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Thursday, August 11, 2016



Bourjois is such a classy brand that can be found at Priceline stores across Australian stores. Alternatively, you can check out their official website here

If you guys missed out my first post about the Bourjois range, catch up on your reads here later. I recently attended a Bourjois launch where they showcased the most recent products that will be launched to Priceline stores, and also via their online official website. (I have provided this link in the subheading in case you were wondering). 

As previously mentioned, Bourjois dates back to 1863 where the brand was essentially established by Monsieur Bourjois. They offer a wide range of cosmetics such as foundations, concealers, eyeshadows, blushes, liquid lipsticks and so much more. What interests me the most about this particular range has got to be the packaging and the overall quality of these beauties. 

Get ready for a fun read about the newest launches that are currently now available in-stores or will be looking to be released later this year at Priceline stores. Keep your eyes peeled! 

Happy reading xx 


  • Bourjois, Rouge Edition Velvet, (Matte Finish) in Shade 03 Hot Pepper - RRP $24 each - So as you can all see it's a liquid lipstick (a trending new concept favoured by the beauty lovers out there), and it also comes in a matte finish to really give you those beautiful looking lips. So imagine combining a lipstick and lip-gloss, you'll get two benefits in just one product. The texture is very velvet which means that it goes on smoothly onto the lips, plus it offers an intense colour which really makes your pout stand out. As for the long-wearing factor, it actually lasts for more than 10 hours (considering that I wore this for a whole day..but it also says that it can last for about 24 hours...so if you're wanting to test 24 hours out, I challenge you all!). As for the overall packaging, it comes in a 7.7g and also with a lip applicator so you can effortlessly apply it to your lips. 

  • Bourjois, Little Round Pot, Eyeshadow in Shade 03 Originale - RRP $20 each - This shimmer, neutral looking eyeshadow is super gorgeous looking and so easy to wear with any skin tone. It's a creamy-powdered texture which leaves an even finish to your overall make-up application. The shade is quite buildable which means it will last you over 10 hours of wear as it's a cream powder formula. If you're looking for long-wear and a gorgeous, subtle shade - be sure to check this one out. 

  • Bourjois, Blush in Shade 32 Ambre d'Or - RRP $20 each - is more of a warm toned brown/red type of blush that looks very natural on the cheeks. The blushes feel soft and velvety. The product comes with a compact mirror and a blush brush which is perfect for any of your travelling needs. 


1 - Bourjois, Blush in Shade 32, Ambre d'Or 
2 - Bourjois, Eyeshadow in Shade 03, Originale (Little Round Pot) 
3 - Bourjois, Rouge Edition Velvet (Matte Finish) in Shade 03 Hot Pepper 


  • Bourjois, Healthy Mix Foundation (in Light Beige) - RRP $32 each - This foundation smells so fruity and pleasant. If you're wanting to boost your skin complexion, this particular foundation can look to do that by enhancing your skin's radiance. It leaves your skin looking flawless for more than 10 hours which is perfect if you're after that long-wearing coverage for your skin. The foundation is actually enhanced with fruits to really enhance your complexion into looking more healthier. It contains apricot (for extra radiance), melon (for extra hydration) and apple (for protection of your skin). I felt that this foundation blended so well with my skin that it left a natural overall look. (It does not look anywhere 'cakey' which is definitely ideal for me). The texture is soft and easily blends on the skin leaving you with that healthy dewy finish. 

  • Bourjois, CC Eye cream - RRP $22 each - I am always looking for the best eye cream in the beauty market because let's be honest...we can't permanently rid dark circles and tired looking eyes. What I love about this CC Eye cream is that it's the first CC eye cream that I know of. It offers over 24 hours of hydration for the eye areas and SPF 15+ so that it stays protected during the day. It actually helps to correct dark circles which means this has so far been my FAVOURITE product. The formula is very lightweight and even illuminates the eye areas even more. 


1 - Bourjois, Radiance Reveal Healthy Mix in shade #53 Light Beige 
2 - Bourjois, 123 Perfect, CC eyecream 


  • Bourjois, Liner Feutre, Felt-tip liner, SLIM - RRP $24 each - This eyeliner comes in a felt-tip pen style which is perfect for achieving the winged eyeliner look. It lasts for the whole day (considering that I rocked this on my eyes for over  9 hours) and it didn't show signs of flaking too which was great to know. The fact that it comes in a slim size really makes your life easier when it comes to lining your eyes. 

  • Bourjois, Volume Glamour Push Up Black Serum - RRP starting from $20 - NEW to the Bourjois range we have their Black Serum that offers an intense black to your lashes and leaves them feeling really silky. I really enjoyed using this product as it just enhances my lashes to make them appear even more bolder for which I definitely recommend if you're looking for an enhancing product. 

Have you tried any of these before by Bourjois? 

Let me know on your thoughts,

Livia xo 

Thank you BOURJOIS for supporting me for this review. My reviews are based on my personal and true experiences. I only recommend products that I truly support.

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