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Friday, November 11, 2016


Hello everyone, 

 Cotton On Body released their beauty range this year which means all of their products are proudly made in Australia and an essential for your everyday needs... And if you're looking for affordable cosmetics, you definitely need to check out make up, make out by Factorie. 

What I've learned so far from the their Botanicals range by Cotton On Body is that most of their products are created using natural botanical extracts (hence the name...Botanicals). Also, their products are made in Australia which Aussies are always proud of when we see products made on our home grown soil. Furthermore, the products are paraben and sulphate free which means that there are no nasties contained in the Botanicals range - essential for staying healthy and safe in the long run. 

For all of my international readers out there, Botanicals stems from an Australian affordable retailer store that stocks fashionable basic wear that doesn't break the bank. But now you too, can join in the fun by checking it out as Cotton On Body is now available for international shoppers out there too here

Then we have factorie - which also stocks affordable basics but have recently released a line of affordable cosmetics which would suit those on a tight budget. For more information on where to find Make up Make out beauty essentials by factorie, make sure you check out here

To hear more on what's hot at Cotton On Body by the Botanicals and the factorie range, make sure to scroll down and enjoy the latest read, 

From left to right

  • Body oil in Toasted Coconut - Botanicals - RRP $14.95 - This body oil consists of coconut oil, sweet almond, olive oil and Vitamin E - which all help to leave your skin feeling silky smooth, hydrated and ready for this summer. Say goodbye to flaky dry skin! I'd smooth the oil onto my legs, elbows, hands, arms and legs. Another trick to leave your skin feeling hydrated and soft during sun-tanning, is to apply the body oil all over your skin to ensure that it gets super hydrated all day. However, you would need to re-apply every 30 minutes or so. 
  • Body wash in Pomegranate - Botanicals - RRP $14.95 - For a zesty kind of body wash, you need to smell this body wash as it reminds me of jetting away to a tropical island and sun-baking. This body wash contains Aloe vera, Vitamin C, Vitamin E and Chamomile which helps to create a cleansing body wash. Furthermore, they have also added Cocoa butter to the formula which means that your skin stays hydrated for longer and does not dry out. 
  • Hand wash in Toasted Coconut - Botanicals - RRP $14.95 - Wanting to surprise your guests with a WOW? Try this the toasted coconut hand wash edition by the Botanicals because everyone will fall in love with this coconut scented hand wash. It's fresh, unique and can seriously imagine myself constantly re-stocking my guest bathroom with fabulous hand wash. It contains Aloe vera, Vitamin C and E and chamomile - which once again gives you a soft and gentle cleansing for your hands which is essential in keeping hygienic. 

From left to right

  • Serenity hand cream in Amber - Botanicals - RRP $9.95 - This hand cream consists of cocoa butter, shea butter, Vitamin E and Aloe vera which essentially combine to give you soft feeling hands. The formula feels soft and creamy, plus it doesn't feel greasy at all which is great because that means I can constantly apply on the go! The scent is really inviting and definitely makes you feel very warm. 
  • Balance hand cream in Vanilla and Patchouli - RRP $9.95 - The Vanilla and Patchouli hand cream has the same consistency as all of their hand cream range, but this time it combines a sweet scent of vanilla and patchouli. It's pleasant enough to be re-purchased so for the price point itself, I definitely will be looking to buy more of these once I have run out. 

  • Make up make out by Factorie lipstick crayon - RRP $7.95 - in shades Berry Metallic, Kylie Nude and Bronze Metallic. Overall for the consistency of the lipsticks, they glide on very smoothly onto the lips and don't leave any drying or flaking behind. The colours are super pigmented and leave the lips feeling hydrated all day long. I;ve swatched the shades below so I hope you enjoy viewing them. 

Swatched lipstick crayon shades by Make up Make out - factorie: 

Top: Kylie Nude
Middle: Bronze Metallic
Bottom: Berry Metallic 

Which are your favourite shades guys? 

  • Brows on Fleek eyebrow sculting kit by make up make out, Factorie - RRP $9.95 (On sale now for $4.95 on factorie's official website) - This adorable little kit comes with a lighter and darker powder, along with wax (to set in your lovely brows), a brush with rounded and angled ends and a spooley brush to really tame any (haywire) brows if ya know what I mean! 

I hope this affordable cosmetics guide has helped you with some ideas! 

What did you think of them? 

Comment below or email me as I'd love to hear from you. 


Thank you Botanicals by Cotton On Body for supporting me for this review. My reviews are based on my personal and true experiences. I only recommend products that I truly support.

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