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Wednesday, June 22, 2016



So if you've been following The Voice Australia 2016, you'll notice that NIVEA have been a proud sponsor with the contestants and show as well. I got to experience one of the Live Taping shows last Sunday...and what it feels like to put yourself out there for the whole world to see! It was truly a remarkable experience and so memorable. (Plus I got to see Ronan Keating perform)

But first let's talk about the main skincare and body products by NIVEA that the contestants have been using in preparation for every show. Using the right products is also key in order to shine and be more confident with who you are. 

Introducing their Daily Essentials Sensitive Caring Micellar Water AND Invisible For Black and White (In Clear or Pure). I've actually fallen in love with using NIVEA's Sensitive Caring Micellar Water as it not only looks to cleanse off your make-up, but it's a 3 in 1 Care Cleanser for the face and eyes. That is, it looks to remove your make-up, deeply cleanse and really moisturises your skin all at the same time so that it doesn't leave it feeling dry. When it comes to a big event, of course it's so important to ensure that you look to remove your make-up as soon as the day is over. (And that includes before going to bed). Having a fresh complexion is always the key to having healthier and glowing skin. Further from that, the Micellar water contains Dexpanthenol and Grape Seed Oil which essentially helps to reduce any redness, tightness and dryness on the skin. After using the micellar water, my skin feels incredibly soft, supple and smooth.

 For effective results, be sure to use the product morning and night by gently massaging it onto the skin with a cotton pad. You can also massage the micellar water onto the face before applying on your make-up to really clean and moisturise your skin - preparing it for the make-up application process. It's also great to know that the micellar water is skin compatibility dermatogically and ophthalmologically approved. 

Then, we have NIVEA's INVISIBLE For Black and White Anti-perspirant range, which is so important to consider if you're going to perform on-stage, in-front of millions of people to see (in the Contestants point of view) but for yourself - perhaps you're prepping for a big event. Ensure that you are using the right perspirant that offers more than normal protection. The Invisible range also helps to protect from yellow stains and white marks, hence keeping white clothes white and black clothes black for longer. There's 48h anti-perspirant protection of gentle care for your underarms. There's also no alcohol or colourants contained in the formula making it gentle to use. 

If you're not familiar with The Voice Australia, you can check them out on Channel 9. The current coaches/judges are Delta Goodrem, Jessie J, Ronan Keating and the Madden brothers (Benji and Joel). Also, the contestants are all talented and brilliant in their own way as their voices are unique. 

Keep a look-out for my Q&A (below) with NIVEA Skincare expert, Robyn Hutch, to learn more about her fantastic tips and tricks into having a clear skin complexion. You will be amazed and I hope you enjoy reading them! 

NIVEA Daily Essentials, Sensitive Caring Micellar Water - RRP $9.99 

NIVEA INVISIBLE For Black and White (Anti-perspirants and deodorant roll-on) - RRP $3.89 





Sources: NIVEA Youtube



I also attended The Voice Live Taping with NIVEA Skincare Expert, Robyn Hutch to learn more about her skincare tips for the contestants on the The Voice Australia and what's important. 

I have included a Q&A with the lovely Robyn Hutch right below so you guys can get an insight into what I have also learnt. Hope you enjoy the read and if you have further questions, feel free to shoot them over to me.

1. What are the pre and post skincare rituals for the contestants on The Voice?

As worldwide skincare experts, NIVEA understands that for this year’s contestants on The VOICE Australia, being at the top of their game every week also means caring for their skin. The reason for this is the experience involves a lot of stage make-up (even for the male contestants) hot lights and the emotional stress that comes with performing in front of a large crowd and live audience – all which as a combination can wreak havoc on your skin.

To help The VOICE contestants combat this and attain a good base for glowing skin, during a recent backstage skincare workshop, NIVEA explained the importance of a skincare regime that’s specifically tailored to each of their skin types.

Some key pre and post skincare rituals that were set in place after the workshop were:
  • Grooming of facial hair (for the male contestants) or shaving the correct way. This is something Alfie and Andrew were particularly excited about.
  • Using a deodorant prior to the show that not only offers anti-perspirant protection, but helps to prevent yellow or white stains on clothing. As you can imagine, the contestants sweat quite a bit during the live shows (both from stress and the hot stage environment), but as the show actually hires out most of their costumes, they need to avoid any sweaty stains on the clothing.
  • Quick and easy makeup removal – especially for the female contestants, as they wear quite heavy makeup.

2. How do the contestants help their skin cope with stress in the lead up to the big show? Any tips and do they use particular products?

The first step in caring for your skin during a period of stress is using products suited to your skin type. Drinking plenty of water is something that always helps as well.

In terms of specific products though, this year, The VOICE contestants are using NIVEA Daily Essentials Sensitive Caring Micellar Water to remove makeup after each performance. Something they also love about the product is how it cleanses and moisturises their skin in one effortless step – it means they’re able to get out of the studio and back home to bed faster (which also helps alleviate stress)!

The contestants have also been using NIVEA Invisible for Black & White Deodorant before each performance to ensure they’re protected from excessive perspiration and there is no added stress over staining their costumes.

3. I’ve heard they’re using the Black & White deodorant, what’s so special about this product and how does it fit into the contestants’ backstage prep?

Not only does NIVEA Invisible for Black & White Deodorant offer 48 hour anti-perspirant protection, but it also protects your black clothes from white stains and whites clothes from those unfortunate yellow stains. Its formula ensures protection from sweat and odour, while keeping your black and white clothes residue free for longer.

NIVEA Invisible for Black & White protects the textile fibers before the staining substances reach and penetrate them, enabling them to wash away, therefore protecting the fabrics for longer - whether they be white or black.

4. What are the best skincare products for acne-prone or oily skin?

For those of us with oily or acne-prone skin, it’s important to cleanse, (without over cleansing!) and to moisturise daily. Something important to note is how it’s still important to provide the skin with hydration and moisture, even if your skin is naturally oily. I would recommend the NIVEA Anti-Blemish Daily Wash Scrub for everyday care, followed by a light moisturiser like a fluid or NIVEA Soft. If you are heading out in the sun (yes even in winter) then I would recommend a light sunscreen like the NIVEA Sun Daily Face Veil SPF30.

For the men, like Adam from The VOICE who suffers from oily skin, I recommend using the NIVEA Men Clear Effect range to effectively care and control oil and shine and prevent any breakouts that may occur after shaving.

5. What are the best skincare products for dry and flaky skin just before a show or big event?

Caring for dry skin is super important, especially when you need to apply make-up before a show or big event. This ensures your make-up looks effortless and will heighten your natural glow, whilst also concealing the flaky parts of your skin.

Preparation is key, so ensure you have a gentle cleanser, even with a light scrub like the NIVEA Daily Essential Cream Face Wash to remove dead skin cells and remove any dirt and grime. Follow with a nourishing moisturiser like NIVEA Daily Essentials Rich Moisturising Day Cream SPF30. Something I recommended all contestants was to use a primer before applying make-up to ensure their make-up stays in place and looks fresh throughout their performance.

The best rockin' night ever! 

At Fox Studios, at The Voice set, before the show started. 

The centre stage! 

Pictured, Jessie J taking a pic for the Madden brothers. 


So I hope you enjoyed this EXCITING post by NIVEA X THE VOICE. 

Hope you also learned something new and valuable, 

Let me know if you'd like to see more Q&A's by commenting below or shooting me an email.

Happy reading! 

Livia x

Thank you NIVEA for supporting me for this review. My reviews are based on my personal and true experiences. I only recommend products that I truly support. 


  1. Hi Livia,
    Thanks so much for taking the time out to spend it with me at the VOICE. It was great to catch up and it truly was a night I won't forget quickly ! Wasn't Ronan amazing ?! Such a thoughtful and sweet coach for the contestants.
    Take care,
    Robyn (from NIVEA) xx

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