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Monday, August 1, 2016



Sukin natural skincare products were launched back in 2007 by a Melbourne based family where their aim was to provide high quality, affordable and effective natural skin and hair care products in the hair and skincare market. 

As the Sukin products are all Australian owned and made, they have maintained affordable prices that will surely fit your budget. I am sure many of you may have noticed the Sukin brand at your local Priceline store (A popular drugstore located in Australia for all of those not familiar with the store). 

I am so excited to share another review with some of their skincare range I have checked out recently. I was so eager to try their Revitalising Facial Scrub to their Foaming Facial cleanser and also not to mention their Hydrating Mist Toner (which seriously looks to soothe and tone the skin). 

Are you ready to find out how much skincare essentials you can get for less than $30? 

Check out the below to see what I thought of each of these x 

Revitalising Facial Scrub - RRP $9.95

So this is a facial scrub that does not contain any nasties being sulphates or paraben which is great for your skin in the long run. The facial scrub contains bamboo and ground walnut shells which work to gently exfoliate the face, along with aloe vera, rosehip and chamomile which all look to incredibly smooth and soothe the skin after the exfoliation stage.

I can say that this facial scrub effectively removes all of the dirt, oil and impurities literally stuck deep down in your pores, leaving your skin feeling super radiant and glowing. For a facial scrub, it really is suitable for all skin types and also feels like you're indulging in your self-pampering session. For less than $10, you seriously cannot go wrong with a facial scrub that works effectively in removing any dirt and residue left on your face at the end of the day. It's affordable and is Australian owned and made. 

Foaming Facial Cleanser - RRP $9.95 

Known as Sukin's Best Selling Facial Cleanser...I now know why it has been a popular sell among their other skincare products. Once again we have a facial cleanser, this time in the form of a "foam" based type of cleanser when lathered up with water. It's made suitable for all skin types so therefore it's definitely gentle and safe to use on the skin as it doesn't contain any sulphates or paraben. It actually contains Chamomile, aloe vera, witch hazel and green tea with macadamia along with evening primrose oil which all helps to balance out your skin wonderfully. 

Personally, this was an amazing cleanser to use twice a day. It does not even dry out the skin which is great because it left my skin feeling cleansed, gentle and very soft to touch, As compared to the facial scrub, this is more of a gentle way to cleanse your face. Simply apply a small amount onto your hands and then look to lather with lukewarm water. 

Before using the Foaming Facial Cleanser, be sure to remove your make-up first, then follow this step by using the cleanser to completely refresh and cleanse the skin thoroughly. 

As for the price point, it's less than $10 which is absolutely affordable and a great deal if you're wanting to not stretch your budget for cleansers. 

Hydrating Mist Toner - RRP $9.95 

Firstly, the Hydrating Mist Toner by Sukin does not contain any alcohol or paraben which already speaks to me of how safe the product is to use in the long term. And what's even better, I learned that the Hydrating Mist Toner by Sukin was Winner in the Beauty Awards for the Best Toner in 2014. The mist toner contains chamomile and rosewater which all combine to soothe, tone and cool tired looking skin.

I would essentially use the Hydrating Mist Toner right after cleansing or when my skin is feeling a tad dull or dry. As I am constantly in an air-conditioned environment everyday, the Mist Toner is the perfect essential for my skin as it cools and hydrates it at the same time. It even smells so relaxing thanks to the combination of the chamomile and rosewater (both of my favourite elements when it comes to skincare products). 

Have you tried any of these products by Sukin as yet? 

Can you believe all of these products in total cost only $30? That's definitely a bargain! 

Let me know on what you think, 

Livia x 

Thank you SUKIN for supporting me for this review. My reviews are based on my personal and true experiences. I only recommend products that I truly support.

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