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Wednesday, November 9, 2016


Hello guys, 

Excited to learn more about shu uemura's 2016 holiday collection? Japan's prolific artist Takashi Murakami has recently collaborated with shu uemura to bring their their shu murakami collection! See more below. 

The new shu murakami product packaging definitely celebrates a touch of magic which consists of pops of colour that mimics Japan's pop culture which is known to be lively, fun and very playful. You will also notice the "flower" on the packaging which essentially represents love, hope, peace and simply the magic in this world. 

Overall, I am loving the limited edition Christmas collection as they make adorable gifts for friends, family and even yourself. There are definitely pops of colour to this collection which really speaks for itself. You can't go wrong with shu uemura's products based on my previous experiences of trying their beauty range out. Their quality really looks to match my expectations - whether it's from their pigmented eye shadows or powders. 

Featuring the shu murakami (limited edition) product range which are now currently available in-store, I checked out some cool beauty products for which I will be looking to share my thoughts with you today. 

They are of the below
  • shu murakami, bloom glow compact case - RRP $12 
  • shu murakami, cosmic black premium curler - RRP $35 
  • shu murakami, blossom-nova eye trio in cosmikawaii - RRP $48  

Of course I couldn't help but try these beauties out to see what it could do for me. They make ideal day to day makeup because they're so easy to apply and use. The pigmentation of the eye trio is seriously amazing and the eye curler worked so well for my lashes. To learn more, check out the below. 

Just a note you can look to purchase these products here at the official Sephora AU website. 

Hope you guys enjoy the read - xoxo 

Featuring some of the shu murakami limited edition 2016 Holiday collection 

shu murakami, bloom glow compact case - RRP $12 

For your on the go powder purposes, this glow compact case is designed for convenience. It comes with a compact mirror - but you need purchase the refill and sponge separately. It's a great stocking stuffer too in case you guys needed ideas for this Christmas.  

shu murakami, cosmic black premium curler, RRP $35 

This curler has been an award winning eyelash curler adored by so many makeup gurus, artists and celebrities from all over the world. The curler really is of high performance and always looks to give me the best curl! The curler also feels super durable and works to fit many eye shapes (preventing further pinching of the skin). Plus, for this limited edition, it comes with a cute flower key ring. I just wished that I discovered this eyelash curler earlier...nevertheless, my lashes will always look gorgeous now thanks to cosmic curler. 

shu murakami, blossom-nova eye trio in cosmikawaii, RRP $48 

You're looking a gorgeous warm-toned trio of eyeshadow that's designed to suit all skin tones. I love these shades as they're easy to wear for just any occasion. Another aspect I wanted to mention is that the eyeshadows are seriously pigmented, I've included swatches below of the shades to really show how pigmented they really are. The gold/yellow tone doesn't really show up on camera but when swatched, it revealed a lovely, golden shade which is great if you'd want highlight your eyes. The orange and maroon shade are such beautiful colours and when all used together, they definitely make the perfect combination. 

Swatched the eyeshadows from the blossom-nova eye trio set by shu murakami


Have you guys checked out the shu murakami range as yet? 

Let me know on your thoughts! 

Livia xo
Thank you shu uemura for supporting me for this review. My reviews are based on my personal and true experiences. I only recommend products that I truly support.

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