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Monday, June 6, 2016


Source: Dr. Hauschka Youtube 


This Autumn and Winter 2016, we see Dr. Hauschka bring out their Limited Edition Colour Collection Make-up range also known as the 'Spectacular Comeback' range as they are bringing the favourites back from the past which were known as the limited editions. There's a new harmonised look with the range and I am super excited to share my tried and tested experiences with you all. 

Just a little history with Dr. Hauschka is that they have been creating skincare and beauty care since 1967. Their products are all natural and organic, certified to NATRUE and BDIH standards. What truly brings out the brand is that they are free from any synthetic fragrances, dyes, preservatives, mineral oils, parabens, silicone, phthalates and PEG. All of their products have been dermatologically tested which means it's safe for those with sensitive skin too. Plus, they do not test on animals! All of the products featured are Made in Germany. 

I was super excited to learn that Dr. Hauschka released their Spectacular Comeback range which includes products that are 100% certified natural and organic. They are made out of mineral pigments and nourishing plant extracts which helps the skin to retain its moisture. Of the new products I tried and tested out that stood out for me included: 
  • Eyeshadow Trio (Limited Edition) 
  • Rouge Powder (Limited Edition) 
  • Balancing Teint Powder (Limited Edition) - this was voted as the Best New Product in the Make-up category 
  • Kajal Eyeliner in 08 (Limited Edition) 
  • Lipstick Novum in 08 (Limited Edition) 
  • Foundation in 02 

Majority of the products listed above are from their Limited Edition range and have been revamped today with even more flattering ingredients. Overall, the products that I looked to try look stunning and so flattering on the skin. I am also impressed with their product packaging where it just feels and looks more luxurious and of quality material. In saying this, you get more value for this new range and what a better way to rock this Winter with stunning looking colours and shades. 

Check out my thoughts as per below lovelies xoxo


I am so excited to feature the Balancing Teint Powder by Dr. Hauschka as it's also been voted as the Best New product in the Make-up category by the Trade Visitors at Vivaness (The leading International Natural and Organic Trade Fair). This powder is essentially used right after you have set foundation to really give your skin more of a smoother appearance. Once you open the compact, you will see three gorgeous shades that will suit every skin tone. The powder includes silk powder which is what helps to make your skin feel and look softer than ever. For a natural and organic product that is free from any nasties, it certainly does an amazing job in giving you a light-medium coverage over your concealer and foundation. 

  • RRP $54
  • Available to purchase online here


The eyeshadow trio is packaged in a rose gold colour that feels solid and sturdy. Who doesn't love a rose-gold packaging? The eyeshadow comes with three shades being of a cream, pale pink and brown shimmery and matte shades that are very well pigmented. The pigments are made from a nourishing composition of mineral pigments and nurturing plant extracts which makes it a safe and gentle eyeshadow palette to use everyday. They also contain fine Silk Powder and extracts of Anthyllis, Witch Hazel and Black Tea which helps to care for the areas around the eye as well. The colours are wearable for any occasion and you can look to create a light or dramatic look with this palette. 

Here's a little trick to the cream tone shade, I would use this shade as a highlighter for the cheekbones too because it's soft, nude and is of a beautiful glowing colour. The palette comes in an adorable travel sized pack that includes a mirror and a double ended sponge-tip applicator, making it convenient for whenever you're on the go. 

  • RRP $64
  • Available to purchase online here


This is more of a rosy coloured blush palette that is gorgeously presented in a travel sized packaging look. It comes with a travel-friendly brush and a compact mirror which is perfect for bringing this with you whenever you're on the go. The blush itself is highly pigmented in a lighter and darker shade of pink which is good as it gives you the option to create different looks as desired for your blush look. I would personally combine the two shades and sweep it across my cheekbones. 

The blush is made from mineral pigments, pure silk and balancing sage extract which all helps to nurture the skin. For an organic product, I am super impressed with the pigmentation and quality of the product. Once again, it's free from parabens and other nasties which is ideal for me because when it comes to applying make-up, I always want to know that I am using the safest and quality products for my skin as it's better in the long-term. 

  • RRP $50
  • Available to purchase online here


Making a comeback to their eyeliner range features their Kajal eyeliner in 08 Taupe which is a gorgeous gunmetal, dark black/grey shade that looks super earthy and subtle. The shade is softer than a darkest black eyeliner which is great because it's made to suit every eye colour so that you get a flattering look. (It's all about the eyes remember?) The formula of the Kajal eyeliner is definitely on point as it features a rich formula that's highly pigmented and consists of botanical oils and waxes. The Marula oil which is also present in the eyeliner acts to moisturise and protect the area around the eyes. 

Additionally, you can easily opt for a soft, smudged smoky eye look as there's a smudge applicator included on the other end of the eyeliner. (Talk about convenience guys!) Overall, I am in LOVE with this eyeliner shade, it just softens my eye look without having to go overboard with it. 

  • RRP $30
  • Available to purchase online here


This is a Limited Edition Lipstick brought out previously by Dr. Hauschka and is now back on the market. How gorgeous is Shade 08 in Maple Glow? It somewhat reminds me of the shades that Kylie Jenner rocks on her lips too. This shade is a neutral brown/red shade that looks super stunning and soft looking on the lips. The formula of the lipstick is silky soft and so when it goes onto the lips, it doesn't leave any dry or flaky feeling on it as it contains Argan Oil and Beeswax (which are two essential lipstick ingredients to have as they leave your lips feeling soft and healthy) along with their mineral pigments and medicinal plant extracts which simply leaves your lips staying protected for longer during the cold season. So overall, I am in LOVE with Maple Glow and so glad that it's been released again. You guys definitely need to check out this fantastic shade. 

  • RRP $36
  • Available to purchase online here


This is probably the first foundation by Dr Hauschka that I tried out in shade 02 Almond. It is their brand new foundation that comes in a 30ml tube consisting of a warm shade made suitable for those with light to medium skin tone. Their new foundation looks to conceal all of your blemishes, shadows and redness on the skin. It's a great medium coverage type of foundation to use for the skin as it contains high quality plant oils, waxes and medicinal plant extracts. Once again there are no nasties such as paraben present, so in the long term it is a safe and gentle foundation to use for the skin. 

The foundation actually looked radiant on the skin and helped to give a natural complexion. i am impressed with the formula as it doesn't dry out the skin, but instead it works to retain the moisture so it leaves your skin feeling hydrated. If you want, you can apply a moisturiser before applying your foundation to give your complexion a smoother look. 

  • RRP $60.01
  • Available to purchase online here

Have you checked out the Spectacular comebacks by Dr. Hauschka? 

If not..get right into it! 

Happy shopping, 

Livia xo 
Thank you Dr. Hauschka for supporting me for this review. My reviews are based on my personal and true experiences. I only recommend products that I truly support.

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