide) making it super convenient and easy for you to check them out. 

Their products contain natural botanical ingredients which means that they're gentle and safe to use on the skin (plus with the additional skin benefits). Most importantly, no matter what product from the Touch In Sol range that you put onto your skin, all will contain a unique natural botanical ingredient which could range from Green tea extract for which which certainly provides the healthy benefits of glowing and rejuvenating skin. 

Touch In Sol have a wide presence in the Asian market and just hit the US market earlier this year. Some of the products have also been a hit with the Sephora Favourites which is why they have been strongly expanding internationally. Personally, I love to explore new brands that are found all across the world because it's unique and sometimes they're packed with ingredients that are phenomenal for the skin. 

Don't let your beauty be boring with the Touch In Sol range! 

In this particular Korean inspired haul you will note that all of the products are from the Touch In Sol brand and have highly been raved online and also across social media handles. These are all of my top suggestions on how to get your Korean inspired look - with the right bases, primers, etc. - you'll be on track in achieving a smooth and flawless Korean inspired complexion. 

So I do hope you enjoy this read and if you have any questions, just let me know beauties - xoxo

1. NO POREBLEM PRIMER - RRP $39.95 - (30ml)

Best. Primer. Ever. Period. Look no further because this is the 'perfect' primer to conceal pores and even out the skin's texture. This product is effectively amazing in what it looks to achieve and I am so impressed with it. It's used for creating the best base for make-up, masking any mores and toning out rough textured skin. The primer helps your make-up last longer and also retains that flawless look for hours. 

If you're looking for a primer that will most definitely smooth out your skin, you have to try this one out. How it works is that creates an invisible layer that essentially acts as a protective barrier for your skin. Also contained in its ingredients list is Green tea Extract which is high in antioxidants and helps to protect the skin by decreasing the production of melanin. There is also collagen present in the primer so that it helps to enhance your skin's elasticity by ensuring that it looks smoother and healthier. 

2. PURE DEW WATER BB CREAM - RRP $39.95 - (35ml) 

I am literally a BB or CC cream user when it comes to make-up coverage. What I love about this BB cream in Pure Dew Water by Touch In Sol is that it really looks to provide a flawless coverage that feels so comfortable and also conceals all of your redness, imperfections so well. The coverage is very lightweight and feels so comfortable on the skin so I have definitely been loving this BB cream as a daily wear because of how well the coverage is for my skin. The product contains moisture burst that's packed with water capsules that invigorates the skin so well that you will notice how hydrating it will make the skin feel. I wore the BB cream from morning (6am) and it lasted all right throughout the day. The formula is also made waterproof so that it lasts longer for you too. 

As part of their ingredients it also contains 3D Matrix Nature Moisturiser (TARA: caesalpinia spinosa) which essentially helps to provide that long-lasting moisture for your skin. It all comes down to what's present in the formula and for this particular product, it definitely worked for my skin and I am totally loving it so far as my daily BB cream. Also note that this BB cream is gentle enough for those with sensitive skin to use too. 


And if you are looking for a BB cream that can also provide a broad spectrum sun protection coverage, be sure to check out the In the Skin Renovation BB cream. It's a BB cream that also provides the best coverage for your skin and most importantly, it's made for those with sensitive, oily or blemish-prone skin. The sun protection level comes of SPF36+ PA which blocks UVA and UVB rays which is great if you're constantly active outdoors are in need of the little protection. 

In regards to the coverage on my skin with using this BB cream, it really helps to conceal any redness, blemishes and spots on your skin which is great for the concealing element. What's great about this BB cream is that it has a sebum-controlling function which looks to prevent further oiliness and breakouts on the skin. Another benefit to using the BB cream is that it looks to deliver a perfect coverage and brightens up the skin. It's definitely a great BB cream with extra sun protection to it and would be ideal for day wear. 


The Koreans started the cushion compact trend and what better way to test it out with an actual made brand. The CC Moisture Veil Cushion Compact is a multi-function CC foundation which comes in a handy compact, complete with a make-up sponge and mirror. It's the perfect compact to have in your handbag if you're wanting to touch up on your skin should it be dry and dull looking. 

The formula actually provides a boost of hydration for the skin with its natural ingredients and no harsh stuff included. Its patented Natural Herbal Complex actually helps to brighten up the skin, tones it out and even smooths out its texture - all at the same time. The result? You get a subtle and natural coverage to your skin.

Source: Guardian 


5. TOC TOC TONING CAPSULE BASE - $39.95 - (32g) 

So imagine a product that has a good mixture of science and nature to it. Introducing the Toc Toc Toning capsule base which consists of a high concentration moisture gel with visible Multi-pearl capsules for an instant brightening effect to your skin. (Literally your skin will get an instant brightening effect to it). How the base works is that its Pure Crystal powder looks to conceal pores and wrinkles - creating this smooth and blank canvas for your face so that when you apply on make-up it goes on easier and flawlessly. I used this base right before foundation and found that it made my skin look more glowing and healthier. Most importantly it held my make-up all day long and my skin felt super comfortable. 

Contained in its ingredients is Fermented Yeast Extract and what this looks to provide to your skin is that it will smooth and moisturise it incredibly. Skin tone is also improved and you will even feel how firm it will make your skin. In the long run, this product will definitely improve your skin appearance by ensuring that it looks healthy and glowing. 


This reminds me of a honey pot and it looks very intriguing. The Feel Like Honey Moon Skin Base is in the form of a honey texture which looks to firm out the skin and boosts its elasticity. (After all...honey is good for you!) Its Hydro Complex which consists of hydrolyzed collagen, hyaluronic acid and honey extract all work together to improve discoloured skin and simply improves your natural glow. 

Furthermore, it also consists of a Complex of 4 flower extracts which helps to keep the skin nourished and well moisturised as well as relieving any irritations and redness that you may have. Overall, you can use this product within your nightly skincare routine as it helps boost your natural radiance and focuses mainly on improving your skin tone. 

7. I'M VERY USEFUL MAKE-UP BOOMER - RRP $39.95 - (32g) 

Here's another interesting product that features fine pearl shimmer which helps to create a glowing and overall radiant look to your skin. It helps to leave the skin feeling fresh and clear, but at the same time, it works to create natural highlights for facial contouring. (Amazing right?) Within its ingredients is the SEED COMPLEX which essentially adds more hydration to the skin and retains a shimmer effect for longer. The natural moisturisers (Hydromanil-75560) looks to create a long-lasting formula for your BB, CC or foundation creams. It does not leave a greasy or oily feel to it which is ideal when I am shopping for make up bases. The fact that it contains a Repair Complex CLR: Fermented Yeast Extract - it's also helping to repair your skin for the better. Overall, great ingredients are included that help to improve your skin's complexion. 

All of the products as mentioned can be found at your nearest Priceline store across Australia. 

I hope you enjoyed the read! 

Happy shopping, 

Livia xo 
Thank you TOUCH IN SOL for supporting me for this review. My reviews are based on my personal and true experiences. I only recommend products that I truly support.

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