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Friday, December 2, 2016


Hello Beauties, 

As we enter Summer, what better way to achieve a glowing natural-looking tan the easy way! Also, I checked out for the very first time of the MUD Make-up Design range...check out what I thought!

You guys are going to find this little kit by Ulta3 super adorable, featuring their NEW Oh So Tan range of self-tanning products that will help you to achieve that bronzed gorgeous glow. Also, I have just tried out Mud Make-up Design's eyeshadow palette and their mascara which are available exclusively at Woolworths, Australia. 

Happy reading xoxo

New Oh So Tan kit by Ulta3 - 4 Piece Tanning Collection - RRP $52.03

In their NEW Ulta3 Oh So Tanning collection you get 4 amazing products that will help you achieve that bronzed glow. They are made easily available at selected pharmacies across Australia wide and online at www.ulta3.com

It only takes four products from the Ulta3 range to achieve a sexy glow for this summer and here is what you need to do: 
  • Step 1 - Prep the skin with the NEW Ulta3 Oh So Sweet Exfoliating Sugar Scrub - RRP $12.95 - You need a good exfoliation scrub before you start lathering on the self-tanning products to ensure for smoother skin, so that the self-tan goes on really well. Anyways if you suffer from dry skin as well, you will so love their Exfoliating Sugar scrub which smells wonderful too. It consists of sugar granules, Vitamin E, Coconut oil and Jojoba oil - which all help to leave your skin feeling soft, hydrated and smoother. The scrub comes in a cute re-sealable pouch making it perfect to use in the bath or shower.

  • Step 2 - Build - Look to build the tan for your skin using their NEW Ulta 3 Oh So Tan Self-tanning Dry Oil - RRP $19.95 - This self-tanning dry oil is extremely lightweight and so easy to blend onto the skin. It dries very quickly as well which means that you don't get that sticky or wet feeling. I got the shade in medium/dark and it worked amazingly for my skin colour because it's already slightly tanned, so aiming for a little tone darker is ideal for that purpose. So this dry oil features a green based tan counteracts the orange appearance of what other tanning oils may look to give you. I love the spray applicator because it's mess-free and so easy to handle. As a clean freak, this really works for me and I don't have to deal with leakages or any spillages. The dry oil left my skin looking naturally golden as it developed over 2 hours. You also don't need to wash the dry oil off..simply get dressed and you're good to go. Did I also mention that this dry oil smells super sweet and pleasant? It doesn't have that harsh (fake-tan) smell which is great. 

  • Step 3: - Blend - Say goodbye to any streaks by using their New Ulta3 Oh So Soft Blending Mitt - RRP $9.95 - Yes....this mitt is totally amazing! It's a plush soft mitt that has a water-resistant lining which allows for a streak-free finish. The most exciting part of the mitt has to be the thumb section which as been customised for that so that it's easier to manoeuvre across your whole body. 

  • Step 4 - Maintain - Now you want to maintain that lovely tan of yours, so be sure to use a tanning lotion that can look to build on a deeper bronze. I tried the New Oh So Tan Gradual Tanning Lotion - RRP $14.95 - Once again it contains amazing ingredients such as Vitamin E, Jojoba oil and Shea Butter. The lotion feels a lot like a moisturiser and is so lightweight too. It's a great lotion if you're wanting to maintain that sexy tan for longer. 

 Make-up Design MUD, Volumising Mascara - RRP $5

Looking for affordable make-up, make sure you check out their Volumising Mascara which only retails for 5 bucks at Woolworths. I actually thought the mascara wasn't so bad and actually helped to boost my lashes a little. I must say that I love their over-sized brush which really helps you to coat the top and bottom lashes. It gives you that extra edge in creating more voluminous lashes. After the whole day of wearing this mascara, I didn't find any clumps which was pretty good! So girls...take note the next time you are at the supermarket. 

MUD Make-up Design's Nude Eyeshadow Palette - RRP $12

I love nude eyeshadows because you almost create day and night time looks for the palette. MUD's nude eyeshadow palette is priced at $12 which makes it really affordable and will not break your budget for this Christmas. The shades had a smooth and velvety texture to it which felt good. It's super blendable making them easily customisable for your eyes too. Whether you want a warm and basic eye look or a smoked-eye effect, you can so achieve those styles with the nude palette. All of the shades are shimmery in warm tones which is so easy to wear for everyday. 



Check the swatch out by MUD's Nude eyeshadow palette!


What are your thoughts with the above? 

Have a lovely Friday! 

Livia x

Thank you Ulta3 and Make Up Design MUD for supporting me for this review. My reviews are based on my own experiences and I only recommend products that I truly believe in. 

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