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Sunday, July 10, 2016



You'll most likely have come across Bourjois Paris cosmetics whilst shopping at Priceline, but maybe you weren't familiar with the brand? That's why I am excited to show you guys with some of the amazing products I looked to try out!  

So as previously mentioned I am so excited to share with you all on some of the Bourjois products that I have tried out recently. Get ready to be amazed guys! You can easily find the Bourjois range stocked at Priceline selected stores all around Australia. 

From their blushes, eyeshadows to even liquid lipsticks, I am quite impressed with the overall quality and luxury packaging. Bourjois have indeed been in the beauty market for a very long time, dating back from 1863 and was started by Monsieur Bourjois. 

Hope you enjoy this fun-filled beauty post, happy reading xoxo

  • Bourjois Little Round Pot - in shades TOP LEFT: Utaupique 06 & LEFT BOTTOM: Generose 02 - RRP $20.00 each - These are two amazing eyeshadow cream-powdered textured based that leaves an even finish to your make-up application. The colour is quite buildable and lasts for up to 12 hours due to its cream powder fusion formula. This is ideal for those wanting a long wear for their eyeshadow make-up application. In terms of the product packaging, it comes in a 1.7g size, complete with a cute, compact mirror. The lid is magnetic so it shuts tightly making it essential for taking around in your travel pouch or handbag as it won't spill. (It definitely is travel friendly). As for the shades, I actually swatched them below, so be sure to scroll below to check it out how it would potentially look like. 
  • For Generose 02, it's more of a pale cream shade with a tad of shimmery particles to it. It would make such a fabulous highlighter shade for around the eyebrows and eyelids of course. 
  • For shade Utaupique 06, it's more of light matte brown shade which lasts for about 12 hours. It looks very natural and ideally I would wear more of this shade for when I am heading out. 

  • Bourjois Blush in shades TOP RIGHT: Lilas d'Or & RIGHT BOTTOM: Rose Frisson 54 - RRP $20.00 each - Featuring the blush range by Bourjois and what makes these so adorable is because of the formula and packaging combined. The blush has a soft and velvety touch to it which makes it incredibly easy to apply during makeup application. Additionally, the blush has a rose fragrance to it which smells beautiful and refreshing. Included in the blush compact features an applicator brush (that feels of natural and great bristles), plus with a built in mirror. Once again you cannot go wrong with this travel friendly product. 
  • For shade Lilas d'Or it features more of a deeper pink with gold shimmery particles to it. This shade is definitely natural looking and doesn't look too "pink" which is essential if you're looking for a natural pink, but with not too much pink in its shade. 
  • For shade Rose Frisson, this is more of a lighter pink for that elegant and girly blushed look that you're after. It's still warm toned so it definitely looks natural at the same time. 


I have swatched the Bourjois blushes and eyeshadow range. 

So the top two are the Bourjois Little Round Pots (eyeshadows), whilst the last two bottom are Bourjois blushes. 

  • Bourjois Rouge Edition Lipsticks, 33ml - RRP $19 each - shades (From left to right) 18 Violine Strass, 33 Peche Cocooning (in 12HR) and 13 Rouge Jet Set. 
  • So I guess you guys are curious to find out more about these particular lipsticks...one thing is for sure is that their formulas are incredibly nourishing and moisturizing. All of the lipsticks have been enriched with about a quarter of pure lacquer fora radiant, glossy finish and orchid blossom extract which means that it effortlessly glides onto the lips. It leaves them feeling silky smooth and also full of amazing and vibrant colour. 
  • In terms of the longevity wear of these lipsticks, I would have to say that last on the lips for about 8-10 hours which is pretty good considering that I rocked these lipsticks on a night out and they lasted all the way through. I've only had to touch up here and there after drinking. Your lips will continue to stay hydrated and feel smooth. There is no drying feeling to it. What makes these lipsticks amazing is that they contain moisturising shea butter which is essentially what keeps your lips hydrated and protected all day long. 
(Check out the swatches below for the lipstick shades) 

  • Bourjois Rouge Edition in Velvet, in shades 03 Hot Pepper and 09 Happy Nude Year - RRP $24 - Featuring two amazing shades of liquid lipsticks by the Bourjois range. It's the new innovation in beauty combining a lipstick and lip-gloss feature in one product. The shades all have a velvety texture to them which consists of 1/4 of pure pigments for that intense colour, 1/4 of velvet concentrate (that way you get matte finish to the liquid lipsticks) and most importantly....they last for up to 24 hours. (if only we could stay up for that long, but you get the concept right?) These liquid lipsticks lasts all day long and that's why these are definitely my favourite of the bunch so far. The liquid lipsticks come 7.7ml each, along with a comfortable applicator. 
(Check out the swatches below for the lipstick shades) 

Which is your favourite shade by the Bourjois range

How gorgeous are the shades right? I find it difficult to select a 'favourite' shade, however I cannot go wrong with the liquid lipsticks shades in Happy Nude Year and Hot Pepper. 

As for the above lipstick shades in Violine Strass, Peche Cocooning and Rouge Jet Set, they're unique in their very own way and can be worn for different occasions. 


Have you tried any of these? 

Let me know by commenting below x

Livia xo 

Thank you Bourjois Paris supporting me for this review. My reviews are based on my personal and true experiences. I only recommend products that I truly support. 

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