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Saturday, October 1, 2016



Recently I have looked to incorporate more luxury skincare products to my daily and nightly routine, which is why I will be chatting more about Yves Saint Laurent and Essano.

So with Yves Saint Laurent Beaute, I tried two of their skincare products from the Blanc Pur Couture range which is their new collection to hit stores now. These products include their Bright Refining Lotion and their Bright Reveal Moisturiser. 

As I am constantly in the city during the week, I find that stress, pollution and lunches at my desk can really play a crucial role with my skin. My skin would look dull and simply tired. And overtime, I'd notice more dark spots appear on my skin which can be due to the exposure of harsh UV rays in Australia. But now thanks to the new Blanc Pur Couture range, their products look to deliver exceptionally outstanding results for the skin. Their range consists of Yves Saint Laurent's first ever brightening complex products that have been inspired by the melatonin controlling action that takes place with the skin each night. 

Let's talk about the GLYCO BRIGHT COMPLEX, as it is an association of glycans known for acting on one or multiple pathways. This unique complex helps to fight the causes of hyper-pigmentation which helps to: 
  • Balance out the melanocyte environment, 
  • Soothe stress and inflammatory factors, 
  • Regulate melanin synthesis,
  • Regulate melanin transfer,
  • Dilute melanin

I'd have to say that the Blanc Pur Couture range definitely aims to re balance the skin's pro-pigmenting mediators and so it helps to brighten up your appearance as well as smoothing out your skin's texture. 

Furthermore, I also tried out a Mist Toner by Essano which consists of Kakadu Plum and Green tea. The mist toner looks to soothe, refresh and hydrate the skin with its much needed antioxidants. It's a lovely mist toner for Spring and Summer - or should you be wanting something small to refreshen your face with, simply spray the mist toner onto the face, neck and decolletage. 

To read more about these products as mentioned above, be sure to scroll down. 

Happy reading x

Bright Refining Lotion,  Blanc Pur Couture YSL, Beaute - RRP $168 (200ml) 

This amazing lotion looks to provide a refining benefit for your skin as it contains Glyco Bright Complex and Tree Peony extract which helps to leave your skin glowing and looking healthier once again. My skin texture was instantly smooth after using this lotion every night during my nightly skincare routine. If you're looking for a lotion that has a brightening complex within its lotion and aiming to get radiant looking skin, then you definitely need to check out their Bright Refining Lotion from the Blanc Pur Couture range.

The lotion looks to brighten and clarify the skin by exfoliating, moisturising and even acts as a serum booster for the skin. If anything, it's a wonderful product that has all of the benefits that I need for my skin. This lotion definitely helps with my multiple skin needs all in the one product which is ideal for my busy daily schedule. 

How the lotion works is through its "peeling action" as the glycolic acids works to remove the dead skin cells on your skin's surface, and it really prepares your skin for a more radiant complexion. I found that this lotion really looked to prepare my skin for my moisturiser and serum routine and overall I am highly impressed with this lotion's formula. It works amazingly for my skin and what better way to achieve immaculate skin clarity! 

These are available at the David Jones stores across Australia. 

Bright Reveal Moisturiser, Blanc Pure Couture Creme, YSL Beaute - RRP $168 (50ml) 

Guys if you're looking for a moisturiser that can leave your skin feeling silky soft and looking quite radiant - then you need to check out the YSL Bright Reveal Moisturiser creme. As soon as you apply on the moisturiser, you can instantly feel the creme absorbing really nicely onto the skin, leaving it feeling hydrated and super soft. 

Before using this product, my skin would occasionally feel dull and dry, but ever since I have been using the Bright Reveal Moisturiser on a nightly basis, I'd notice an incredible improvement to my skin's moisture levels which is great to know. The moisturiser leaves your skin with a 24 hour hydration feel which means you will no longer feel any dryness or dullness to your skin. These are available at the David Jones stores across Australia in case you were wondering where this can be purchased. 

Essano Rosehip, Certified Organic Mist Toner, RRP $12.99 (120ml) 

This mist toner is enriched with Kakadu Plum and Green Tea which makes it a beautiful scent Certified Organic Mist Toner that looks to deliver instant moisture for the skin. Should you be having dry or dull looking skin, simply spray the mist toner onto your face and immediately you should feel that refreshing and uplifting feeling. You can even spray the mist toner onto your face several times a day to maintain that radiance and also prevent excessive dryness. 

As for the scent itself, it's quite zesty and fresh smelling. I don't mind the scent because if anything, it really looks to refreshen my complexion and would make a handy mist toner to carry around in your handbag. With continued use of the mist toner, I found that my skin became smoother and I could tell that it has helped to brighten my skin. My skin looked more glowing and radiant than usual which is perfect for what this mist toner can look to deliver for the skin. Overall, it's an ideal mist toner to have in my beauty cabinet as it's so easy to use on a day to day basis. The fact that it also acts as a toner really makes it even more useful so that you receive the toning benefits for the skin. 

For more information, make sure to head over to http://essano.com.au/


Have you checked out any of the products as mentioned above? 

Let me know on your thoughts! 

Livia x 

Thank you YvesSaintLaurent and Essano for supporting me for this review. My reviews are based on my personal and true experiences. I only recommend products that I truly support.

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