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Thursday, June 9, 2016



Looking to whiten your teeth in general? Look no further because I have found a brand that offers a wide range of whitening products that helps to make your teeth appear more whiter and brighter...thanks to White Glo, you can look to achieve pearly whites quick! 

If you're a tea drinker like myself, you'll find that your teeth will be often stained by these drinks. And if you're a coffee drinker...well that's a different story. (In that case, you'll find yourself trying to look for teeth whitening products). You'll find yourself visiting the Dentist more often which can be expensive. There's a quicker solution and that's by investing in teeth whitening products that can range from toothpastes, teeth whitening strips and many more. The best part of it all? They can be used right at home and what better way to set aside some time to focus on some teeth whitening action. 

White Glo offers an amazing selection of whitening teeth products that may be suitable for you such as the below: 
  • White Glo, Professional Teeth Whitening System, Diamond Series - RRP $19.99 
  • White Glo, Diamond Series, Diamond White Toothpaste (Plus a Smart Plaque Seeker Tablet) - RRP $7.99 
  • White Glo, Diamond Series, Whitening Pen - RRP $19.99
  • White Glow, Bright Nights - RRP $8.99

Most importantly what makes the White Glo range even better is that their products are decently priced and in the long-run it would not be too expensive as compared to a trip to the Dentist. You should continue to go and visit your Dentist, however for a convenient and quick effective way to achieve those pearly whites, look no further but at the White Glo range because it really does wonders in looking to whiten up your teeth and reducing the stains that can be quite unattractive looking. So...the solution is to figure out which type of whitening option you're most comfortable with and stick to that option - whether it be using a whitening pen, strips, toothpaste and many more. 

If you're wanting to know where you can purchase these products or learn more information, simply head over http://www.whiteglo.com/ to find out more. Otherwise, they are easily found at Priceline, ChemistWarehouse, Coles, Woolworths,..just to name a few places that you may be familiar with. 

White Glo, Diamond White Toothpaste (Plus Smart Plaque Seeker Tablet)
 RRP $7.99

The toothpaste works to reduce plaque and stains on your teeth. The formulation within the toothpaste looks to deliver a whiter smile. (Say hello to whiter teeth) With regular use you'll find that this toothpaste helps to reduce plaque (so that your teeth feels cleaner and smoother), fights tooth decay and improves your oral health. The Plaque Seeker tablet which comes as a bonus with the Diamond White Toothpaste is an interesting concept. It's basically a chewable tablet where it seeks out the invisible plaque and stains on your teeth and shows them with a bright red indication. 

It really motivates you to work towards those areas in looking to concentrate all of your brushing efforts at. Once I tried out the Plaque Seeker Tablet, I was really impressed at the areas that it pointed out for me to focus more on which is definitely a huge help when you're looking to whiten your teeth at home. (Think of the tablet as your friendly Dentist to the rescue). And once you do use the whitening toothpaste, be sure to use it twice a day (morning and night) to really boost the effectiveness of the product and follow throughout until you see visible results of whiter looking teeth. I really do recommend this product for everyone - even for those first time users to the whitening product range - as this is the best product to start out with in looking to achieve whiter looking teeth. 

White Glo, Diamond Series, Advanced Teeth Whitening System RRP $19.99 

You can look to get whiter teeth in just 7 days. (Considering that you look to brush twice a day morning and night to boost results). The treatment time is only 5 minutes which is perfect for those who are time poor and maybe in a rush perhaps for an event. In this pack, you get a free Professional Choice Toothpaste 150g which is a bonus for you too. The pack comes with 1 x Whitening Gel 50ml which gives about 35 applications, 1 x Instant-Fit Mouth Tray which looks to whiten the upper and lower teeth all at the same time and then also 1 x Bonus Professional Choice Toothpaste. 

The Whitening Gel works amazingly well by looking to lift harsh coffee/tea stains and removes any particular yellowing on the surface of your enamel. It doesn't feel harsh on the gums which is what I quite like about the product. It's safe and gentle to use for my teeth and I did not experience any issues with it. I highly recommend this product if you're wanting to go a little extra step further in looking to whiten your toothpaste and are fully committed in fitting the mouth tray filled with the whitening gel every 5 minutes of your day. 

 White Glo, Bright Nights RRP $8.99

These whitening films look to dissolve instantly to give your teeth a whitening effect. They come in the form of strips which means there are no messes involved and it will make your life easier. These strips are definitely a quick fix in terms of looking to achieve pearly whites. This is recommended to use when you are in need of an instant whitening boost. The strips are quite effective as you simply place the them onto your teeth and allow to dissolve. The process is easy, quick and fast which is ideal for those heading out to a special event as you can instantly see the results right after you apply the strips on your teeth. 

White Glo, Whitening Pen RRP $19.99

This pack comes with a whitening pen and 7 x flexible White Glo Teeth Whitening strips which essentially helps you to achieve a whiter glow. The whitening pen has a high strength peroxide whitening gel where it's 100% safe to use and is an effective dentist formulation. It's super quick to use - especially on areas you want to really reduce the teeth stains for a whiter smile. 

Are you keen to achieve pearly whites? 

Have you checked out the White Glo whitening range as yet? 

Livia xo 
Thank you White Glo for supporting me for this review. My reviews are based on my personal and true experiences. I only recommend products that I truly support.


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