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Wednesday, November 23, 2016


Hello gorgeous readers, 

How about finding your perfect red lipstick? Bourjois Paris have recently launched 7 brand new shades to their existing collection of their Rogue Edition Velvet and Rouge Edition 12 heures lipsticks.  

The Red in the City Collection by Bourjois Paris has been long adopted by Parisian women where they would mix and match their styles accordingly to the shade of what's on their lips. With Bourjois Paris launching 7 new shades to their luxurious collection, red is definitely on the spotlight. There are many options availabke for the type of finish you'd like in a lipstick such as matte, semi matte, liquid or a stick formula. 

From the colour red range, we see more releases such as: 
  • Poppy Rouge
  • Pink Rouge 
  • Classic Rogue
  • Rogue Bordeaux 
  • Dark Brown Rouge 

The shades are definitely not all the same therefore there's more variety to select from to go with your ideal outfit. Of the new range, we see 2 make-up finishes and 5 families of red for 5 different type of looks. The full red collection is now available at select Priceline stores across Australia. 

And if you're not familiar with the Bourjois Paris lip range, here's a quick run-down below for your reference: 
  • Rouge Edition Velvet - RRP $24 - This is long-wearing liquid lipstick that feels so lightweight and comfortable on the lips. The finish is of a bold-matte texture that leaves a velvet like feeling on the lips. What I love about the Rouge Edition is that it holds onto the lips all day long and does not smudge.
  • Rouge Edition 12 heures - RRP $19 - The lipstick glides on very smoothly and nicely onto the lips with a semi-matte finish. It has a really creamy texture that leaves your lips feeling comfortable. This lipstick holds onto the lips for approximately 12 hours so it's still very long-lasting which is ideal if you're at dinner or an event. 

Overall, I've had positive experiences with using the lipstick range by Bourjois Paris for both their Rouge Edition Velvet and Rouge Edition 12 heures. For the price it's quite affordable for the quality given and it's my go to product for when I want to rock the "red" lips. Now that there are 7 more new shades, there's definitely more choices there to suit everyone's taste and preferences. 

The Swatch Test:

Feat. Rouge Edition 12 heures + Rouge Edition Velvet 

Of the above, the NEW shades include of the below as listed: 
  • Classic Rouge (Elegant) Rouge Edition Velvet 15 RE(D) VOLUTION - this shade definitely has an elegant touch to its pure and intense red shade. It has a simple look to it and is very easy to wear with just about everything without looking like you have too much on. The finish on the liquid lipstick is matte and feels lovely on the lips. 
  • Poppy Rouge (Trendy) Rouge Edition 12 heures 43 ROGUE YOUR BODY - You could really describe this shade as an intense orange-red type of shade that's vibrant, youthful and really adds a fashion touch to your overall look. This shade goes so well with floral print dresses too. The finish is of a semi-matte. 
  • Pink Rouge (Preppy) Rouge Edition Velvet 18 IT'S REDDING MEN + Rouge Edition 12 heures 34 CHERRY MY CHERIE - There is a hint of pink to this red shade that makes the shade pop! If you're after a cooler toned shade, then definitely check both out as the shade in 18 It's Redding Men is of a matte finish whereas the 34 Cherry my Cherie is of a semi-matte finish, giving you flexible options there. 
  • Rouge Bordeaux (Glamour) Rouge Edition 12 heures 45 RED-OUTABLE - This shade is more on the deep pigment saturated and bluish red side where it's definitely trending right now. This shade comes in a semi-matte for the Rouge Edition 12 heures. And if you are after the liquid lipstick version, it comes in 08 Grand Cru for their Rouge Edition Velvet. 
  • Dark Brown House (Hype) Rouge Edition Velvet 19 JOLIE-DE-VIN + Rouge Edition 12 heures 46 BURGUND'IT - If you're wanting brown hints for your lips, then be sure to check the range out the Dark Brown Rogue edition. I love wearing darker brown shades for the lips as it makes my look appear much unique and sassy. 

Of the shades I haven't mentioned, these are current shades on the market but complements the new shades very well. They are so creamy textured and feel so comfortable on the lips - I can literally wear them on for all day! 


What are your thoughts with the new 7 shades by Bourjois Paris? 

Let me know by commenting below, 

Livia xo
Thank you Bourjois Paris for supporting me for this review. My reviews are based on my own experiences and I only recommend products that I truly believe in. 

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