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Monday, May 9, 2016



Snippet of Alpha Keri Slim Fit Event Launch and a preview into their range. 


Recently I attended the Alpha Keri Slimfit launch event at the Ivy Penthouse. I am so excited to share with you all of their latest launch featuring the Body Slimfit range catered to slim, tone and contour the body.  

Alpha Keri launched their very new look clinically proven technology product range which is made specifically for reducing cellulite, stretch marks and also slimming of the body just to name a few key benefits. There have been proven results in body slimming, contouring and toning and it really caught my interest because as we all know, there are women out there who do feel insecure about their bodies. 

The new range by Alpha Keri is designed to boost your confidence and actually show you the results in helping women to look and feel their best. It has been proven that around 80% of Australian women struggle with stretch marks, 85% with cellulite and 99% suffers with post breast sag. Thanks to the new range being offered and successful clinical trials, I really do believe that these products work to some degree. I've tried and tested them out right away and already I have noticed some results to firmer looking skin. 

I actually have been using the Body Slimfit, Cellulite Reductor and Slimming Serum since last week on my cellulite prone areas such as near the thighs, stomach and around the hips - and I have noted a reduced appearance in the cellulite marks along with the "muffin-top" areas too. With continual use of Alpha Keri's Body Slimfit range, I do believe that I can look to achieve a slimmer appearance and a more toned body. As it has been a week, I am going to continue to monitor my results so I'll be sure to update you guys on how I go with it all. 

At the event launch, we were also introduced to Alpha Keri's Brand Ambassador Sam Frost who is famously known as a radio host and on television Bachelorette. She said, 'The
world puts a lot of pressure on women’s bodies, but it shouldn’t stop you from feeling
confident and loving who you are. It can be confusing with so many products out there, and
it’s hard to know what works. I’ve been using Alpha Keri’s Body Slimfit range and I’m really
impressed with the results and can actually see the difference.”

Alpha Keri's new Body Slimfit range definitely proves to be an effective range with the many clinical trials and results they have observed through consumers. What makes their products so effective and unique is that they use highly sought after fat reduction ingredients such as Raspberry Ketones and Caffeine Pro Complex with toning and firming plant extracts such as Spirulina Platensis and Soy Isoflavones. All of these ingredients work to tone and slim down the targeted skin areas which in a sense would boost your confidence into rocking more body con outfits.

So for Alpha Keri's Body Slimfit range, their new releases include:
  • Alpha Keri Body Slimfit Heat Activating Slimming and Firming Serum (200ml) - RRP $49.95 - This particular range helps you to slim, shape and reduce the fat around your waist, stomach, hips, thighs and butt. This product includes a Fat Burner + Caffeine Pro-complex and Gluco Blocker Technology which essentially works together to boost metabolism speed and break down fat tissue and encouraging drainage of excess fluid and the excretion of toxins from the body. This product comes in a cream base so you would regularly apply it onto prone areas that you would wish to concentrate the slimming and toning areas on. This product also has a heat-burn mechanism to it which enables rapid penetration of actives for the best results possible. When applied onto the skin, it will start to feel tingly and warm, but don't worry about it too much - this means that it's working effectively so that your skin looks more toned and slimmed. Key ingredients include: Soy Isoflavones, Carnitine, Spirulina Platensis Extract and Caffeine. 
  • Alpha Keri Body Slimfit Bust Lift and Firm Cream (200ml) - RRP $49.95 - This is the ideal cream if you're wanting an invisible bra lift effect. It has been proven that you get over 5mm of a lift and fill to your bust (This has been tested under dermatological skin specialist control). So with the Bust Lift and Firm Cream, it features Alpha Keri's newest technology which is called the Lipid-filler Microsphere which works to plump breasts and helps to restore its youthful density. It helps to lift, firm and plump the bust. Included in the ingredients is the Marine collagen-filling microspheres which all work to stimulate the fat cells and swell by 10x in the presence of water so that you get a lifting and push up effect.
  • Alpha Keri Body Slimfit Stretch Mark Reductor and Slimming Serum (200ml) - RRP $49.95 - This particular cream helps to reduce stretch mark visibility, slim and shapes the prone areas you're wishing to target. This product contains actives-heavy combination of Bio-Enzyme Collagen-Filler + Fat Burner Technology which helps to reduce the appearances of stretch marks on the body. It also helps to regenerate the skin areas and boost elasticity for your skin. So say for example, your skin is looking quite 'saggy', then this is the best product for you to use regularly as it will increase elasticity and collagen for your skin. Not only that, it also helps to breakdown fats and promote fluid drainage which is why it's perfect for applying it onto the areas of your thighs, butt and tummy.
  • Alpha Keri Body Slimfit Cellulite Reductor and Slimming Serum (200ml) - RRP $49.95 - This cream is best used if you're wanting to erase cellulite, slim and shape your prone areas such as thighs, butt and tummy. These are the main areas I'd focus applying the cream on. It uses a Lipid Suction Fat Burner technology and the serum looks to enhance fat metabolism and promotes fluid drainage to fight cellulite. The formula helps to stimulate microcirculation and helps to break down fat so it's ideal for the areas around the butt, thighs and tummy. 

  • The Alpha Keri range can be purchased at your participating stockist here
  • For more information, head over here to find out more. 

  • They are a body and skincare expert with a strong presence in dermatologically tested products, 
  • Quite recently, the brand have undergone transformation shake up in its 50 year history by re-launching advanced skincare technology products, 
  • Their range now consists of body hydration products which are so ideal for those with dry skin, ageing, sensitive skin, cellulite, dermatitis and eczema prone skin. 
  • Their additional new range includes the Body Slim fit range which focuses on targeting body firming, toning and slimming. 

Are you keen to check out the new Body Slimfit range by Alpha Keri? 

Let me know on what you guys think? 

Livia xo 

My new body skincare routine which now involves the Alpha Keri Body Slimfit range, 

In the Spa and salon room, viewing the new Alpha Keri Body Slimfit range. 

Learning more from Sam Frost's experiences

Photos shown below have been provided by Alpha Keri, 

Media at the Alpha Keri Slimfit Launch at Ivy Penthouse.

Sam Frost, the brand ambassador of Alpha Keri

Sam Frost, the brand ambassador of Alpha Keri
Thank you Alpha Keri for supporting me for this review. My reviews are based on my personal and true experiences. I only recommend products that I truly support.

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