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Monday, October 31, 2016



Curious about organic, vegan and cruelty free products that are proven to improve your skin's look and feel? zk'in is ACO certified organic and has clinically proven visible results. 

Recently, I checked out a line of skincare products by zk'in featuring their Clarifying Exfoliator which is great for clearing pores and improving your skin's texture, their Brightening and Hydrating Masque which enhances your complexion and smoothes the skin, and lastly their Line Smoothing Serum which is a fast wrinkle treatment. 

Furthermore, the zk'in products are made free of paraben and from any other nasties which means that it is safe and gentle to use on the skin in the long-term. I guess for me personally, when it comes to selecting skincare products, I always check to see whether there are any nasties or harsh ingredients that may be present in the products. And from there, I'd evaluate whether it's a great fit for my skin.

For the zk'in skincare range, I looked to test out the three products as mentioned above to see what it could do for my skin. Overall, they have worked effectively for my skin and I'd definitely categorise zk'in under the top Australian organic skincare products. 

For a quick review of these products that I've tried out, see them below: 
  • zk'in Clarifying Exfoliator - RRP $39.95 - This exfoliator contains Aloe vera leaf juice, Organic Arabica Coffee beans and oatmeal which is the perfect combination for removing dead skin cells and removing excess oil on the skin. I feel that with continued used of this exfoliator, it could help to refine the size of pores which is great for me because my pores are larger around my nose area. The exfoliator also makes a great cleanser that improves your skin's radiance and gives that silky smooth feel to it. This product is made for all skin types to use and if you're looking a good product that can effectively re-texturize your skin's surface, you need to check out the Clarifying exfoliator. 

  • zk'in Brightening and Hydrating Masque - RRP $39.95 - This masque is made for sensitive, normal or dry skin to use. What the masque looks to do is that smoothes your skin's texture out which is great if you're looking for more firmer looking and feeling skin. The masque contains extract from Brown Seaweed found in Tasmania waters which is best for boosting collagen.The masque even boasts to improve skin's elasticity by up to 67% and smooth out the wrinkles which is appealing if you're wanting to focus on anti-ageing at the same time. I'd apply on the masque about 1-2 times a week during evenings after exfoliating my face. Next, it's recommended that you leave on the masque for 10 minutes maximum, and after that look to remove with a wet cloth. 

  • zk'in Line Smoothing Serum - RRP $59.95 - Forget botox treatment when you have zk'in's Line Smoothing serum. This serum is made for all skin types. This product gave as been clinically tested and I felt that it has worked incredibly well to smooth out my complexion. The serum is a gel based which is very easily absorbed onto the skin. Furthermore, the gel contains extracts from the Paracress plant of Madagascar which has been tested to actively smooth the appearances of any lines and wrinkles.

 Have you checked out the zk'in range of skincare products as yet? 

What are your thoughts on organic skincare? Comment below! 

Livia xo

Thank you ZK'IN for supporting me for this review. My reviews are based on my personal and true experiences. I only recommend products that I truly support.

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