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Monday, August 8, 2016



Here's another exciting post featuring LUSH new hair care innovations. That's right, LUSH actually do offer a haircare range which all smell so good. 

I've tried out a few of the new hair care products to LUSH and I am super excited to share with you all on what I thought about them. In this case, my ideal hair day would be sleek, shine and chic, therefore I have opted for the products that would help to make my hair appear sleek, shiny and chic of course, They include: Sunny Day - Anti Static Hair Detangler, Tangled Hot Oil Treatment, Jungle Solid Conditioner and lastly their Jason and the Argan Oil. 

Overall, these products simply smell irresistible and so fresh...how can you not change up your hair routine with the new hair care innovations by LUSH Cosmetics? 

So if you're eager to learn more, simply scroll below to check out my thoughts. I do hope you enjoy my review and should you have any questions regarding the new LUSH haircare range, please don't hesitate to shoot me an email or so. 

Happy reading! 

Jason & The Argan Oil Shampoo Bar, LUSH - RRP $14.95 (55g) 

Keen to achieve stronger, shinier and softer feeling hair? This Argan-Oil filled, Rose-Jam scented shampoo bar can help to achieve all of those benefits as mentioned. It's made ideal for those with lighter hair tones and this delicious scent is not to be missed. This bar of shampoo does not look to leave the hair dried out and secondly, it leaves the hair smelling amazing. I love how this bar of shampoo leaves my hair actually feeling soft. This shampoo is definitely moisturising and restorative for the hair which is why it's a holy grail for winter. The product lathers really well and leaves the hair super cleansed that you will be super impressed. 

Jungle Solid Conditioner, LUSH - RRP $10.95 (50g) 

If I had one word to describe the Jungle Solid Conditioner by LUSH, it would have to be tropical. That's right this conditioner bar smells of tropical fruits, oil and cocoa butter which helps to relax and calm you all at the same time, It has been made with a cocoa butter base (full of fresh figs, kumquats and passion fruits) that contribute to the overall shininess and hydration that it looks to deliver for your hair. There is also mashed up bananas and avocados in the base of the conditioner bar which incredibly helps to condition the hair a tad more. All you have to do in order to use the bar is to stroke the bar directly down wet hair a few times. You don't need to use the whole of the bar to get a full hydration feeling for your hair. Overall, it takes about 3-4 washes of the conditioner bar in order for it to get 'softer' to use. Sometimes, I do have tangled and frizzy looking hair, which is why the Jungle Solid Conditioner Bar comes very useful in that particular case. It leaves my hair feeling soft and manageable which is the end result I look to achieve. So for me, this product certainly touched on all of my ideal points for a conditioner bar. 

Tangled Hot Oil Treatment, LUSH - RRP $9.95 (20g) 

I've never personally tried out any hot oil treatments as yet, so when LUSH decides to release their hot oil treatment range, I thought why not? I tried the range in 'Tangled' which is quite self-explanatory...for those who happen to get tangled knots in their hair from time to time. This hot oil treatment contains rosewood and ylang ylang which both work to tame any tangles. It consists of a creamy mix of softening and strengthening oils which increases your hair's strength and also helps you to comb it throughout your hair without any hassles. 

In order to activate the hot oil treatment, simply place the whole solid treatment into a plastic container and add a small amount of hot water to it. Make sure you look to stir the pot gently. Also, add water if needed and then you'll start to see the product thicken which means you'll just have an empty stick. It's actually an interesting concept to see knowing that you are making the creamy treatment yourself, plus it comes fresh within only 5 minutes. Next, I'd apply the creamy mixture by combing this throughout dried hair and that is left on for about 20 minutes before you need to shampoo it off. 

Finally your hair will feel amazingly hydrated and well conditioned. It would absolutely even feel smooth, silky and tangled free. I'd personally re-purchase the hot oil treatment because of how soft and silky it left my hair feeling. 

Sunny Day, Anti Static Hair Detangler, LUSH - RRP $14.95 (100g) 

This Anti-Static Hair de-tangler is the perfect combination for frizzy looking hair if you're wanting to protect your hair from further breakages or even dry hair. We know that winter can dry out the hair and to keep it under control, you're going to love the Anti-static hair de-tangler by LUSH. The spray can be used for dry or damp hair as part of your routine and it actually smells pleasant of fresh lemon juice and honey. 

My thoughts on this spray is that it works well for my fine hair and does not look to weigh it down which is great. I love the scent because it re-freshens my hair during midday or when my hair is needing a little pick me up. Plus, it leaves your locks looking glossy, shiny and frizz-free. 


Have you tried out the new LUSH hair care range? 

What are your thoughts, 

Livia x

Thank you LUSH for supporting me for this review. My reviews are based on my personal and true experiences. I only recommend products that I truly support.

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