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Saturday, April 16, 2016



Look to spoil your Mum for this Mother's Day with LUSH Handmade cosmetics,

These limited edition treats from the LUSH range will be available at the Lush shops nationwide and online at www.lush.com.au from the 20th April to 8th May 2016. So guys, if you are wanting to prep your Mother's Day gift early for this year, then you simply cannot go wrong with Limited Edition range by LUSH. They offer adorable gift sets that are filled with certain bath and skincare products that will certainly pamper your Mum. The new gift sets all vary and depending on what you think her preference will be, the LUSH helpful assistants can always help you out with that. 

Nevertheless, I am so excited to show you guys a few that are NEW to the LUSH cosmetics range so I hope you enjoy this Mother's Day inspired post. 

  •  #1 - LADYBIRD BUBBLE BAR - RRP $6.95 EACH - How adorable does this bubble bar look right? It's so cute to have it shaped in a ladybird and looks to relax you whilst running a hot bath. This bubble bath is filled with florals and sweet geranium oil which helps to relax you and even would be ideal for your Mum. There is also a hint of peppermint oil which essentially gives a menthol hint which looks to revive and boosts an uplifting mood. For this particular bar, I would simply crumble into bits before running the tap. The bubble bar also looks to make the water very moisturising so after getting out of the bath, you'll realise how refreshing and soft your skin will feel. Overall, I quite enjoyed this bubble bar as it is so perfect for that self-pampering time. 

  •  #2 - YUMMY MUMMY SHOWER CREAM - RRP $19.95 (250g), $32.95 (500g) - I have been using this shower cream for a few days now and I am so in LOVE with its scent and with its overall feel it does for my skin. It is made with Fair Trade organic cocoa butter and lathers really nicely on the skin leaving it to feel velvet soft. This shower cream is packed with cocoa butter and tonka absolute which really makes your shower or bath experience feel very relaxing and therapeutic. There's also a sweet blend of Brazilian orange and geranium oils which contribute to this relaxation experience. This shower cream is the perfect product if you are wanting a luxurious lather with the fine essential oils and where it will hydrate and soften your skin. The product also contains Lustre. 

  •  #3 - ROSE BOMBSHELL BATH BOMB - RRP $7.50 EACH - This bath bomb smells divine and sweet. The shape gives it away on what to expect the bath bomb will be. It contains rose petals, rose absolute and rose oil which all combine to deliver a luxurious bath experience. It fizzes up and the shell breaks away leaving behind a burst of rose petals. I would say the scent is filled with amazing floral such as geranium, Sicilian lemon, rose absolute and even Turkish rose oil. What I love about this bath bomb is that it's dissolves quite quickly in the water and your bath is filled with amazing rose scents and even rose petals. 
So there we have it with some of LUSH's new Limited Edition products, I hope you enjoyed this post. 

Are you excited to check out the Mother's Day 2016 range? 

Happy shopping! 

Livia xox 

Thank you LUSH for supporting me for this review. My reviews are based on my personal and true experiences. I only recommend products that I truly support.

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