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Thursday, November 17, 2016


Hi Everyone, 

Who here is a fan of quality designer wear and cats?
 I look to share a Q&A with Leona Edmiston and of her recent collaboration with Purina Fancy Feast. 

Recently I attended a lovely event at the Langham Hotel, Sydney for the Leona Edmiston x Purina Fancy Feast launch where they revealed the luxurious collection of cat accessories which is a premium collection of bespoke limited edition accessories for cats and their owners too. Leona Edmiston is an Australian Fashion designer for those who don't know and her prints are beautiful and eye-catching. 

We all know that Leona is a cat lover, hence she has specifically designed a collection for cats and their owners with prints taken from her 2016/17 Summer collection. From the new cat collection being released, you'll notice their designer comfy fluffy cat beds, to their luxe cat collars which feature Leona's designer prints on them as well, which all make fashionable accessories for your cats. 

For an exclusive Q&A with Leona Edmiston, check out the below: 

                          Featuring Leona Edmiston |
                 Image by Leona Edmiston x Purina Fancy Feast 

Q&A with Leona Edmiston 
(Australian Fashion Designer)

What inspires you to create such beautiful designs?

Love, beauty and beautiful things! In the home or in my clothes wherever I land my eyes I want to see beauty - I can’t stand it, particularly in the home, if there’s something that’s not right!
In terms of the prints themselves that I use on my dresses, I need to fall in love with a print to choose it. I need to feel that connection with it.

How would you describe your style and designs? 

My style is feminine, but it’s not fussy. My ranges are all very eclectic, and they tend to fit a lot of different tastes and likes. I try to do just as many solids as I do prints, as not everyone is always going to love a print. My style and designs are designed to fit in with a woman’s lifestyle, she’s so busy so when she throws something on she wants to look and feel her best. 

What kind of fashion range do you cover at the moment? 

Mostly it is all about the frock! It always has been for me, and it continues to be to this day. It’s wonderful to see this femininity that’s so lasting.

What inspired you to create the lovely designs for the Purina collaboration? 

I have to say cats were a big inspiration! They are so charming and quirky, such unique individuals that do just dance to the beat of their own drum. It’s this sense of uniqueness and personality that I try to emulate through my work.

For me they’re also very chic, they’re polished, sophisticated and elegant, which are all things we try to see in our collections.

Why do you think our feline cats should be pampered and spoilt by the humans?  

I’m a cat lover and know cat lovers like to spoil their animals and their pets, so it’s really exciting. The prints we chose are very much in line with both the Leona Edmiston and Fancy Feast brands, which are all about providing something unique and elegant. Each print is definitely beautiful in its own way; it’s unique and special just like our cats.

Our cats are our family, we want to spoil them and treat them, make them feel loved and show them they’re loved, so this range is perfect!

Where do you see your fashion designs 5 years from now?

It has always been my dream to see my prints used in different applications, so it has been amazing to see them on these gorgeous cat accessories with Fancy Feast.

My dream is to see the prints used in homewares too, I think they’d be perfect for this. That’s my dream!


I was super honoured to meet Leona for the very first time and what better way to share it over the topic of cats and fashion. 

A quick snap with Leona Edmiston, image courtesy of Leona Edmiston x Purina Fancy Feast. 

One of the cat bed designs by Leona Edmiston x Purina Fancy Feast 


The below images were provided by Leona x Purina Fancy Feast 


Featuring the Leona Edmiston x Purina Fancy Feast Classic Collection 


Featuring Leona Edmiston 


What do you guys think of the lovely new designs by Leona Edmiston x Purina Fancy Feast? 

Who's a cat lover here? 

Livia x


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