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Wednesday, June 1, 2016



These are the perfect winter essentials, especially when it's so cold and dry. My hands and lips get so dry easily, that's why it's important to ensure that moisture them every few hours. I always look to rely on Vaseline because they offer an intensive care and restoration.

You cannot go wrong with Vaseline's Intensive Care, Deep Restore (Non-greasy) Lotion. This product looks to restore the appearances of dry and flaky skin and leaves it feeling nourished all day long. The product also features micro droplets of Vaseline Jelly which helps to absorbs right onto your skin and doesn't leave any greasy feeling. The body lotion also helps to restore the skin's natural moisture balance which means it's the perfect solution for those who have dry skin. The body lotion is certainly lightweight and absorbs perfectly onto the skin. Seeing that it's winter, you cannot get away without moisturising your skin. As for the sizing of the products, they are available in 225ml (RRP $5.25), 400ml (RRP $7.68) and 750ml (RRP $11.57). 

Next, we have an ordinary look jar but you will be surprised with the extraordinary difference that it makes. The 100% Petroleum Jelly by Vaseline is described as being a gentle jelly that has many multi-uses such as dryness, nappy rashes, cuts, burns and many more. I would personally use the Vaseline Petroleum Jelly for whenever my lips are feeling flaky and dry or when parts of my hands or body feel dry and cracked. These are available in 50g (RRP $2.59) or 100g (RRP $3.99). 

As you all are aware, Vaseline and Direct Relief have partnered together to provide vital supplies to those who need help the most which is why I was so keen to tell you guys about The Vaseline Healing Project. For those who don't know who Direct Relief are, they are international medical aid organisation. Together, both Vaseline and Direct Relief will provide medical supplies, dermatological care and Vaseline products to help restore the skin of FIVE million people living in the wake of criss and disaster by 2020. Vaseline for this month will be donating a percentage of each sale to Direct Relief to help those living in crisis around the world. 

By simply providing dermatological care products, Vaseline Petroleum Jelly and many more goes such a long way to help those in need. 

Here is how you all can help to make a difference: 

Vaseline is inviting others to join in the Healing Project that can potentially aid millions that need our assistance, 
  • Look to send Relief Kits across the globe - You are invited to Vaseline.com.au/thehealingproject where you can build a relief kit for someone who really needs it. Donations in this way helps Direct Relief to send over $500 million of much needed resources to people who need it every year, 
  • From April to July - You can easily make a difference by purchasing either the Vaseline Jelly or Vaseline Lotion product. Each pack will donate to Direct Relief to help provide skin relief to those living in extraordinary circumstances, 
  • Observe where in the world Healing Aid are located - You can check out which parts of the world Healing Aid looks to support those in need. There's an online aid map that tracks and displays where The Vaseline Healing Project is supporting aid around the world. Simply head over to http://vaseline.com.au/thehealingproject

Recent Survey Statistics

Direct Relief conducted a recent survey across 39 countries to observe the need for skincare people living in crisis. (This was based on an internal survey of 127 of Direct Relief's partner clinics across 39 countries.) The findings included: 
  • 3 out of 4 health workers surveyed say that skin conditions are "regularly a complaint" among their patient populations, 
  • Over 80% of clinics surveyed say they see patients affected by eczema, scabies or burns, 
  • More than 50% of healthcare clinics surveyed do not have enough medicine or supplies to treat skin conditions, 
  • 80% of health care clinics surveyed they do not have a skin specialist or dermatologist.

The Vaseline Healing Project have donated 1.2 million units of Vaseline Jelly in 2015. Direct Relief distributed the product globally to patients via their network of partner clinics and first responder kits. 


You can help to make a difference today! 

Livia xo

Thank you VASELINE + DIRECTRELIEF For supporting me for this review. My reviews are based on my personal and true experiences. I only recommend products that I truly support.

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