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Friday, June 10, 2016



Here are some of my Winter Favourites for 2016..I know the season has just started but what a great way to start off by showing you what I currently fancy for the beauty and skincare category. 

From Beauty, Nail and Skin care...the list is simply endless. But for this Winter, I really wanted to share with you all of some of my Favourites that I have so far been loving. I just could not wait until end of the season to show these off to you guys, so...why not right? Let's get started into it! I'll be sharing some of favourites from Nivea, OPI and Rimmel London. All can be found at your nearest drugstore, supermarket, department stores and even online. (Online shopping is always the best..especially when you just want to sit on the lounge all day long)  

So I hope you guys enjoy My Current Winter Top picks where they are super affordable and effective in their own way (for which I'll tell you why right below).

Happy reading! 

Some of my NIVEA Favourites

L-R: Nivea Active Purifying Mask, Nivea Daily Essentials Double Effect Eye Make-up Remover, Nivea In-Shower Rich Body Lotion and Nivea Sensitive Micellar water. 

Here are my top picks by the NIVEA range, 


This product comes in a new bottle but still has the same size of 125ml. This product works amazingly well in removing waterproof mascara and makeup. The make-up remover contains Cornflower extract, allowing for a gentle make-up removal. It's made for ALL skin types and it easily removes waterproof mascara so for me it's definitely a winner. Once you dispense the product onto a cotton bud, it dissolves your make-up without that stinging feeling and it does not leave your skin feeling dry. It's even gentle to be used around the eye areas - so it's super helpful for those who have sensitive skin too. A little goes a long way when it comes to using the Double Eye Effect Make-up Remover so remember to not go over board with it. 

Love this product!! It has to be the best I've ever used! Quick and easy to use and does a fantastic job at removing tough mascara! It does feel greasy after use but it's nothing a warm face washer can't fix! 
Having very sensitive skin I'm a bit skeptical as to what products I use but I've had no issues with this at all!! Highly recommend this product!!


So we all know micellar water is so popular in the skincare beauty world...I just had to try out the Sensitive Caring Micellar Water by NIVEA once I heard they brought out a range. It's made suitable for those with sensitive skin, and is a 3 in 1 care cleanser for the face and eyes. It contains Dexpanthenol and Grape Seed oil. This Micellar water is perfect for removing all of your make-up, oil and residue. There is no rubbing or any irritations involved so it's the perfect bottle for cleansing your skin. It works deeply into your pores by attracting all of the dirt and helping to remove it. Additionally, the skin feels so moisturising thanks to the grape seed oil and the B5 provitamin. (So there's no drying out feeling from using the Micellar water as it's super gentle for the skin). Also, the product does not contain any parabens, colours or perfume - so super gentle to use in the long term as well. 

How I would use this product is by ensuring that I dispense a small amount onto a cotton pad (keeping your eyes close too) and then massaging it gently all over your face. There is no need to rub or rinse off the product. Simply throw away your used cotton pad and VOILA! Your skin will be cleansed and feel fresh. It's also ideal if you keep a bottle with you in your tote or travel bag as you never know when you'd want to re-freshen up your face. 


I use facial masks about two times a week and whenever I do, I look to focus on how my skin feels and looks during that time. I was so keen to try out Nivea's Active Purifying Mask (which comes with 2 applications). This particular one I tried is made for Oily/Impure skin. It effectively looks to fight and prevent pimples and blackheads. The Purifying Mask contains Magnolia Extract and White Clay which are both effective formulas in helping to deeply cleanse right into the pores and slay away any impurities. I also noticed that this Purifying Mask helps to mattify the skin and prevent any new blemishes from forming. My skin did not dry out in the process which was a relief because the mask works to maintain its natural moisture. The mask also contains a mild formulation of Bisabolol which effectively helps to calm and soothe the skin.

After applying the mask, my skin felt clearer and fresher. It's somewhat of a great feeling to have where the skin just feels so soft once again. When it comes to using a facial mask such as the Active Purifying Mask, it's recommended to use it about twice a week. 


This is an effective Rich Body Shower Lotion by Nivea. I use this lotion on a daily basis and let me just start by saying it's truly worth investing into if you have very dry skin. The lotion works by immediately absorbing into the skin where it leaves a nourishing feeling on the skin's surface to really give you the moisture that's needed. There is no greasy feeling from using the product and it works amazingly well whilst you're in the shower. (Seriously it saves you the time from looking to moisturise right after showering so that's definitely a bonus). 

My skin felt very soft and silky after showering and I am amazed by what this product can do. It helps you to get dressed immediately which means there's no hassles, sticky feeling or so when it comes to getting ready. This product is one of Nivea's innovation and has been highly raved on TV and also through social media. You would use this as a normal lotion and then look to rinse off whilst in the shower. 

The product is free from any artificial colours or silicones making it super safe to use in the long term, plus the product is readily biodegradable. It also contains Almond oil so that you get a longer moisturisation feel to your skin. 

My skin sometimes turns patchy, dry or flaky during the winter season, but thanks to the In Shower Rich Body Lotion, I am so happy I have found a product that can really solve my dry skin issues. 


WOW! The Lasting Finish Concealer by Rimmel London offers a long-lasting wear. This is a 2-in-1 high coverage concealer and ideal for those who really want their concealer to last longer, period. Look to hide your dark circles, imperfections for more than 25 hours. For me personally, I have obvious dark circles so I'd focus on concealing my dark circles and blemishes more. The formula is breathable and doesn't feel too heavy which is important for a concealer. I can look to wear this concealer all day and night and not experience any issues at all. It's also rub, fade and smudge resistant which makes it a fantastic concealer to use when you're out all day long. 

There are three shades available which is perfect because there should be shade for everyone. The concealer comes in a 6g sized pot and when warmed, the concealer blends beautifully onto concerning areas of the skin. 

  • RRP $11.69
  • Can be found at Priceline, Big W, Coles, Woolworths, Chemist Warehouse and Target. 
  • Otherwise please visit the website to find out more information here
L-R: Having A Big Head Day, I'm Gown For Anything!, The I's Have It and Oh My Majesty! 


Who doesn't love Alice in Wonderland - especially when OPI releases a range specially dedicated to the wonderful world of Alice. OPI is the world's number one brand as they're known for having a good quality nail lacquer range. 

OPI have just celebrated the May 26 release of Disney's Alice Through the Looking Glass with a brand new brights collection. The range is inspired by the film, especially with the Queen of Heart's make-up selection. So in the Mini Nail Lacquers, they're inspired by her make-up. I quite like these colours because they're bright and colourful. The story takes Alice back to the whimsical world of Underland, where she time travels just to save Mad Hatter (who doesn't appear to be himself). 

Pictured above features OPI's Mini Laquer Gift set from Disney's Alice Through The Looking Glass which comes with four x 3.75 bottles including: 
  • The I's Have It - Featuring a light, powder blue shade that looks amazing. 
  • Oh My Majesty! - Featuring a pearly beautiful pink/white shade.
  • I'm Gown for Anything! - Featuring a seriously divine, creamy lilac shade. 
  • Having a Big Head Day - Featuring a stunning and sizzling hot red shade. 

Overall, I really thought these shades were very wearable and cute. Each shade in the Mini Gift set is gorgeous and I would consider wearing all of the four shades. They definitely remind me of the Queen of Hearts and you guys so need to check out this Mini Set by OPI. 

  • RRP $18.71
  • Available at selected salons, MYER, David Jones. 


Which of the above was your favourite? 

Comment below to share your thoughts! 

Livia xo 

Thank you OPI, RIMMEL LONDON AND NIVEA for supporting me for this review. My reviews are based on my personal and true experiences. I only recommend products that I truly support.

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