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Tuesday, July 19, 2016



So when I stumbled upon another discovery, namely the Blinc cosmetics range, I was so keen to learn more about their Smudge-proof, Water-proof eyeliner pencils and Eye shadow primers. 

If you have been following LIVIA for some time now, I have reviewed a few products from the BLINC range and let me say, their range consists of high quality pigments, ingredients and many more. For the beauty eye products that I have tried out includes the BLINC Eyeliner Pencils (in shades White, Black and Blue) and their Eye shadow primer (in shade Light tone). The products are come in durable packaging which definitely looks to protect the actual product itself. (Comes useful for when you are travelling)

Keen to hear more about these lovely beauty eye products? 

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  • Blinc, Eyeliner Pencil (in shades white, black and blue) - (RRP $35.95) - If you're after a smudge-proof, water-proof and life-proof type of eyeliner, be sure to check out this particular range by Blinc. They feel so durable and luxury. The eyeliners provide a creamy formula that looks to glide effortlessly so this is definitely ideal for me. It also looks to condition at the same time which means you get no dryness whilst lining your lids thanks to the vitamins and antioxidants contained in the eyeliners. The colour is very pigmented and intense if you're after that bold, lined look for your eyes. It's also water-proof and does not even smudge of fade which is perfect for all seasons. And finally, best aspect of it all...it removes quite easily with make-up remover. (There's no tugging or struggles when it comes to cleaning it off). These are by far the longest wearing eyeliner pencils I have tried to date so they have definitely been a favourite of mine to rock on a daily basis or when I'm out at a special occasion. 

Photo by BLINC, model has used the blue eyeliner pencil by Blinc. 

Photo by BLINC, model has used the Black Eyeliner pencil. 

  •  Blinc, Eye shadow primer - (RRP $35.95) - By ensuring that you apply an eye shadow primer beforehand, you're allowing your eye-makeup to look crease-free all day long, whilst providing your skin with anti-ageing benefits too. (Which is definitely another bonus). This product contains ingredients that have been clinically studied to reduce fine lines 67% after six weeks, and also increase the skin's moisture by 53% after one week. Ideally the eye shadow primer is made to not create further creases to your eye shadow, fade or smudge. Additionally, you can easily remove it with a make-up remover. Also, I found that when it comes to using the product itself, it comes with a sponge tip applicator which makes it so convenient for application near your eye lids. All you need to do is apply a small amount and then look to spread this evenly on the lid with either a brush or using your fingertips. What I really love about this product - has to be the full coverage of concealing benefits that it offers, helps to fill any existing fine lines, along with reducing any redness and lastly providing a smooth lid to prep it for eye shadow application. 

Photo by Blinc, featuring the Eye shadow primer by Blinc. 



Top to Bottom: Eyeliner pencil in Black, Blue and White. 
Bottom: Eye shadow primer in Light Tone.


Based on the swatches above, you can actually see how incredibly pigmented the eyeliner and eyeshadow primer are. They last all day long; are of water-proof and smudge-proof which is essential when it comes to selecting beauty eye products. (We all don't want raccoon looking eyes at the end of the night, which is why it's essential to consider products (especially from the BLINC range) that lasts long and come water-proof too). 


Have you tried out the above eye products by Blinc

What do you think? 

Livia xo

Thank you BLINC for supporting me for this review. My reviews are based on my personal and true experiences. I only recommend products that I truly support. 

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