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Sunday, October 30, 2016



Getting a personalised facial concentrate by Kiehl's is always a great idea because recently, they introduced their latest innovation in skincare - Apothecary Preparations. 

Just last month in celebration of Kiehl's 165th Anniversary, Kiehl's introduced their latest innovation in skincare Apothecary Preparations. I was one of the first people in Australia to experience Kiehl's first personalised facial concentrates which means that I could customise and blend my own serum that is tailored for my own skin concerns. 

The wonderful staff at Kiehls were extremely helpful in identifying my skin concerns and recommending some of their best products for my daily skincare routine. They took me through a short interview as they wanted to learn more about what I currently use for my skincare routine. Then they introduced me to their Personalised Facial Concentrate by Kiehl's where you mix two complexes that are tailored to your skin's concerns. For example, I mixed the Brightening Complex and Texture Refining Complex into the Facial concentrate to really achieve a brighter complexion and with more of smoothed look. 

Everyone has their own skin concerns so the complexes that you receive after the skin consultation will vary. Once you get home, be sure to mix both complexes into the facial concentrate for about 20 seconds. It's crucial that you do not use the contents of the Complex tubes directly onto skin without mixing the Skin Strengthening Concentrate first. Then look to place the concentrate in a cool place to maintain the effectiveness of the product itself. I've been using the facial concentrate for more than three weeks now and I'd apply 2-3 drops of the concentrate on my face every evening until it's fully absorbed. 

So far the results are amazing and I can really see my skin brightening up. My skin's texture was feeling a tad rough before using the concentrate, and so after three weeks of massaging the concentrate onto my skin every night, I could definitely feel my skin becoming much smoother which is great to know that it works for my skin. 

For more information, be sure to head over to http://www.kiehls.com.au/ otherwise if you are based in Sydney, Australia - you can check out Kiehl's at David Jones on Elizabeth Street. The Skin Strengthening Concentrate is now available on counters and RRP for $140. Once you've completed your skin consultation and selection with a Kiehl's Customer Representative, you'll find enclosed a personalised box with two complexes (for which you need to mix at home) prior to your first application. Personalised skincare treatment is now made easier for you! 

 Kiehl's personalised facial concentrate featuring the Brightening Complex and the Texture Refining Complex

Featuring the facial concentrates at Kiehls 

Featuring some interesting skincare selections at Kiehls. 

 My own personalised facial concentrate! 


So if you're keen to learn more about your skin's concerns, be sure to check out the Kiehl's counter. 

Livia xo 

Thank you Kiehls for supporting me for this review. My reviews are based on my personal and true experiences. I only recommend products that I truly support.

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