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Saturday, July 2, 2016



Looking for a new epilator that offers 2 new bodycare heads for radiant skin? I found the perfect wet and dry epilator for all of your legs, face and body needs. 

Say hello, to the Satinelle, Prestige Wet and Dry Epilator by Philips. It comes with an S-shaped handle which helps you to steer it all over the body. (This is actually the first epilator with a S-shaped handle which means it's made easier for steering and the maximum control). It doesn't feel too heavy or anything, hence in terms of weight it's definitely ideal for me. I feel that the epilator is very effective for removing the finest hairs as it's quick and easy. The epilator is made for the legs, face and body which comes with 8 accessories. (And did I mention a handy travelling pouch to keep all of the different types of heads in it for convenience). Furthermore, the epilator is cordless and rechargeable (which means that you don't have to rely on any cords whilst using the epilator). My previous epilator was not cordless, so you can imagine that I had to get up close to a power point to get the job done. Well that's not the case for the Satinelle Prestige Epilator. 

Also, stay tuned for the TOP 10 tips for healthy skin and removal by Philips. You're going to be keen to more about their helpful tips. 


The epilator head is quite unique as it's made from a ceramic material that looks to grab the hairs firmly which means that no fine hairs will be missed out. The epilator really looks to grip onto the finest hair which is good because that way no stray hairs are left behind. Additionally, the epilation head is quite 'wide' so that you get the best hair removal in just one stroke. (No need to go over the same area several times).


You will be pleased to know that majority of the Philips epilators have unique system where the tweezers lift and gather the lying hair, guide them to the pulling point firmly grabbing and pulling the hair out. It's very gentle to use and for optimal results, use on a weekly basis for smoother and hairless looking skin. 


Most other epilators don't offer this benefit but I was quite impressed with the fact that you can choose to use this epilator in both wet and dry environments. So maybe you'd like to use the epilator or shaver function in the shower, or perhaps right when you pop out of the shower. It all really depends on personal preference. 


Thankfully this epilator now comes with a unique light for the best results on the body parts. I remember my old epilator did not have this function, hence I kept scrambling to get good lighting every time I did use the epilator. But now my life has changed for the better with the convenience of a unique light on the epilator. 


For the best performance of using the Philips Satinelle, it's highly recommended that you use the epilator at a 90 degree angle. I actually put this to the test and have found that I did get better results in terms of hair removal. 


So they have finally added two extra body care heads being the Body Massager and Body Exfoliator brush. The Body Massager does a decent job in helping to relax your skin and help to deliver radiant looking skin. While the Body Exfoliator brush looks to ensure that all of the dead skin cells are scrubbed away entirely, leaving silky smooth skin. The hypo-allergenic 48,200 fine bristles look to sweep, stimulate your skin's surface. Hands down...the body exfoliator works more effectively than a manual exfoliator. 

Furthermore, the epilator comes with a shaver head and trimming comb so that you get the closest shave. There's also two caps for more of the gentle parts of the body being the underarms, face or bikini areas. Plus, there's a massager cap for epilator which eases the epilator sensation. And last but not least, the box also includes a skin stretcher which looks to tighten skin during epilation. 


I am overly impressed with the Philips Satinelle Prestige epilator. It definitely has replaced my old epilator for which I have been using for years now. I love the additional brush heads for the body, face and legs. (And did I mention the Body Massager is a bonus). Also, the face and body hair removal epilator is really super convenient, easy and quick to use which I am highly satisfied with. And it doesn't stop there, you can swap the brush head to the Body Massager to relax the body or to the body exfoliator to remove all of the dead skin ways in the most effective way. And if you were curious to learn whether it hurts to use an epilator? I'd say no, because it's bearable and removes hair in the most gentle way as possible. I would highly recommend this product if you're wanting an easy method to remove hair (without undergoing IPL treatment or waxing). 

  • RRP $299.95 
  • For more information regarding the Philips Satinelle Prestige, head over here
  • Here are some of the stockists you can check out, Shaver Shop (online here) or in store at Myer, David Jones, Shaver Shop, Harvey Norman and Bing Lee.


Source: Youtube Philips 

Check out some helpful tips by Philips below x

Image provided by Philips. 

10 tips for healthy skin and hair removal by Philips

Philips offers readers top tips on healthy skin and hair removal:

1. Know your skin, you need to analyse what is best for you and your bodyDifferent treatments will suit different people. Red heads stereotypically experience a lot of pain when waxing, so it’s best if they look at other options. Also, if your hair grows quickly and is quite coarse you probably want to consider laser hair removal to minimise the time spent on upkeep.

2. Protect against UV with SPF. It may be autumn, but that doesn’t mean that strong UV rays won’t permeate through the Ozone layer. Find a daily moisturiseror foundation with a broad-spectrum SPF 30+ to hydrate and protect your skin.

3. Reduce your shower temperature. We all love a hot shower when it gets colder, however high temperatures and cleanser will wash away the natural moisture that resides within your skin cells. Ensure that your water temperature is appropriate and doesn’t dehydrate your skin.

4. Exfoliate regularly. Making the effort to exfoliate whilst showering will assist in removing dead skin cells and allows moisturisers to properly soak in to the skin giving you an extra glow. The Philips Visacare will help exfoliate skin and keep you looking fresh in the winter months.

5. Moisturise... and moisturise again. Both before you start your day and again before climbing into bed, be sure to slather your body with a thick moisturiser that will trap and lock in your skins essential oils. Moroccan Oil is great for areas such as knees and elbows that dry out faster.

6. Skip over-the-top fragrances. Dry skin tends to be more sensitive, and will react to skincare scents, whether synthetic or natural. Opt for fragrance free products, and your skin will thank you.

7. Think ahead and remove hair. Spring will soon be here, so take time to invest in your future skin. Your hair grows in multiple stages so if you want to be on hairless this summer you should allow time to use your IPL machine or epilator a few times before the warmer weather comes around.

8. Many people experience different levels of pain when removing hair. Often they turn to a razor as it hurts less. However, this only acts as a short term method of hair removal. Branch into some new methods, many people find Epilators and IPL aren’t that painful and the results last longer.

9. Get to the root of the problem. Waxing is a great way to remove excess hair. However, if done wrong people can experience pain and slight burning. Laser and IPL treatments are great alternative as it does not lead to scaring and grazed

10. Location is everything. Attending appointments can be a hassle when trying to fit them into our busy schedules. Finding effective, hassle free treatments at home are key to looking great this summer. Philips offers shaving products for days of smooth skin, epilators for weeks and IPL for months.


Featuring the Satinelle Prestige Wet and Dry Epilator by Philips. 

I love how the epilator comes with a unique light for optimal results! 

Simply turn ON and let it do its job! 
Cordless and rechargeable - no cords required. 

Featuring the epilator head. 

Featuring the different types of heads included for face, body and legs. 

Featuring the massager head. 

Featuring the Body Exfoliation brush. 

Featuring the shaver head and comb. 

Image provided by Philips. 

Image provided by Philips. 

Above: Showcasing the additional brush heads that are included in the box. 


Have you checked out the Satinelle Prestige Wet and Dry Epilator as yet? 

What are your thoughts? Comment below as I'd love to hear what you think. 

Livia xo 

Thank you PHILIPS for supporting me for this review. My reviews are based on my personal and true experiences. I only recommend products that I truly support. 


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