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Wednesday, July 6, 2016



Keen to learn more about what new Winter essentials I have tried out so far? I explored the derma e range which is made available at Priceline, independent pharmacies and via online. 

If your skin is in need of some TLC, look to rejuvenate your skin with the derma e range because their skincare products are made to rid any dry skin cells and replenish your skin. 

What makes the derma e range unique is that I noticed the ingredients have been created using natural and powerful active ingredients such as Papaya, Kaolin, Bentonite clay, Marine Algae and many more. The products are quire affordable and actually work well for my skincare routine which are ideal. 

So derma e was actually developed by Dr Linda Miles, who is a Doctor of Oriental Medicine. With her expertise, she has been able to develop a range that effectively helps to unclog pores and stimulate the skin. Most importantly, the range is priced at an affordable level which caters for many of you out there who still want effective products but within a budget. 

I am so excited to share my thoughts on FOUR of the skincare products I have tested out including of the below: 
  • Derma e, Purifying 2 in 1 Charcoal Mask 
  • Derma e, Microdermabrasion Scrub (Best Selling) 
  • Derma e, Anti-Wrinkle Vitamin E Glycolic Mask 
  • Derma e, Anti-Wrinkle Vitamin E Glycolic Cleanser 

My overall thoughts on the range is that the ingredients incorporated within each product are unique and very beneficial for the skin. As for my overall complexion, it has definitely cleared up immensely where my pores are looking clearer and skin feeling much smoother. 

Check out the below to see which products worked for me from the derma e  range. 

Happy reading x 


  • Derma e, Anti-Wrinkle Vitamin A Glycolic Cleanser - RRP $19.95 - This is a naturally exfoliating type of cleanser that works effectively for all of your facial cleansing needs. The cleanser includes Papaya, Vitamin A, Glycolic Acid and Sea Kelp which assists in promoting new skin cell renewal. The cleanser works AMAZINGLY well for the skin as it leaves it feels invigorating, clean and super fresh. I actually found this cleanser to be effective in terms of ridding my clogged pores which is always an excellent feeling. I would definitely recommend this cleanser as it's packaged in a 175ml pump sized bottle which is convenient to be placed in your shower or bathroom.  

  • Derma e, Anti-Wrinkle Vitamin A Glycolic Mask, With Kaoline and Bentonite Clays - RRP $29.95 - I love facial masks (especially when you get the time for yourself just to chill out). This facial clay mask contains Kaolin and Bentonite Clays which makes it almost a natural mask product to use. It effectively deep cleans right into your pores, absorbs any excess skin oils and helps to reduce the appearances of large and small pores on your skin. This product is mostly suited to those who have normal to oily skin and also helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. (The fact that it has anti-ageing purposes is even a plus). So after cleansing my skin, I would apply a generous amount of the facial mask covering all of the areas I'd like to refine and leave this on for about 10-20 minutes. After the time is up, I'd look rinse with lukewarm water. After using the face mask, I can already feel a smoother difference to my skin's texture which is great because that's the reason why I tend to use face masks for my skin.

  • Derma e, Purifying 2-in-1 Charcoal Mask - RRP $34.95 - I always know that charcoal works as an amazing natural ingredient for a face mask because it helps to lift dirt, pollutants, oil and bacteria to really unclog the pores. This mask is not just a mask, it also looks to exfoliate the skin all at the same time to smooth out your skin's texture due to the apricot seed powder. Overall, it's a simple, quick and effective way to combine both a mask and exfoliator all in the one product. My skin feel super smooth after using this Charcoal mask and I am actually quite pleased with the results. I would purchase this product again considering that it has improved my skin's texture and help unclog my pores. 

  • Derma e, Microdermabrasion Scrub (Best Seller) - RRP $29.95 - This has been reccomended as a Best Seller among the derma e  range. It contains Dead Sea Saly and Volcanic sand which "buffs" away all of the dead skin cells and replenishes your skin once again making it look glowing and clearer. There's a lovely citrus scent to this product which is alright for me considering it's not too strong. It's definitely bearable so I feel that makes the product interesting in a way. After using this Microdermabrasion scrub, I realised that it made my skin glow and look more plump. I guess the whole idea of using a microdermabrasion is to ensure that all of the aged cells and dry bits on your skin are effectively removed so that your skin looks and feel much replenished. 

Overall, all of the derma e products do not contain any nasties such as paraben, GMOs or petrolatum. They are cruelty-free and super vegan friendly. You will also note that from the packaging they are completely recyclable and definitely supports an eco-friendly attitude towards their range. 


So there you have it with my take on testing out the derma e range. I hope this was really helpful for you. 

Have you tried any of the mentioned products? 

Let me know on your thoughts, 

Livia xo 

Thank you DERMA-E for supporting me for this review. My reviews are based on my personal and true experiences. I only recommend products that I truly support. 

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