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Sunday, September 11, 2016



Fancy a contemporary range of organic skincare products? Uni Organics is a certified organic range where they have sourced their ingredients here in Australia. 

To find out more about my essential travel kit featuring their organic skincare range, keep on reading...

Just last month, I discovered a new brand of premium organic skincare range for which I am excited to share with you all. Have you all heard of Uni Organics before? If not, make sure you click here to check them out later. 

And to give you a quick-run down of why you should look to check out there range...
  • Their products have been incorporated with sophisticated formulas, 
  • They have used Australian Native Extracts, 
  • Nourishing Plant and Seed oils, 
  • Luxurious textures,
  • Certified Organic with COSMOS, 
  • Calming ingredients for ALL skin types, 
  • Australian made and owned,  
  • Cruelty free, 
  • 100% natural fragrance, no artificial fragrances. 

So in preparation of a short trip, I'll be packing their Uni Organics Luxe Travel Kit which contains FIVE of their best selling products that can help you to experience the full Organics effect on your skin. When it comes to travelling, a good tip is to pack light...and what better way to experience products that don't contain any nasties are made right in Australia. The kit is the perfect sized pouch to pack with you as it contains the right essentials to help keep your skin feeling hydrated and refreshed for the day. The travel pouch is totally reusable and even makes an ideal gift for your friends or family perhaps?  

Now for the fun part, you may be wondering what comes in their Luxe Travel Kit, so be sure to scroll down to find out! 

Focus Fresh - Gentle Face Exfoliator (30ml) 

This travel sized exfoliator contains a Gardenia extract including a blend of Cranberry and Apricot seeds. It definitely has a unique scent to it and also with the Gardenia extract benefits for your skin. It's made for all skin types to use and acts to buff away any dead skin cells, making your skin's surface feeling smoother and looking healthier. It's even so gentle to be used every second day which means that you can look to achieve smoother skin for longer. If you guys don't exfoliate...make sure you do because it's the best thing you can do for your skin. Exfoliation of dead skin cells can potentially make your skin feel smoother and healthier, making it easier for your make-up to go on smoother and more flawlessly. 

Good Day Face - Hydrating Day Cream (15ml) 

The hydrating day cream already contains my favourite skincare ingredient, i.e. Kakadu Plum and Snake Vine Extracts which are full of Vitamin C. It's great for anti-ageing benefits and also in keeping your skin staying hydrated and fresh looking. As a day cream, I'd apply this onto my face right after cleansing, so that my skin can stay hydrated for longer. 

Perfectly Clean - Daily Cleanser (30ml)

Featuring a Frangipani extract which makes the cleanser smell so refreshing. It helps to soothe and heal the skin whilst also removing dirt, oil and impurities on the skin. Skin is left feeling revitalised, refreshed and very hydrated. I actually didn't mind using this cleanser as it does an effective job in removing any impurities which is so important after a long day out. 

Restore - Anti-Age Face Serum (15ml) 

Contains a Mountain Pepper extract consisting of a Bioactive collagen boosting serum that helps to repair and nourish the skin, This is an ideal treatment to apply prior to your day cream and make-up as it can help to nourish your skin incredibly and give it that 'glow' for that healthy complexion look.

Wonder Balm - Lip Conditioner (10ml) 

This is a nice organic lip conditioner to use in conjunction with all of the other skincare essentials. We don't want to forget about the lips! It contains organic coconut oil and is so rich where it keeps your lips feeling soft and supple. It contains Kakadu Plum and Aloe vera which both help to soothe the skin. I'd apply the lip conditioner right under my lipstick if you are after an added shine to your lips or essentially for that extra protection. 

  • RRP $72.95 but currently on SALE for $55.95,
  • Can be purchased via their official website here


Have you tried out Uni Organics as yet? 

If so, what did you think about their organic skincare range? 

Let me know by commenting below x


Thank you Uni Organics for supporting me for this review. My reviews are based on my personal and true experiences. I only recommend products that I truly support. 

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