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Tuesday, June 7, 2016



Happy Tuesday to you all because this post is specially dedicated to those who have acne-prone skin and would like to learn more about what products I am currently using to help fight and control acne on the skin. Thanks to Mesoestetic, I've got my skincare routine going on and so far so good! 

Not only do I touch base on the acne prone products that Mesoestetic offers but I also look to discuss their new Stem Cell Body Serum which has been made to rejuvenate the body by smoothing and firming the skin out. So...really interesting stuff I've tried out in the few weeks and I am excited to share my thoughts with you all. 

Just wanted to say that I don't have the most perfect skin in the world and our skin can be too dry, acne-prone, too oily due to many factors (diet, environmental, genetics and many more). One particular challenge I've had to endure during my young adult years is definitely acne. In saying that, it all comes down to how you cleanse, tone and control the acne-prone areas of the skin and it also depends on what particular products you're using as well. 

So I looked to try out their new release called their Purifying Mousse and the Imperfection Control - especially made for those who have blemish prone skin. I also looked to take their new Body Serum Stem Cell to see how much it could look to firm out my skin. 

Check out my thoughts below to find out more how these products may benefit you too, 

Happy reading! 


Ensure that you cleanse your skin with a product that's made for blemish-prone skin, which is why Mesoestetic offers their Purifying Mousse helping you to cleanse the skin in the most effective and gentle way as possible. This mousse consists of a lightweight texture in mousse form of course where it contains glucosides and refreshing agents that helps to cleanse any impurities from deep into the skin. The skin is then left feeling super soft and supple. It's the perfect way to cleanse acne-prone skin - especially in a mousse like form because of how convenient it's also made to use...simply pump and the mousse will be dispensed in your hands. 

As for the active ingredients contained within the purifying mousse consists of Urea, which helps to soothe out any irritations and helps to moisturize the skin; Chlorhexidine, this inhibits the growth of micro-organisms (so that means prevents further acne from growing on the area); Enoxolone, this helps to reduce any swelling or inflammation that's caused by the acne. 

Overall, it has helped to so far clear up majority of my acne and dry them out at the same time. My complexion is clearing up and it will be gradual process considering that I use the purifying mousse on a daily basis. 



This Imperfect Control brought out by Mesoestetic is their new control for acne prone skin. It's made for the specific acne spots, breakouts, pimples, you name it. What makes this product a brilliant one is that the pigments in the formula have a modulated, progressive, concealing effect which means that it's suitable for those with different skin tones. No need to hide your blemishes here, because this product can help control those acne to another level. I used this product on my blemish spots that are so obvious and it helped to quickly reduce any swelling and inflammation within days. I am so impressed with the Imperfection Control and I wished I had discovered it earlier in my early days. 

Contained in the Imperfection Control is an Acne Complex consisting of a unique combination of active substances to help fight against the other factors that lead to the growth of further acne on the skin. There's salicylic acid, mandelic acid and sodium lepargilate - when all are combined allows for a deeper cleanse and reduces acne from forming on the skin. 

The product also has depigmenting properties and it helps to reduce epidermal redness, inflammation and swelling. How I would use the product is by applying a small amount of it to super clean skin. Just use a circular motion using your fingers to build up the colour and evenly over the affected areas. 

Overall, this was an effective acne-control type of product to use on the obvious acne and with consistent use, you can look to see a clearer complexion within days. 



Who knew a body serum could do amazing wonders. This is their new body serum that's designed to protect the existing stem cells by stimulating the skin's natural self-repair process. The product contains "nanoencapsulated plant stem cells AKA liposomes that helps to penetrate the skin" which means that you can now use this product right at home. 

Did you know that with the help of stem cell treatment, you can essentially help to support the skin cells by strengthening their self-repair?

How this product works is that it contains highly concentrated plant stem cell extract which helps to combat any signs of photoaging and helps to protect damaged skin. So in saying this, I would essentially use this product on parts of the body - arms, knees, legs, hands, stomach and any other areas of concern. 

Think of an anti-serum but one that's made for the body and consists of plant stem cells. The benefits that this body serum can look to deliver is giving you younger and a more firm looking skin. It also helps to protect the skin structures so that it doesn't get damaged any further. Once used, you'll find how nourishing it leaves your skin feeling which also makes it an amazing moisturiser to have. Similar to what anti-aging treatment would look to achieve, it helps to increase body metabolism, stimulate the cells and tones the tissues of your skin. 

The body serum actually feels lightweight and not oily or heavy. This product offers a whole heap of hydration for the skin making it feel smoother and softer within continued use. The active ingredients are Stem Cell Extract, Chronosmart Peptide, Retinol and Rosemary Extract. 

Overall, I love how this body serum leaves your skin feeling and looking more firmed, toned, and nourished. It's a great product to use if you have cellulite and wanting to tone that area further along with stimulating cell renewal. 


Have you tried out the NEW products by Mesoestetic? 

Let me know on your thoughts! 

Livia xo 

Thank you Mesoestetic for supporting me for this review. My reviews are based on my personal and true experiences. I only recommend products that I truly support.

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