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Monday, August 15, 2016



As you all may know, one of my favourite skincare brands is 'mesoestetic' and I have raved on about a few of their skincare products in my previous posts. 

Fast forward to August and they are yet again releasing more innovative products to their anti-ageing line. With the first being their Radiance DNA hand cream (which is a deep protective and repairing hand cream, perfect for the hands), and their energy C peel-off mask which is the perfect detoxifying mask if you are wanting a brighter and fresh complexion. 

To really aid you with a better understanding of what I thought of these products, I have managed to try them out in the previous weeks to see what it could do for my skin. 

For a full run-down of these products, simply scroll below to check out my thoughts on each of these. 

Energy C Peel-off Masks

The energy C Peel-off masks are detoxifying masks where it helps to provide a fresher and brighter complexion for you. It contains a high concentration of Vitamin C (ascorbic acid), hence the name. So when it comes to antioxidant treatments, you know that it will replenish and make your skin appear brighter. It's so ideal for preventing the signs of ageing as well because we are constantly exposed to the sun daily or occasionally, which is why you need to boost the use of more Vitamin C packed products. The peel-off mask is a great selection for is you're wanting anti-ageing benefits along with the skin brightening effect as well. So if your skin has frequently been exposed to sun exposure or environmental damage, then the energy C peel-off masks are definitely suited to you. 

Personally, the mask felt comfortable on my skin and it really looked to brighten up my skin complexion which is ideal for me as I am constantly exposed to the sun. The mask even looks to remove any dead skin cells on the skin which means that it leaves you with more glowing and healthier looking skin. 

Essentially, I would apply the mask to the whole of my face and then leave this on for about 20 minutes. Once the time is over, I'd peel the edge of the mask and remove in an upward direction, revealing a fresh complexion. You can use the mask about twice a week


Radiance DNA Hand Cream 

It's just not an average hand cream, it's a hand cream that provides amazing anti-ageing benefits for our hands. We don't know it but DNA actually contains important information for our cells to develop over time. Also, our hands tend to age quicker as the skin is much thinner and we use them more than any parts of our body. The hand cream comes in a 75ml tube which is quite a decent amount. 

The hand cream also has SPF15+ to it which means there's some form of sun-protection for your hands which is so ideal these days. The hand cream also looks to repair, regenerate and moisturise your hands leaving it feeling soft and healthier looking.

 For me personally, applying on hand cream daily is essential to maintaining healthier looking hands. It's perfect for winter because I find that the weather can dry out our hands and can leave them feeling and looking a tad flaky, which is why you need to always apply on hand cream every few hours or so. But what sets this hand cream apart from the rest is that it enhances a global anti-ageing action for which it looks to protect the skin from environmental factors such as UV. It assists in delaying the appearance of wrinkles and dark spots, giving you more time to protect your skin first! 

The texture of the hand cream is quite smooth and velvety which goes on comfortably on the skin. You only require a small amount of the cream upon application. A little really goes a long way when using the radiance DNA hand cream. 



Have you checked out the above products by mesoestetic? 

Let me know on what you think! 

Liv x

Thank you mesoestetic for supporting me for this review. My reviews are based on my personal and true experiences. I only recommend products that I truly support.

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