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Monday, October 31, 2016



Curious about organic, vegan and cruelty free products that are proven to improve your skin's look and feel? zk'in is ACO certified organic and has clinically proven visible results. 

Recently, I checked out a line of skincare products by zk'in featuring their Clarifying Exfoliator which is great for clearing pores and improving your skin's texture, their Brightening and Hydrating Masque which enhances your complexion and smoothes the skin, and lastly their Line Smoothing Serum which is a fast wrinkle treatment. 

Furthermore, the zk'in products are made free of paraben and from any other nasties which means that it is safe and gentle to use on the skin in the long-term. I guess for me personally, when it comes to selecting skincare products, I always check to see whether there are any nasties or harsh ingredients that may be present in the products. And from there, I'd evaluate whether it's a great fit for my skin.

For the zk'in skincare range, I looked to test out the three products as mentioned above to see what it could do for my skin. Overall, they have worked effectively for my skin and I'd definitely categorise zk'in under the top Australian organic skincare products. 

For a quick review of these products that I've tried out, see them below: 
  • zk'in Clarifying Exfoliator - RRP $39.95 - This exfoliator contains Aloe vera leaf juice, Organic Arabica Coffee beans and oatmeal which is the perfect combination for removing dead skin cells and removing excess oil on the skin. I feel that with continued used of this exfoliator, it could help to refine the size of pores which is great for me because my pores are larger around my nose area. The exfoliator also makes a great cleanser that improves your skin's radiance and gives that silky smooth feel to it. This product is made for all skin types to use and if you're looking a good product that can effectively re-texturize your skin's surface, you need to check out the Clarifying exfoliator. 

  • zk'in Brightening and Hydrating Masque - RRP $39.95 - This masque is made for sensitive, normal or dry skin to use. What the masque looks to do is that smoothes your skin's texture out which is great if you're looking for more firmer looking and feeling skin. The masque contains extract from Brown Seaweed found in Tasmania waters which is best for boosting collagen.The masque even boasts to improve skin's elasticity by up to 67% and smooth out the wrinkles which is appealing if you're wanting to focus on anti-ageing at the same time. I'd apply on the masque about 1-2 times a week during evenings after exfoliating my face. Next, it's recommended that you leave on the masque for 10 minutes maximum, and after that look to remove with a wet cloth. 

  • zk'in Line Smoothing Serum - RRP $59.95 - Forget botox treatment when you have zk'in's Line Smoothing serum. This serum is made for all skin types. This product gave as been clinically tested and I felt that it has worked incredibly well to smooth out my complexion. The serum is a gel based which is very easily absorbed onto the skin. Furthermore, the gel contains extracts from the Paracress plant of Madagascar which has been tested to actively smooth the appearances of any lines and wrinkles.

 Have you checked out the zk'in range of skincare products as yet? 

What are your thoughts on organic skincare? Comment below! 

Livia xo

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Sunday, October 30, 2016



Getting a personalised facial concentrate by Kiehl's is always a great idea because recently, they introduced their latest innovation in skincare - Apothecary Preparations. 

Just last month in celebration of Kiehl's 165th Anniversary, Kiehl's introduced their latest innovation in skincare Apothecary Preparations. I was one of the first people in Australia to experience Kiehl's first personalised facial concentrates which means that I could customise and blend my own serum that is tailored for my own skin concerns. 

The wonderful staff at Kiehls were extremely helpful in identifying my skin concerns and recommending some of their best products for my daily skincare routine. They took me through a short interview as they wanted to learn more about what I currently use for my skincare routine. Then they introduced me to their Personalised Facial Concentrate by Kiehl's where you mix two complexes that are tailored to your skin's concerns. For example, I mixed the Brightening Complex and Texture Refining Complex into the Facial concentrate to really achieve a brighter complexion and with more of smoothed look. 

Everyone has their own skin concerns so the complexes that you receive after the skin consultation will vary. Once you get home, be sure to mix both complexes into the facial concentrate for about 20 seconds. It's crucial that you do not use the contents of the Complex tubes directly onto skin without mixing the Skin Strengthening Concentrate first. Then look to place the concentrate in a cool place to maintain the effectiveness of the product itself. I've been using the facial concentrate for more than three weeks now and I'd apply 2-3 drops of the concentrate on my face every evening until it's fully absorbed. 

So far the results are amazing and I can really see my skin brightening up. My skin's texture was feeling a tad rough before using the concentrate, and so after three weeks of massaging the concentrate onto my skin every night, I could definitely feel my skin becoming much smoother which is great to know that it works for my skin. 

For more information, be sure to head over to http://www.kiehls.com.au/ otherwise if you are based in Sydney, Australia - you can check out Kiehl's at David Jones on Elizabeth Street. The Skin Strengthening Concentrate is now available on counters and RRP for $140. Once you've completed your skin consultation and selection with a Kiehl's Customer Representative, you'll find enclosed a personalised box with two complexes (for which you need to mix at home) prior to your first application. Personalised skincare treatment is now made easier for you! 

 Kiehl's personalised facial concentrate featuring the Brightening Complex and the Texture Refining Complex

Featuring the facial concentrates at Kiehls 

Featuring some interesting skincare selections at Kiehls. 

 My own personalised facial concentrate! 


So if you're keen to learn more about your skin's concerns, be sure to check out the Kiehl's counter. 

Livia xo 

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Saturday, October 29, 2016



During my honeymoon to New York, I've been working with my skin to really see whether Bioderma could help improve my skin's complexion. Having sensitive skin can be unbearable for some, so it's essential that you are using products suitable for own skin type. 

And if you guys have not heard of Bioderma before, they are an independent dermatological laboratory whose dermo-cosmetic products are the most frequent prescribed by dermatologists. 

Bioderma is available at Priceline, Terry White Chemists and selected pharmacies nationally. And if you're an avid online shopper, you can also check out their range at adorebeauty or RY. For further information, make sure to check out www.cosmetiquesdefrance.com.au for your nearest stockists. 

So let's get right into the new products I have tested out from Bioderma's Sensibio's range featuring their Soothing Moisturising Toning Lotion, Cleansing Milk and BB cream all from their Sensibio collection which is made suitable for those with sensitive skin. 

Check out what I thought below to see what the products are all about and whether it has worked for me or not. 

Happy reading! 


If you're looking for a tinted moisturiser type of cream, then Sensibio's AR BB cream may be something that you may consider. It has SPF30+ which has some sort of sun protection for your skin during your daily wear, hence it's great for the ultimate protection from UV rays, etc. The BB cream also looks to even out your complexion and covers up any redness on the skin. It also looks to add a whole level of moisturisation to your skin which means that you don't get the dry and flaky look to your skin which is wonderful. 

Interestingly, the BB cream not only looks to cover any imperfections but it also looks to reduces the redness from occurring on your skin from time to time. In terms of the coverage, I'd say you get a medium coverage from the application of the BB cream which is great if you're looking to conceal your pores, dark circles, scars, etc. Alternatively, I would use my BeautyBlender to blend in the BB cream for a more even coverage on my skin. It's buildable so you can easily build on the layers of coverage as desired.

For me personally, I always love to keep my make-up light and comfortable on a day to day basis. For the finishing of the BB cream, you definitely get a mattified complexion which doesn't look oily at all which is ideal for hot weather conditions especially. The BB cream is a soft and velvet creamy texture which goes on wonderfully onto the skin. If you love floral scents, then you're going to fall in love with this pleasant scented BB cream! 


I guess I'll start off with Bioderma Sensibio's Make-up Cleansing Milk which is perfect for sensitive skin. For a fast and efficient way of remove make-up, simply apply with a cotton pad over the face and eyes. There is no need to use water as it's a non-rinse product that's made to gently cleanse off any dirt, grime and make-up off the face by simply using a cotton pad. This is definitely useful for travelling or on the go purposes if you urgently need to remove the make-up from your face. 

I tend to remove my make-up on my way home from a big night out, only because it feels comfortable! Otherwise, it's so much easier to remove and cleanse the skin. For the best results, I used the Cleansing milk in conjunction with their Soothing Moisturising Lotion for which I'll also discuss with you guys too. My skin felt less sensitive, moisturised and softer over time with using this cleansing milk. 

Now onto their Soothing Toning Lotion by Bioderma Sensibio which I am absolutely impressed with. It's a specific toner made suitable for sensitive skin that looks to maximise the efficacy of soothing and moisturising treatments. It also contains cucumber extract and allantoin which immediately looks to soothe and decongest the skin. This toning lotion also leaves my skin feeling fresher and more hydrated which is better for the long term. The lotion does not clog the pores and is so gentle for sensitive type of skin which is perfect. 

Additionally, you can leave the Soothing Toning Lotion in the fridge for extra coolness and freshness. Overall, it's a lovely toning lotion which left my skin feeling 100% moisturised, soothed and less red over time. 


Have you tried Bioderma Sensibio's new three range? 

What are your thoughts? Have they worked for you? Let me know by commenting below. 

Livia xx

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Rejuvenate and relax with The Body Shop range. I looked to check out their Pinita Colada Body Butter, Himalayan Charcoal Purifying Glow Mask and the Fresh Nude Cushion Foundation. 

Talk about exotic products new to The Body Shop range! That's right...in this special pampering post, I'll chat about the products I've taken along with me during my honeymoon in New York recently. 

If you fancy some amazingly scented products just in time for summer, then be sure to check out some of the products I've tried out recently by The Body Shop. The range is all new and what better way to welcome Summer. Check out the below to learn more, xoxo.


If you are looking for a mask that can detoxify and unclog your pores effectively, then the Himalayan Charcoal mask may be something for you. Plus, you may even notice your pores looking a tad refined. How the mask works is that bamboo charcoal looks to draw out any impurities and excess oils from the skin. There's a nice tingling feeling on your skin once you've placed the mud mask onto your skin. The mud mask contains not only bamboo charcoal but also green tea leaves from Japan which makes this mask full of good antioxidants which is ideal for the skin. I felt that this mask also made my skin glow and look quite healthy which is why I will continue to use this Purifying Glow Mask.


Imagine coconut and pineapple combined...an awesome combo right? What's even better is that extracts from pineapple and coconut from the Carribean have actually been incorporated into this amazing body butter. This is a long-wearing body moisturiser that lasts for more than 24 hours and is made for normal to dry skin. I love to apply this body butter onto my skin because of its lovely and addictive scent which lingers all day long, plus it leaves my skin looking well hydrated and maintained. 


I tried out a new cushion foundation by The Body Shop in shade Malawi Beach 03 which perfectly matched my skin tone giving it a toned complexion after applying the cushion onto my skin. This is The Body Shop's first new cushion foundation to enter the market and I must say that it was definitely easy and convenient to use. It's so useful when you're in a rush for work and don't really have the time to sit down and really work on your face. When you have a cushion foundation, it's easier and faster to apply on evenly onto the skin. 

What I love about this foundation is that it leaves my skin feeling really moisturised/hydrated and is buildable depending on how much coverage you'd like for your skin to look. For me personally, when it comes to applying on foundation, I like applying on a lighter coverage so that my skin can breathe easily throughout the day. Lighter is always better than having a caked face! 

Furthermore, the foundation comes with a handy mirror and sponge which means that it's so handy for on the go purposes or whenever you are travelling. Simply dip the sponge through the mesh to bring out the foundation. There's no spillages and it's totally hygienic which is what I love about the cushion foundation concept. Pack it in your bag for touch-ups or whenever you feel the need to apply it onto the skin. 

The Foundation contains Aloe Vera and English rose water which means that it leaves your skin feeling softer during and after application. There's a really nice scent to it which is quite pleasant and I always look forward to using the Cushion foundation when it comes to light to medium coverage for my skin. 

Overall, it's a fabulous product that I have tried so far by The Body Shop which gives me a natural and light coverage for my skin. It also leaves my skin feeling hydrated which is so important because you want your skin to glow and look healthy as always. 


Have you tried out the above selections by The Body Shop as yet? 

Let me know on your thoughts, 

Livia xoxo 

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Friday, October 7, 2016



To celebrate Rimmel London's partnership with Kate Moss, they recently launched their 15 year anniversary collection by Kate Moss. Featuring rose-gold coloured packaging, how could you not check these beauties out!

For the 15 year anniversary collection by Kate Moss, we observe more reds and neutrals from the colour range as she has stated they are the colours she would usually wear because it reflects a different side of her. 

Hence, three neutral and three red shades have been introduced within the Lasting Finish Lipstick range which means you get a really nice and moisturised feel to your lips. Rimmel London's Lasting Finish formula is definitely my favourite as they keep my lips looking and feeling really hydrated. The lipstick glides on very smoothly which is probably my favourite part of Rimmel's formula. It doesn't leave the lips looking flaky or dry which is so important when it comes to working on your lips. And just so you are aware, the Lasting Finish lipsticks were first launched in 2011, however they decided to build on with 6 worthy-shades that will definitely may be of interest to you. 

Furthermore, you get a high intensity colour pay-off which has been infused with light reflecting Black Diamonds. The shades are definitely gorgeous and vibrant looking on the lips. In terms of the wear, I'd definitely say of up to 4 hours and plus considering that you don't drink from the glass as much. (Beauty tip: Ask for a straw when it comes to drinks). I love how the formula consists of a creamy and smooth texture which ensures for a long wear throughout the day. 

  • RRP $13.95 
  • Now available at Priceline, Priceline Pharmacy, Chemist Warehouse, Target, Kmart, BIG W and selected pharmacies. 

See below for a quick run-down on of the swatches and shades! 



Shades listed above for 15 Year anniversary collection by Kate Moss, Lasting Finish Lipsticks: 

#52 - Idol Red 
#51- Muse Red 
#53 - Retro Red 
#55 - My Nude 
#54 - Rock N Roll Nude 
#56 - Boho Nude 

Shade #51 - Muse Red - featuring a crimson rich red that is the perfect red whenever you're bold enough to rock those lips. It's a nice and sexy shade for any occasion if you're looking to make that statement. 

Shade #52 - Idol Red - features more of a vibrant and bright red that somewhat lies more on the "orange" scale. It's a young and fresh shade to rock for upcoming Summer. 

Shade #53 - Retro Red - featuring a sumptuous berry red shade that looks mystical, mysterious and so lovely on lips. I'd definitely consider #53 as a favourite because of how it makes my lips stand out. 

Shade #54 - Rock N Roll Nude - features a peach-tinted neutral shade that would make a perfect colour for a light coloured dress.

Shade #55 - My Nude - featuring more of a lighter pink neutral shade that is so ideal for everyday. It can easily be worn to work, to the shops or even down the road (without looking like you have too much on). 

Shade #56 - Boho Nude - Features a warmed toned neutral that would suit a bohemian look. This is more of a caramelized shade that would suit a casual look. 

Featuring Rimmel London's 15 year anniversary collection by Kate Moss. 


 What do you guys think of these shades? 

Let me know which is your FAVOURITE shade! 

Livia xo

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Thursday, October 6, 2016



shu uemura have introduced their Limited Edition Tokyo Doll Eye and Cheek Palette this Spring which are now available in-stores. 

shu uemura's products are Made in Korea, which means majority of their product range are of high quality. Recently shu uemura launched their Limited Edition Tokyo Doll Eye and Cheek Palette (which consists of 10 really easy to use shades), which helps you to create two awesome looks. Whether you're wanting to rock a day time look, or perhaps a night time look...there's definitely potential to really create a look that you'd be happy with. I am so impressed with the colour selections being offered in the Tokyo Doll Eye and Cheek Palette because they are shades I'd definitely ALL wear. There's not a single shade that I would not consider wearing, plus there's two blush shades for the cheeks which is perfect for completing that eye and cheek look. 

What you will notice from the sleek and stylish palette is that it features a two-toned shade that is made to be used on the go. The Limited Edition eye and cheek palette even comes with a limited edition pouch which has been designed by Tokyo artist, feebee. Not only that, the palette comes with two double ended brushes. The first brush consists of a blush type of brush for the cheeks, whilst the second brush has an angled and eyeshadow brush on both ends which is so handy for applying eyeshadow or filling in your brows should you not have a brush in hand with you. Even though these brushes are made "small", they're actually not bad to handle and still helps me to apply make-up with ease. They are convenient and easy to use which is why I cannot find any faults with using this lovely new palette by shu uemura. It's definitely the perfect little compact consisting of all the shades I'd wear for day and night. 

Furthermore, the palette isn't too big which is great to consider for this limited edition item and it also comes with a mirror which is a must when you are on the go. From observing the colour palette, you can definitely opt to create a neutral, healthy glowing and even a night look with the shades. From the eyeshadow shades, there's a combination of both shimmery and matte shades which are warm and slightly neutral toned - perfect for that all natural look. Did I also mention how super pigmented the eye shadows and blushes are? They're definitely made of high quality pigments which look to bring amazing colour for the eyes and cheeks. Additionally, you can even opt for a cool smoky eyed effect which can be re-created with a few shades from the palette. Also, it's definitely my favourite so far that has all of the shades that I would definitely use on a weekly basis. Whether I am going to work or heading to an event, the Limited Edition Tokyo Doll eye and cheek palette definitely has me covered!

Overall, this Limited Edition Eye and Cheek Palette even makes a fabulous option for any gift giving occasion. The fact that it comes with a pouch, included mini-travel sized brushes and compact mirror will definitely complete every beauty lover's dream! 

  • RRP $128 
  • Now available in-stores at David Jones, or at QBV, Town Hall Australia at the shu uemura store. 
  • For more information, make sure you head over to http://shuuemura.com.au/en/
  • Otherwise you can look to purchase it here at the official Sephora AU store. 

Admiring how gorgeous this palette is! 

Comes with a handy pouch for travelling purposes. 


The satisfaction of swatching highly pigmented eyeshadows from the Limited Edition Tokyo Doll Eye and Cheek Palette by shu uemura!

Which shade is your favourite? 

The numbers on my arm correspond to the correct shades on the right featuring shu uemura's Tokyo Doll, Eye and Cheek Palette. 

Above image provided by shu uemura 


Are you excited to check out shu uemura's Limited Edition Tokyo Doll Eye and Cheek Palette? 

Let me know on your thoughts! 

Livia xx

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Wednesday, October 5, 2016


Hello Beauties, 

Recently, I looked to try out two different scents by Vera Wang's Revolution and Calvin Klein's Euphoria. I've been happening to try these out and finally I have got across to reviewing them for you all.

This year we saw Vera Wang launch their Princess Revolution Eau De Toilette spray which comes in the 50ml sized bottle. Combine rock and romance which is exactly what the bottle seeks to achieve in terms of its "shape" and overall identity. It's definitely the perfect balance of rock and romance which gives a lovely and addictive scent. 

Fragrance notes include: 
  • Top notes - Black cherry, Blood orange and Watermelon sorbet, 
  • Mid notes - Lily of the valley, Red Apple blossom and Jasmine, 
  • Base notes - Atlas Cedarwood and Amberwood. 

As for my experiences regarding the Princess Revolution Eau De Toilette by Vera Wang, it's definitely a really nice fruity fragrance to rock for everyday. I love everything from the design of the bottle to the overall scent of the Eau De Toilette spray. The cap which represents a Princess crown is adorable as it's surrounded by black gems which really adds a touch of sophistication to it. 

In regards to the overall fragrance, it's fresh and addictive smelling of cherry, watermelon and blood orange. After you spray on the product, you'll eventually notice the Lily and Jasmine scent which smells amazing. I wore this fragrance on for the whole day and it lasted for approximately 6 hours which is still relatively long for an Eau De Toilette. After that, it's all about re-spraying whenever you notice the smell disappearing. If you're a fruity type of person, then I feel that you'll fall in love with this scent. 

  • RRP $49 (For 50ml) 
  • Available from Priceline, Department stores and selected pharmacies. 

The next scent that I looked to try out is Calvin Klein's Euphoria. It has more of an addictive blend of exotic fruits and florals which smells irresistible. This scent is totally different to the above as it's more glamourous and sexy. The Eau De Parfum also features a black orchid fantasy that creates a memorable signature to it. This scent definitely has more of a "mature" and "sexier" atmosphere when sprayed onto either the wrists or neck. 

Fragrance notes includes: 
  • Top notes - Pomegranate, Succulent Persimmon, 
  • Middle notes - Sensual champaca flower and Rich Black orchid,
  • Base notes - Liquid amber, Black violet and Mahogany wood. 

Overall, this scent is very nice to have on the body either for work or whenever you're heading out. For the actual bottle itself, it's presented in a futuristic shape that's very unique and just so interesting to look at. The scent literally lasts all day which is what I love about the scent as it's very long lasting. Also, you can even look to fit this in your handbag as it's not too bulky or heavy - and would make a great refreshing item for during the day. 

  • RRP $110 (For 50ml), $140 (For 100ml)
  • Available from Priceline, Department stores and selected pharmacies. 

New scents for the month! 

Vera Wang, Princess Revolution Eau De Toilette

Calvin Klein Euphoria 


Have you checked out any of the above? 

Let me know on your thoughts, 

Livia xx

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