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Tuesday, July 5, 2016



If you're a Body Shop fan like myself...or simply new to this brand, then you'll definitely be excited to hear more about my thoughts on the British Rose skincare range by The Body Shop. 

So if you prefer the rose scented style of skincare range, then surely you'll fall in love with the British Rose selection of beautiful products made available at your local Body Shop. I looked to discover some of their new products from their range including their Petal Soft Bath Foam (Because I seriously can't get enough of hot baths during water), their Instant Glow Body Butter and their Fresh Nude Foundation (Yes - they even offer a make-up range which is seriously awesome)

Check out the featured products by The Body Shop which have really caught my interest, hence the full review that I shall be sharing with you guys today. When it comes to incorporating some of The Body Shops into my daily skincare routine, it's always a good idea because the products have not been tested on animals and the packaging is pretty and attractive

Happy reading and I hope you enjoy my TOP 3 featured products by The Body Shop, 

  • The Body Shop British Rose, Instant Glow Body Butter - RRP $24.95 - This body butter has a 24 hour moisture protection barrier to it and is made especially for normal to dry skin. This has been one of my favourite body butters to date as it presents itself as a luxurious glowing body butter to use for the skin on a daily basis. It smells absolutely luscious and sweet of rose essence. The texture reminds me of a velvet-smooth consistency that feels very lightweight. It does not feel sticky upon application and is the perfect essential for this Winter. Once you've applied the moisturiser on, it will instantly give you a 'glowing' appeal to your skin so it definitely has the added hydration feel to it. The body butter has even been made with hand-picked British roses so it definitely has an irresistible scent to it. Contained in the ingredients includes Shea Butter, Brazil Nut Oil and Rose extract. 

  • Fresh Nude Foundation, The Body Shop in Hawaii Macadamia 024 - RRP $36.95 - I have yet to try any of The Body Shop Foundation until I came across the Fresh Nude Foundation from their make-up range. I was quite impressed with this particular foundation as it's very lightweight and moisturising on the skin. It does not dry out my skin which is great and you can easily see how nourishing it already looks (Pictured above in the swatch in Hawaii Macadamia 024). What is also great about the Fresh Nude Foundation is that it's enriched with English Rosewater and Aloe Vera. Not only is it just a lightweight foundation but there's a small element of sun protection of SPF 15+ to it which is essential if you're going to be outdoors and about. The finish of this foundation is "skin like" (AKA Semi-matte) and blends in well and naturally onto the skin. This foundation is also made suitable for all skin types. This particular foundation is perfect for daily use and not really for a full coverage foundation. It's made for more of a light to medium coverage as it doesn't fully conceal all of the blemishes and scars that I had. (So if you do happen to give this a go, don't forget your conceal those areas first!) 
  • As for the shade range, there are about 16 other shades so there's definitely a shade for everyone. (So there's heaps of variety and colour matches to be done there). 
  • Overall, the final finish looks very natural and glowing on the skin. Skin is instantly left feeling very moisturised for up to 24 hours, plus with the added protection of SPF 15+. 

  • Petal-Soft Bath Foam, The Body Shop British Rose - RRP $19.95 - If you're after a bath foam that smells of rose petals, indulge in this irresistible product. Since Winter is the perfect weather for soaking yourself in a warm bath, you're going to love this bath foam as it smells of British Roses. The foam makes the bath fun and exciting, whilst also leaving your skin feeling much smoother. There's rose extract contained in the formula which is what essentially helps to relax you and give you that "therapeutic" experience. 
  • Overall, if you're wanting to jazz up your bath foam and wanting to incorporate that "rose essence" scent to it which transforms your mood from being tired to feeling much relaxed - check the Petal Soft Bath Foam out. 

Have you tried any of the Body Shop products I have mentioned? 

Let me know x

Livia xo 

Thank you BODY SHOP for supporting me for this review. My reviews are based on my personal and true experiences. I only recommend products that I truly support. 

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